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Monday, June 5, 2017

As usual, here are some of last week's pics

Here's a bunny we walked right up to...

...and there he is in full flight.

Remember those pokey things I found last week?  They're starting to open...

I thought this would be a neat shot of doggie and flowers... then he lifted his leg...

New doggie belt with pockets for water- and, more importantly, Off.

Saturday afternoon at Shoaff

Look closely, you see her?

About a 3 ft long Northern water snake.

"This is me being whiney...  I don't like just sitting and enjoying life like Daddy..."

And the one that got away- remember Scooter?

Well, Saturday, we were sitting out back, with Scrappy chillin' for a change, and Scooter climbed out on that very branch (just not that pic- I left the camera inside), and after looking us over for a while, he LAID DOWN ON THE BRANCH.

  (Yeah, remember the squirrel I made fun of at the zoo?  Just like that, except his legs draped off the branch.)

He stayed this way for a few minutes, until Scrappy got bored and walked away.  Apparently, Scooter hadn't noticed Scrappy, being more interested in chillin' to the oldies with us, but when he got up, THEN Scooter knew he was there.  And he got up, pissed-off look on his face.  And he chattered, which Scrappy paid no mind to.  And he started BARKING.  And THAT Scrappy heard.  But, in true Scrappy fashion, he identified the correct area it was coming from, but failed to look UP, as he was right underneath Scooter.  So he wandered off.  And Scooter, after a little more grumbling, wandered off as well.


  1. Chris:
    Some very good pics.
    ---You DID get close to that rabbit (now I know where they all
    ---A real "two-gun": kinda guy with that holster.
    (what? No place to carry the SONIC?)
    ---Ahh, the rivers are always a wonderful shade of poo-brown, are they not?
    --_Wow, that's SOME water snake there. A real biggun. So what if they're not venomous. Must scare the bejeesus outta anyone on the river.
    ---Maybe that's why that guy was kayaking with a DOG!
    ---Love the squirrel. Funny when they "drape" themselves over a branch.
    (and Scrappy just stood underneath...cute.

    Good post.

    Stay safe (and well-hydrated) up there, brother

    1. And here's Chris doing catch-up on comments!

      I think we scared the snake more than it did us- which is pretty much what the wiki on her said would happen.

      I just watched that dog and laughed at what a hash Scrappy would have made of that adventure!

  2. Dang! That snake looks like he could mean business!


    1. We met a male a couple years back. Look threatening, but more scared of you.

  3. The story with the squirrel and your dog is hilarious! The squirrels around her bark at me when I'm gardening ... I must not do that often enough for them to realize that the yard doesn't belong to them. Our dog can't catch them, but a few of the more arrogant squirrels get caught by our cat. It's not smart to tease a cat on a deck when that cat can leap off the deck in pursuit.
    That is one scary snake! We don't get anything bigger than garter snakes around where I live.

    1. Garters are our usual fare here, too. Once upon a time, Scrappy actually met one- despite his best efforts, a friendship was NOT made. Another time, he peed on one...