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Monday, May 29, 2017

A three day weekend's picture stories- heavily edited

Well, if one picture is worth 1K words, I took a couple volumes of War And Peace this weekend.  That would actually 2X 588 give or take, so I am greatly exaggerating here; however, I did take a LOT of pics, so consider this a "Best of" post.


Scrappy off-leashing:  Does he head for the groundhog dens?  No, the woods.  Shithead.

All but two (that I have seen) of the Jacks in the woods have lost their pulpits.  Inside...

...Jack is now a fruit, so to speak

As Scrappy approached this tree from the front a ground hog had just run to a den beneath it from the right.  This is after Scrappy veered off to avoid detecting the beast.

I'm guessing we had a destructive tree-fall in the Swamp a few days back

Most of that water is actually California Road in disguise

Now here is a funny story.  See this guy a ways off.  He sees us, runs over to a den just off the left side of the puddle, looks at us through the tall grass as we approach.  As he's diving in, another one from the right of the puddle farther away runs right towards us, veering off at the same spot to also go into the den.  By the time we got to the hole, they were growling at each other in their weird whistling-growling way.  Scrappy, always more interested in smell left in butt-imprints than scents airborne, whined a sec and moved on.


Several shouting matches with Scooter the Pig as he consumed a half a feeder of food in about an hour and a half.  The one time I snuck up to the door and yelled, "SCOOOTER!"  He did a backflip.

Baby bunny on Groundhog Road.  He did the "play dead thing"- or else, he just realised, as many forest creatures do, that Scrappy is little threat.

IDK what these are, but they are popping up all over.

These too

"Would you be done with those flowers and COME ON?!?"

Yeah, we had to cross that or turn around.

I don't mean to say that the water across the trail gets deep at times, but that green stuff is honest-to-Bob algae.

One of the two Jacks still preaching that I know of.
Peanut hosted a cookout that afternoon

Tons of little kids + two willing adults+ a very muddy back yard will soon = a very messy kickball game.

Lilly and Ellie weren't quite carhop material on those skates


Grillmaster Uncle Chuck being congratulated on a fine job

Out of about 50 tries, finally got one pic of a ball actually being kicked.


Scrappy scares a duck hen out of the office flower bed

Some of the damage AEP is still on the hook for


Way down the way, a hawk being harassed by the little guys


Zoo 2017

Penguin Union meeting- waiting for Joe to get back fro m Starbucks

Best part of the Zoo- pet the stingrays!  No, seriously!

Taz off duty

Held up at Kangaroo pen- they were crossing the road at their leisure

Tour guide desperately trying not to photobomb a shot I was trying to get her in in the first place


The horniest tortoise alive

Laurie getting your goat

At the sitatunga exhibit, the two antelope were too rude to stand for guests, so everyone checked out the bullfrogs nearby instead.

Bat eared fox

Lovin' that lettuce

"Lettuce?  Did I miss the memo AGAIN?"

"I'm gettin' bagged!"

The baby girl of the family.
Provost's Squirrel sound asleep on the branch.

"But, the sign says..."


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. How should I put this? Ok, how about:
    Oh wow!

    1. Which part? Lemmee guess: "Can't believe he'd make us look at that many pictures..." lol jk

  3. Chris:
    Well, Buster, sounds like you folks had a FULL PLATE over the last 72 hours.
    Good for you. Glad you had some fun.
    ---I figured any walk w/ Scrappy would be a BOGGY one. When you said that was California Rd., I can BELIEVE that.
    ---Jack in the plant.
    What those mystery ones are...haven't a clue.
    ---cookout with kickball...supervised woth REAL honest-to-God PARENTS (or a close facsimile)...WTH is going on there? LOL!
    You guys are gonna start a trend, especially if you come down HERE!
    ---At the zoo...when Wifey told me, I thought "I didn't see Chris or Laurie driving around OUR neighborhood".
    She said "we're talking animals, Bob".
    I said "that's why I wondered THAT...we HAVE wild animals down here...but NO Jim Anderson or gift shop."
    ---Still, I love YOUR pictures...great shots of the sea critters and TAZ.
    Those penguins cracked me up, too.
    Up close w/ a giraffe...what, no kale?
    The jellyfish are REALLY a Peter Max poster...only alive.
    pet the stingrays...feel some living WET
    Again...some wonderful photos of some good times shared.
    Always nice to see that.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Had to delete my first comment - too many

    2. Now, I know what happened...

    3. AND, on the first comment redux:

      Full plate does seem to cover it.

      "Supervised" was a strong way of putting it. KC was full time pitcher and nearly splashed down on his butt once, I was an ump distracted by a little girl and her twin fears of participation and the ants that seemed to be falling from the tree on us, and a four year old warned us all not to get mud on his sunglasses.

      Actually, the rays were more like fast moving slimy clay. And if D showed you the FB video Laurie put up, that big fella actually made his way to the surface and waved before leaving- sadly not before Laurie's heavily unreliable phone storage system cut her off.

  4. Nice, very nice photos a post of photos are easy to read