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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump rant #2

A few days back, Roland Hansen and I had the following twitter chat:

R: With each passing day since Donald J Trump assumed office, I find him to be increasingly dispicable.He brings shame to the office of #POTUS.

C:Any particular reason today?  Surely not for firing Comey.  The man was a veg.

R: I am dismayed at DJT failure of openeness & honesty, continued lack of transparency, and total lack of daily efforts in consensus building.

C:  First one's basically part of the job; ditto the second, and with people protesting him even before he was inaugurated, the last is rough
C: But I understand.  I just think it's all a sign you can hang over the entire city of WDC

Friday morning, though, we all discovered the results of "honesty" in Washington, and it DID involve the Comey firing.  Let me first point out why Comey HAD to go.

Comey was a man who would have been fine if he would have kept his mouth off the news.  I thought it was great when he came out with the e-mail investigation AS it happened rather than sweeping it under the rug until after the election.  I thought it was pretty gutless when he seemingly shat down his leg when Hillary's people complained.  None of that has a bearing.  His finish comes when he said he was "nauseated" to have affected the election process.

Guess what, buddy?  It's not your business to CARE about the election process, except where someone is doing something illegal (as HRC was) to muck it up.  If it makes you sick that a particular candidate won the election, you ain't fit for a job that requires impartiality.  So in summation, I had only a little problem with Comey- had he been able to detach his personal feelings from the job.  He might have been ok had he just-shut-up.

How very like the man that fired him.

Because while Trump's team did the usual WDC spin on things, trying to allay the IMHO overblown concerns that Trump was pulling a "Saturday Night Massacre" over this ridiculous Russian meddling crap (they did such a GREAT job in France), Trump then comes out with an interview that trashes the entire timeline his people had built.  And his excuse?

As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy!....

"A very active President..."  which should NOT preclude his spokesmen knowing what to say in his behalf.  So here it is, Roland- he WAS honest, just not too bright in exposing the lack of control over his own information stream.  Which of course, was an excuse to shove the shoe farther in...

...Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future "press briefings" and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???

Well, gee, if that would get you AND your people on the same page, and give proofreaders the time to weed out statistics you come up with that aren't quite on bubble, that'd be great.  However, that would make you the first POTUS in MY lifetime to have to resort to such an extreme to HARNESS their own mouth...

For a long time, I have been among those who supported the POTUS' use of Twitter.  Since he'll never be allowed to play sax on Jimmy Kimmel or get interviewed from a bathtub full of cereal like some before him, it seems an elegant solution to get into mainstream culture.  And frankly, about 80% of the time his tweets post-campaign have been spot-on.  However, if he doesn't stop using it occasionally to show himself to be a 71-year-old third grader, he's just getting in his own way.

Which brings us to Roland's third charge, lack of building a consensus.  Jesus, Moses, and Buddha couldn't build a consensus anymore in WDC.  Name ONE time any Democrat has said, well that ain't so bad on ANY Republican proposal.  Far easier to name off all the Dems who wanted Comey fired in October that want Trump hung for firing him now.  In the meantime, I was greeted today by a certain meme... which I had to say, "Really?  Pissing people off by making imbeciles of your staff is acceptable now?"  A FB friend suggested last night that if Trump wanted to confiscate guns, his followers would find a way to reverse course and kill the 2nd Amendment.  I said that on that ONE item, I doubt it... but on anything else, I'm not so sure.  You see, a pastor talked this morning again about the ironclad maxim that a nation gets the government they deserve.  And it is so true.  Thus we have went from a narcissistic globalist who treated truth and history as moldable tools and lived by the law of spin to a narcissistic nationalist who thinks truth needs to catch up to himself while HE spins around.

Once upon a time we had Ronald Reagan, a strong man for a strong America.  Then after his great victory in driving the USSR into the financial bankruptcy they had always enjoyed morally, a paranoid post-Vietnam Congress forced him to go underground to fight our enemies.  Since then, this nation has been a shadow of what it could be.  Thus Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump.  The fall of this nation is when we started thinking Reagan was a weak old man and Oliver North was a traitor.  Now we have a former president going to France to help "manipulate an election" and he's a great Nobel-prize winning messiah and Russia leaks stuff that proves a Presidential candidate was a lying, vain security risk- and the guy that BEAT her is to blame?

Sorry, that's not on the people in office.  It's on the people that PUT them there.


  1. Chris:
    Can't argue with anything you said (and I read it through well enough to find
    Just spot on commentary.
    Your closing statement about Reagan and how America HAS (both morally and politically) "devolved" since then makes the BEST point.
    Nicely done.

    Stay safe up there, brother.