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Friday, June 30, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates VIIX43663065

Come join me in June of '65, where we learn...

On this day in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signs Medicare, a health insurance program for elderly Americans, into law. At the bill-signing ceremony, which took place at the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri, former President Harry S. Truman was enrolled as Medicare’s first beneficiary and received the first Medicare card. Johnson wanted to recognize Truman, who, in 1945,had become the first president to propose national health insurance, an initiative that was opposed at the time by Congress.  (from

In the foreground:  LBJ hands Truman a pen.  In the back:  Humphrey calculates which First Lady will pass out from the fart he just cut first.

Welcome, welcome (except for Hubert, you nasty boy) to the Musical Tardis where we have for you this week:  Who was more nuts for the Beatles- us or Australia?  A big rout in the Panel vote, what Lou Rawls' sister is doing here for a cameo, and one of the bigger projects I have yet undertaken for this show begins this week!  Plus, three debuts on the M10- one leads it off, and the other two split it right down the middle!  Just sign here, and away we shall go!


Our lead off debut at #10 is by a lady whom I wouldn't fit in with politically (a self-described "big fat feminist lesbian"), and wouldn't go out to dinner with (as a "punk" she eschews armpit shaving- not a big deal- and deodorant- at her size, BIG deal), but her song is really good.  Introducing to the TM audience, Beth Ditto:


This week, I asked myself a question- what do we do to celebrate the summer?  What I came up with- who is the biggest act of the summer?  So I spent about three days combing the Cashbox archive between the Martin Era 2.0 years of 1955-77 and the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day, tabulating the hits by rank, and came up with a top forty acts of ME Summertime!  I'm going to fish them out to you 5 at a time the rest of the summer until we get to the top!  One thing I had to do to try and stay fair was to decide how to work out duets between stars.  What I decided was the "and-with" rule:  If connected with an "and" (say Elton John and Kiki Dee), it is considered a separate act and neither star gets the points in their solo ledger;  if it's a "with" (such as Paul Anka with Odia Coates) the star gets the points, his partner is out o'luck.    Another was it was too ponderous a project to write down EACH hit affected, so if you REALLY wanna know which hits a particular person or act had, leave me a comment and I will accommodate.  But it might take a while.  Anyway, let's start off  the 40 biggest acts of summer with the first five-

40- Gilbert O'Sullivan!  He may have only had three big hits, but two of them were summer hits!

Next, a tie for 38th, between...

Bobby Darin, and....

...Brian Hyland!  As if we could miss the guy who gave us Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!

Next we have a cliff hanger right here on this stage!  Because next we have a THREE-way tie for 35th, but only two spots left for today's show! So you will have a whole week to wonder who it is that joins...

...the fabulous Four Seasons and...

...Herman's Hermits for that spot!  I'll give you a big clue...


So this week, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys is here to help out with the Panel!  Hi, Dennis!

Hey, dude!  Can I like, see those shades?

Can you still read the list if I just dim the lights a bit?

Wull, yeah, but they look so cool...

How about you just start off with our contestants?  I'll start you off by adding that we had 61 stations this week, and they gave us 13 contestants.  So then, Dennis, I... Dennis?  Where are you going?

Got the munchies, man!  See ya later!

Sigh.  This wouldn't have happened with Carl, but no, I hadda pick the stoner!  Anyway, here are your contestants:

The King leads us off with Crying In The Chapel, Cashbox's #4 nationally this week.

Freddie and the Dreamers make an appearance with Do The Freddie- this is one of two votes where the station missed the memo, as it fell off CB last week.

The Four Tops with I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch), the week's #3.

The earlier mentioned Herman's Hermits with I'm Henry VIII, I Am, at #18.

Normie Rowe, an Aussie act who would go on to be a bigger soap star, with It Ain't Necessarily So.  Perhaps his biggest musical note of fame was having a hit Down Under with a cover that the Guess Who would later make popular here (back in thier Chad Allen and the Expressions days), Shakin' All Over.

Billy Thorpe gets a vote for the second straight week (actually 2 of 'em as we  had three Australian channels in the mix) with a tune called I Told The Brook, written by Marty Robbins.  Marty took it to #81 back in '61.

Dickie Lee with a tune popular (if seldom heard) around this house- Laurie (Strange Things Happen) which sat at #16.

The Castaways (no, not Gilligan and his bunch) were awaiting their national debut in the last week of August with Liar Liar.

