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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend picture update

Before we start, I just want to have you make sure to read yesterday's Sunday Message.  It was a post for a friend who is doing a series for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and don't be surprised that I don't keep bugging you all to read it until it gets 100 pageviews.  It is one of the most important pieces I have done.

Anyway, this post is all about pictures from the weekend, so without further doodoo...

First of all, it is not wise to ask me to work on Saturdays.  Especially when that Saturday is April Fools Day.  This is what you get...

Yep, inside out sweat shirt with backwards tee over it, messed up hair with hat attached to backside,  underwear over jeans and socks over shoes.

After I reverted to normal once back home, we took a walk on a beautiful sunny day.  Saw our first two butterflies...

Note how amazingly lucky my "point-and-shoot" style worked on that one...

Scrappy had to go to canal's edge to scare the early frogs...

Making good progress on putting up the towers...

...But WTH are these "Test specimen" cans?

The regatta

Yeah, we had to get out for a half-hour.  Just ate.

First swamp turtles...

Had a hard time finding Woody.  Sounded like he was over my head from a ways off.

Even getting the old towers partially removed.

On Sunday it was being a walk-buddy for Jessica who has begun the War on Weight.

"Go slide down the slide face first..."

"Okay, don't watch me..."

Peanut breaking Martin records for hair on head at young age.


  1. Chris:
    Yiour take on april Fool's Day work is PERFECT.
    (good pungent social comment)
    ---And yes, you did a GREAT job with Sunday's message!
    ---You did get some great pictures.
    ---I also got to see one solitary cabbage butterfly in our yard.
    ---And we got a small (downey) woodpecker at the suet cake for a time.
    ---The lone goose made me think "Why does a goose cross the road?"
    (probably the same reason that chickens do, Bob)
    ---Peanut looks like he was having a good time (better to do it now, before he grows up too soon and faces WE have to do daily, hmm?

    Good Monday post (chases the dull away nicely).

    Stay safe (and photo-filled) up there, brother.

    1. Peanut really enjoys walks. When we stopped at the park, he started "Buh-buh-buh" and yakking away.

      The lone goose, as it turns out, had a partner a little way into the swamp.

      Only 32 page views so far- GRRRRR... You guys will be hearing from me for a while, lol! BTW, the post goes live on her blog Wednesday.

    2. Peanut was saying "Buh"?
      I know I speak BABY, but how did he know MY name?

    3. Plus, I came back here over TEN times...
      (that hasta count)

    4. We have a video of one of the first times he got chattering, and you can hear Mama say, "Who's Bob?"

  2. Love the outfit! ☺ Looks like spring has arrived in your neck of the woods. Cute furkid and grandkids.

    1. It arrives, it flees, it arrives, it flees...

  3. I'm just envious that you work at a kind of place where you can wear that April Fools outfit and not be, you know, escorted to HR. I mean, I could dress like that where I work, true, but I don't think my co-workers* would be very impressed.


    1. Yeah, we're pretty loose on costumes. Unlike with your co-dogs, it was very warmly received.