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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And now, enough pictures to post

Or at least enough to actually download:

Amazingly good pics of this deer Sunday, despite how far away we were...

Sunday morning and no soccer? WTH?

Then, back home, Scooter drops by

And that Scooter visit was a bit odd.  I didn't hear him munching for a bit, then it seemed a bird chewed him out over something.  Next thing we knew, he was barking his head off, and chattering in a most annoyed tone....

He was sitting on a branch above the shed, looking right in our door and bitching a blue streak.  No idea why, Scrappy was asleep and I was doing something else until he started.  Finally he settled down, got a few more mouthfuls and left.  It better not had been a restaurant review!

After a drizzly Monday, Tuesday was much nicer...

Nice enough, in fact, that one of the (former) kits of our fox clan made an appearance.

Much like Scrappy, he sat there for a bit, rolled on the ground, and took off.

This ground hog is brought to you by the number seven.  As in, I left him off his leash, and 7 times he pulled off into the brush to sniff at nothing before we got anywhere close to him.

Again, no socceristas?!?  Either Fart University (AKA "PFW") thinks that fraction of an inch of rain we got last week "flooded the fields" again (see last year), or someone declared Soccer Ramadan...


  1. Chris:
    HUZZAH...we have "picture-sign"!
    ---Those are some REALLY good deer photos.
    ---Yeah, what's up with NO SOCCER SUNDAYS @ "Fart U."? "Scooter".
    Nah, you'll know he's doing a "review" when he sits on his hind legs at the back door looking at you (and an empty feeder).
    ---Nice action shot of the fox.
    ---ROFL..."Soccer Ramadan"...well said.
    (and probably right, too)

    Very good walkabout.

    Stay safe (and well-exercised) up there, brother.

  2. Nice pictures indeed, damn it is cold here today and wet cold and wet what a lovely day

    1. I wish I could share some of it with you, it might make you feel better.