The Byrds with this week's chart topper on CB, Mr Tambourine Man.

The other "didn't get the memo" station voted for the Temptations and My Girl- a great song that peaked back in March.

Eddie Hodges, better known for being the title character in the 1960 film The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, was at #78 with a song called New Orleans.

The Sunglows, or Sunny and the Sunglows, were on the KTKT Phoenix charts- and if you've been around TM for a while, you know it wasn't the first time for this San Antonio band- with a tune called Peanuts.

And lastly but not leastly, the Rolling Stones with (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, the national runner up.

Now the winner this week copped 50+% of the vote, and the four I'll add in for you to guess from racked up another 35% put together.  So who was the vote hog?  Choose from the Byrds, the Four Tops, the Stones, Elvis, and the Hermits.  Other than Billy Thorpe, no one else got more than one.


I was just telling Laurie I didn't feel that the M10 had found that big summer hit yet. There were tons of just monsters last summer, and no offense to Kidsmoke, I didn't see any on the horizon. But this week I just may have found a pair of them. And the first comes in all the way up at #6. Introducing to the M10 NYC band Public Access TV...



So all these Down Under acts making the Panel got me curious about the Australian charts.  And one thing I learned was that they LOVED the Beatles.  In a 147-week stretch from the last week of 1963 till the 22nd of October 1966, the US charts had the Fab Four on top 41 weeks- an amazing 28% of the time.  But in Australia, that same stretch saw the Beatles on top a whopping 78 weeks- or 53% of the time for almost three years!  This included stretches at the top by I Want To Hold Your Hand (7 weeks), I Saw Her Standing There (7 weeks), I Feel Fine (8 weeks), Help! (8 weeks), We Can Work It Out (7 weeks), and Yellow Submarine (8 weeks).  Even songs that didn't necessarily make it to the top here- Roll Over Beethoven (2), I Should Have Known Better (5), and Rock And Roll Music (4)- made it all the way there.

I might do some other AusChart digging in upcoming episodes...  stay tuned.


And how, pray tell, does Eunice Rawls with into our tale today?  Well, she was the subject of a song that old people like me know well- Sam Cooke's Only Sixteen, covered so well by Dr Hook in the seventies.  It was co-written by Cooke, Lou Adler, and Herb Alpert- and that Dynamic Trio also wrote another Cooke hit- again covered so well in the 70's by Art Garfunkel with Paul Simon and James Taylor- Wonderful World.  And the cover by- hey, these guys are everywhere this week!- Herman's Hermits is our 6D victim, charting at #5 nationally but ignored by the Panel.


And next, the M10 debut at #5- which just might by THE monster I was looking for.  This is courtship.- small "c" and period at the end- a two man grouping fromLA:


Stat Pack:  Patty Duke had our #65 in '65 with Don't Just Stand There, a sonic clone of Leslie Gore's You Don't Know Me, kinda, which would end up in the top ten.  It was the biggest of the young actress's four charting hits.

The Skyliners had the #101, a tune called The Loser.  The doo-woppers who scored a big hit with Since I Don't Have You, this one is more of a Righteous Brothers' style, and stopped in the low 70s.

In the UK, the top dog belonged to the Hollies- who had yet to get US airplay- with I'm Alive.  The biggest there that was on the chart here was Crying In The Chapel, which was 2 there and 4 here.  In the meantime, our #1, Mr Tambourine Man, was at #33 there.

And, I had a rather disappointing 34 "I know that" songs this week.  Better luck next time.


And now, the remainder of the M10.

Beach House slides down to #9 with Chariot, a five spoke fall.

Amber Mark moves 2 to # 8 with Can You Hear Me.

POWERS takes a one notch dip to #7, no longer getting Closer.

Now the two debuts and the four above them are making life interesting for next week- I see it as a "black hole" upcoming, with 6 songs trying to cram themselves into 3 spots.  One who looks to be on the outs is Kidsmoke's And Mine Alone, which slips out of the top spot to #4.

Then comes Springtime Carnivore, still sitting at #3 with Midnight Room.

Moon Taxi made me notice this week's "odd anomaly". Of the three songs that got added to the "M10 shuffle" playlist back on 6 May, one- PVRIS's Heaven- has already hit #1 and drops out of the chart this week.  One- Closer- begins it's descent off the chart this week.  And Moon Taxi's Two High?  Well, it CLIMBS from 5 to #2.  Go figure.

