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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy Boofus Day 2017

Yesterday (well, Saturday to you) we celebrated the long-delayed Happy Boofus Day- a kind of Scrappy Appreciation Day, I suppose you could call it.  Handicapped by both Laurie and I having to work, I kicked it off when I got home with our typical outdoor lunch, held indoors because of the high winds- sharing a deli sandwich, cheese nubs, ruffles, cottage cheese and brownie bits.  We then immediately set off after adventure- this time with a well-charged camera.

Beautiful day to set out

And look, somebody hung ribbons all over the place in honor of Scrappy!

And flowers in bloom right at our "back entrance" to the woods!

With all the wind we've had, there is a LOT of new wind damage- including this one right in the midst of our "pathway" in

Little maple trees everywhere.

Even the slow-leaving Big Guy is now green in all His glory.

This one is down right where north loop branches off

As the high trees spring to life, the early small flowers begin to dwindle
though, with all the rain, the fungi are certainly colorful

I love Jacks

Our leaning tree leans yet more now

"Come on, Dad!  Scared of some water?"

The leading contender for Big Jack of the Year- a few feet from where last year's winner grew

more wind damage

I like the overlooks- Scrappy likes the dens
Then the adventure starts- I believe this to be Mama Fox on the back side of the barn

It took a while for her to notice us coming...

...and she crouched down when she did.  We left her alone and went around front, where we found...

... there are at least 3, maybe 4, pups!

Having chased them all inside in hopes of butt-sniffing, Scrappy searches for more.

Then, a round of "Daddy lets me off the leash"

Such a good boy- looks back at me when he gets far enough, sits and waits when I say its time to hook back up

And the bluebird of happiness puts in a cameo appearance

And so does Peanut!


  1. Chris:
    That was a WONDERFUL excursion.
    Happy Boofus Day, Scrappy!!!

    ---Wow, you DID have some wind damage along those trails...
    I guess I expected to see more water than what you showed?
    Ouch, the bridge railing got nailed, too!
    Those fox pups are SO damn adorable!!!
    I'm sure the pics don't do them justice compared to seeing them LIVE, but you got some really good shots.
    And even Peanut got outside for the festivities.
    (good for him).
    Glad you all had a very nice day for that.

    Stay safe (and still drying out) up there, brother.

    1. Actually, the bridge has a pre-existing condition. As for the pics, we've just been blessed that their curiosity is still a bit stronger than their fear- excepting Bashful, of course.

  2. That's so neat, those pups are so cute (not as cute as tha baby but you know). What a lovely adventure. Sorry I been away again, missed stopping by tho. Glad all is well your way!

    1. Yep, even fox pups aren't as adorable as our Peanut.

  3. Happy Boofus Day! Oh, if my dogs could read, they would be so mad at me for not observing a day like this. I might need to create my own in the future. Especially now that the weather's nice enough to go on our own excursions like this.

    We have a bunch of foxes around here, too, but they run around the neighborhood. They're terrified of my dogs (which is funny, because one is a six lb. poodle) but not of the other local wildlife. Always fun to come out and see a grizzly, blood-soaked murder scene all over my front lawn.

    1. See, I have detective Scrappy Columbo to lead me to grizzly, blood soaked murder scenes deep in the woods.

  4. OMG- i love those baby foxes!!! I want one.
    Scrappy has some great adventures. You should write a book. Peanut is growing so fast.

    1. Scrappy and my book is really the pages of this blog!