And at the tops?  M10 says...

...Northern Faces and Messin' With Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And who was the reeelie beeeg weeener this week on the Panel?  Why it was...

....the Stones and Satisfaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next time, 1966, more of the biggest acts of summer, and a lot of things I don't know about yet!  Be here!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Random thoughts

Lets start off with this- all the OT we have been working would be a lot easier to take if you weren't looking around saying, "But we don't NEED it!"  Just because the other plants want to keep you on the string for their crap because they are so overloaded (and incompetent).  But yet, despite having YOUR customers well in hand, you have OT.

So let's go for a walk...

"Yeah, let's!"

And first thing, you get to chase a ground hog into the fence row!  Scrappy was delighted, but jumped when he stuck his head under the bush only to get barked at!  A Scooter-like bark...

"Hey!  Don't get me involved!"
After jumping, he seemed to lose interest, which I found odd.  So I stuck MY head under the bush and looked about, but though I could hear the bark, I couldn't see the barker- until I looked a bit higher and saw a little gentleman who looked like this...

...who then looked at me and said, " bark... bark... EEEOWWWW...."  And I knew I had finally figured out what the elusive catbird looked like.

One of Scrappy's favorite paths, just below dead tree road.

Lots of little wild strawberries around- some actually have a hint of flavor this year, which is unusual.

Scrappy wanted to check out where Young Foxy was spotted yesterday, but no return visit.

That's okay, because I loaded up on the wild raspberries- which have actual real flavor this year, which is also unusual.

I wonder if that national city park survey gave us credit for this one?

Later, I noticed along the Plex lot what looked like a traffic ticket.  I picked it up, and it WAS a parking ticket- issued by security at Bethel College- which is curious, since Bethel is 80 miles by car from here!  I may not know how the ticket made it all this way, but I have a good guess as to why someone parked illegally.  Printed in large letters in the comment section at the bottom of the ticket:


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And now, enough pictures to post

Or at least enough to actually download:

Amazingly good pics of this deer Sunday, despite how far away we were...

Sunday morning and no soccer? WTH?

Then, back home, Scooter drops by

And that Scooter visit was a bit odd.  I didn't hear him munching for a bit, then it seemed a bird chewed him out over something.  Next thing we knew, he was barking his head off, and chattering in a most annoyed tone....

He was sitting on a branch above the shed, looking right in our door and bitching a blue streak.  No idea why, Scrappy was asleep and I was doing something else until he started.  Finally he settled down, got a few more mouthfuls and left.  It better not had been a restaurant review!

After a drizzly Monday, Tuesday was much nicer...

Nice enough, in fact, that one of the (former) kits of our fox clan made an appearance.

Much like Scrappy, he sat there for a bit, rolled on the ground, and took off.

This ground hog is brought to you by the number seven.  As in, I left him off his leash, and 7 times he pulled off into the brush to sniff at nothing before we got anywhere close to him.

Again, no socceristas?!?  Either Fart University (AKA "PFW") thinks that fraction of an inch of rain we got last week "flooded the fields" again (see last year), or someone declared Soccer Ramadan...

Monday, June 26, 2017

Martin World News

Why a MWN post today?  Mainly because my stupid camera has a freshly charged battery in it- which means until I take a few more pictures, it will refuse to download what I took this weekend.  Why is that?  How should I know?  I just know it's pointless to fight it, so you'll have to wait for some perfectly lovely nature pictures.

And speaking of perfectly lovely pictures...


I thought this might be an appropriate image- a Dali painting- for a story from the BBC where in Salvador Dali's body is about to be exhumed.  Why?  62 years ago, he allegedly got it on with a maid.  61 years ago, little Maria Pilar Abel Martínez came along, supposedly as a result.  Dali assumed room temperature 28 years ago, and probably looks much like that painting now.  And now, no-longer-little Maria wants to prove that she is in fact a little Dali.  Her mother told her several times this paternity story, and she claims she has the looks to prove it- "The only thing I'm missing is a moustache," she once said.

Yep, in just the same way Rachel Dolezal looks African American- best seen from inside her own mind.

ITEM:  Frank Kerrigan has a son who has been mentally ill and lives on the streets most of the time.  When the coroner called and said he had died, Frank had no reason to doubt it.  "Do you need me to come down and ID him?"  Frank asked, and the lady at the other end told him they had already IDed him through fingerprints.

So they gave him a funeral that cost $20,000, and buried him near his deceased mother.  And two weeks later, a pallbearer called Frank and said, Guess what, Frankie (the son) is alive and STANDING RIGHT HERE.

Seems the Orange County Coroner, TRIED to run fingerprints and failed.  They then matched the face to an OLD DRIVERS LICENCE.  They then gave their notifier completely wrong information, and the Kerrigans buried a complete stranger.

Needless to say, a jury will soon be making the OC Coroner's office about $2 million in damages poorer, and likely will stop getting employees from the cast of Beverly Hills 90210.

ITEM:  With another piece from the "it shouldn't be funny" file, the following headline:

 Spate of Beaver Attacks Puts Swimmers on High Alert in Switzerland

There are SO many ways to take such a headline.  Frankly  I think it is an anti-beaver campaign.  At this point, I should bring up an old story from years back, when the Oregon State football team upset the highly ranked USC Trojans.  To which somebody, I don't honestly remember who, came up with the headline suggestion, "Beavers Burst Trojans".  Beaver jokes are just wonderful.

In any event, the story closed with, "Officials in Schaffhausen have confirmed that they will erect beaver warning signs in the area to warn would-be swimmers to beware potential attacks."

Because a BEAVER WARNING sign can really be a Godsend if you don't want a burst Trojan.

ITEM:  Our next headline might make you a little more careful where you sit your fruit...

Customer claims metallic IKEA bowl set his grapes on fire

Now of course the first stupid thing here is that he had to set his IKEA Blanda Blank bowl right where a concentrated beam of sunlight setb the stems of his grapes on fire- and of course, it's all IKEA's fault.  I'm just glad he didn't buy an IKEA toilet bowl- that would have been a grape of a different color...

ITEM:  You really have to admire the effort some people put into being incredibly, disastrously stupid.  To wit:

At least 153 people were killed Sunday when an oil tanker exploded in Pakistan, according to reports.

The tanker overturned after the driver lost control on a sharp bend on a road from Karachi to Lahore after the vehicle blew a tire.

Now here, we are going to play a "who's dumber" lightning round because, not only did THIS happen-

 Drivers rushed to the site to collect the leaking fuel...

But then, THIS happened...

which exploded after someone apparently lit a cigarette, Reuters reported, citing officials.

Hey, now, let's not be so hasty to blame it on a cigarette smoker?  What if the REAL story is that someone was gathering fuel with an IKEA Blanda Blank bowl...

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Message- boats and decorations

Ofttimes back when I was teaching a Sunday School, I would have a lesson planned out for a week.  Then I would be taking a shower Saturday night and God would say, "Here's what I want you to do..."  And so it is this week- a week I had nothing really planned until just moments ago.  However, God had a plan.

And it began with listening to a local pastor talking about Solomon, and how he became misguided after he had done everything he had promised the Lord; he became then gifted beyond his wildest imaginings and used his wealth to make $75.6 million (today's price) in gold decorations for a vacation palace.  The idea- how much is too much?

I went on to my reading- and still in Psalms, I rolled into 103, 104, and 105.  Without quoting heavily, let me give you an overview.  103 is a call to bless the Lord- and the first reason why to do so.  First, David lists His benefits:  forgiveness of your sins, healing, redeems you from the destruction of Hell, shows you His lovingkindness and tender mercies, and satisfies you with good things.  Second, His righteousness- and His mercy, to offer a way out of your righteous condemnation through Christ.  And third, because He is so great, so vast, beyond our comprehension- and yet keeps His covenant with us, when we are little more than dust.  So 103 basically says, bless the Lord because He is GREAT- and you are not, but He still loves you.

104 is subtitled "A rehearsal of Creation."  In other words, it is a call to bless the Lord for what He has made- from the great seas and their mighty monsters, the mountains, whom he set boundaries for, to the things we need to live like the waters, the grasses, the cattle.   It explains that even the proud mountains and seas are limited by Him, and the mighty Lion even depends on Him for sustenance.

And 105 blesses the Lord by calling to mind how he keeps His promises, by replaying the building of Israel from Joseph to Moses and beyond.  Everything we went through- everything we GO through- is a part of God's plan for keeping His promise to us- to YOU.

Summing this, Praise God because He is both Great and merciful, praise Him for His wonderful creation, and Praise Him for the promises He has NOT forgotten.

And thus humbled, return with me now to Solomon.  He was a young man when God basically gave him the keys to the physical universe.  And what did he do with them?  He paved trees with gold rather than turn to charity.  He started putting God on the back burner- the pastor brought this out by 1 Kings 9:25, pointing out that Solomon had become a "Holiday churchgoer", attending the Temple only on the three high holy days;  He began gathering pagan wives, something that had been verboten for almost 500 years- and listening to them, and going to their pagan services as well.  He put heavy taxation and work burdens on the people (hey, weren't you rich?), so much so that when son and successor Rehoboam refused to lighten the load, the nation split in two and fell apart- losing those $75 mil in decorations within 25 years.

Here is the application, and I'm sure you can make it at home, too.  How many times when I feel "wronged" by "excessive OT" I look at these big fancy boats that we make covers for and wish I was rich enough to even rate a RIDE on one.  But now, I see that at the point of envy, I should be saying, "Thank you for NOT making me that rich.  I'd rather be poor and REMEMBER all the things I need to bless You for."

Friday, June 23, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates VIVIII43562364

We whirl our way to June 23, 1964, where Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments (who would later invent the pocket calculator) finally received his patent on his first great invention- the integrated circuit.  The process took five years and four months to go from filing to approval- a process which his invention must have made easier, because as of 2011 the average wait is now 2 years and four months.

You could say he's in the chips...

And we're off on another rampage, this time through 1964, a post apocalyptic landscape that sees just two Beatles songs in the hot 100 for the first time since the first week of February! But it's not all about the Fab Four this time- in fact, the panel's top two are by the same (non-Beatles) act- and on the same 45!  Also, a study born of a comment from last week, and a very special surprise!  Prepare to multiply your fun, subtract your blues, and add to my pageviews!


First things first dept:  A few weeks back I was unable to play you the new single from Styx- but at least for now, I finally can!  Just two weeks after it falls off the M10, here's Styx!


Now, all y'all if you've been visiting Time Machine for any length, you know that Laurie's favorite M10 song of all time- maybe Bobby G's, as well- is Jana Kramer's Boomerang, which peaked at #2 back on Halloween week 2015.  But Laurie has graciously agreed to take M10 list in hand and select 9 more to give us Laurie's top ten!  She did not rank them (other than Boomerang), so I'll share them bit by bit in alphabetical order.  And the first two...

Dent May's Born Too Late, which peaked at #3 in January of 2016...

...and, speaking of Styx, their other single from The Mission, Gone Gone Gone, which made it to #6 just last month.


The Panel gave us 49 stations and 13 contestants!  And while I could have Kyu Sakamoto do this, it might be problematic to read...

M? 何十メートルですか? (supposedly, "M10? What is an M10?")

So let me go ahead and do this starting alphabetically with Cashbox's #2 this week, Peter and Gordon's A World Without Love.

The Dixie Cups had the #1 national hit with Chapel Of Love.

Gerry and the Pacemakers had the #9 with Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying.

The next two- and indeed the top two- come next, and I'm going to save them to the end.

Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas had Little Children at #14.

Johnny Rivers rocked Memphis at #8.

Millie Small had My Boy Lollipop at #7.

Billy Thorpe- who would go on to have the rockin' hit Children Of The Sun in 1979- and the Aztecs were big hits in Australia with a cover of the Coasters' Poison Ivy.

The Four Seasons debuted this week at #60- and still got 3 #1 votes!- with Rag Doll.

Another Aussie station was taking advantage of their release in '64 of Bill Haley and his Comets' Rock Around The Clock.

And 12 and 13 were Beatles songs that weren't on the charts this week.  The b-side of From Me To You- a tune called Thank You Girl- never did chart, and the German version of She Loves You- Sie Liebt Dich- was number one in San Bernardino (don't THAT figure), and would eventually squeak in at #97.

Now this week, three songs actually had double-figure percentages in this week's election- Memphis at 12.2% was third- but the top two come from the same 45!  And for a long time it was a tight race, so you tell me- for which song will the Beach Boys be next week's POTM?  Will it be the future #1 I Get Around- currently at #3- or the flip side, Don't Worry Baby, currently charting at #33?

You can't lose with us!


Two more from Laurie!

Three time #1 from February 2016 (and alleged cause of Peanut's conception), Flo and Eddie with Keep It Warm...

... and those amazing property guys, the Scott Brothers and Let The Night Shine In, #1 last July!


Last week, Bobby made the following comment:

---Interesting about Peggy March. A lot of women did better in Germany (must be all our troops over there wanting to hear the

Which got me thinking about how true that might be.  So I tried to figure this the best way I could without having access to old German chart archives (but I DO have a list of German #1s) and I came up with this list:

I had already told you Little Peggy March was big in Germany- 24 top 40s, 5 top 10s, and the #1 Romeo Und Julia.

Connie Francis also had 24 top 40s there, to go with 10 top tens and 3 #1s.

Suzi Quatro had 16 top 40s, 9 top 10s, and a single #1.

Petula Clark had 11 top 40s, 5 top 10s, and a pair of #1s.

Dusty Springfield had 6 top 40s- but most of her success came after that 1987 duet with the Pet Shop Boys.  Same with Cher, who notched 10 top 40s, but 7 came 1989 or later.

Lulu had three top 40s in the Martin Era 2.0.

And here is a surprising list of #1 songs by our ladies:

Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger
Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walking
Mary Hopkin's Those Were The Days
Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden
and the UK's Sandie Shaw with Puppet On A String.

Frankly, I just think they have good taste in women- and songs.


Two more from Laurie:

France's Phoenix with Lisztomania, a three week #1 -the fifth #1 in M10 history- back in October 2015...

...and the Jayhawks with my personal M10 favorite, Quiet Corners And Empty Spaces, a four-week #1 back in April last year!


Hey, we do have a debut this week!  A young lady whose first EP, 3:33 AM, is all about her coping with the loss of her mother last year.  Half German and half Jamaican, here is self-proclaimed Germaican Amber Mark at #10...


Two more from Laurie...

...Boz Scaggs with Small Town Talk, #1 from January 2016...

..and Keane's Somewhere Only We Know, three weeks at #2 in September last year!


Stat page:  The 6D (for which I did nothing) were the Ray Charles Singers with this week's CB #4, Love Me With All Your Heart.

The #64 at '64 was bluesman Alvin Robinson with Something You Got.  Alvin was influenced by Ray, and in the 70s played with Dr John.

The queens of the bottom dwellers, the Paris Sisters were at #101 with their cover of Dream Lover.  They would sneak it up to #91.  Remind me to do a feature on these ladies when I got more room.

And Cilla Black (real name Priscilla White, lol) topped the UK chart with You're My World- and yes, that's the same song that Helen Reddy would cover in 1974.

BEATLES UPDATE:  Both the US and UK charts have but 2 Beatles tunes on the list.  In the UK it's Ain't She Sweet at #29, and Can't Buy Me Love, in its 14th week, at #38.  In the US of A, it's Love Me Do at #6, and PS I Love You at #23.


And the last two of the Laurie Ten:

...Tangerine with You'll Always Be Lonely, another four-week #1 back last year at this very time...

...and of course the lovely Jana Kramer with the aforementioned Boomerang!


And the M10 this week...

Flogging Molly clings to the chart, down one to #9 with The Days We've Yet To Meet.

PVRIS drops 4 to #8 with former top dog Heaven.

Stuck in place from last week are Love Is All Around by WetX3 at #7 and POWERS with Closer at #6.

Our latest statistical anomaly is that Moon Taxi becomes the third straight song to go from #9 to #5 with Two High.

Beach House rolls their Chariot down a pair to #4.

Springtime Carnivore gobbles their way up to #3, a 2-spot rise for Midnight Room.

Northern Faces pulls into the runner-up slot with Messin' With Me.

And a second week at the top for...

Kidsmoke and And Mine Alone!

Before we give the winner, let me give you one last treat-

The English words to what Kyu Sakamoto sang...

I look up when I Walk

I look up when I walk
So the tears won't fall
Remembering those happy spring days
But tonight I'm all alone

I look up when I walk
Counting the stars with tearful eyes
Remembering those happy summer days
But tonight I'm all alone

Happiness lies beyond the clouds
Happiness lies above the sky

I look up when I walk
So the tears won't fall
Though my heart is filled with sorrow 
For tonight I'm all alone


Remembering those happy autumn days
But tonight I'm all alone

Sadness hides in the shadow of the stars
Sadness lurks in the shadow of the moon

I look up when I walk
So the tears won't fall
Though my heart is filled with sorrow 
For tonight I'm all alone



And the winner of the Beach Boys Battle at the top, with a 28.6 to 14.3 percentage...

I Get Around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week, 1965!