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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Martin News you need to know

Or in other words, the weekly catch up post w/pictures.

First, I have an actually amusing work story.  Our guy up front who does our BOMs (basically, the paperwork I scan to cut the thing they want) is still new at the job and has moments of... well, dyslexia.  We about got burned on one Thursday.  The cover was a prototype (AKA first attempt), and as such comes to me with a packet of paperwork including a "blueprint" of what it should look like called a mini.  Now, the particular cover had an item # of 37761-  but our guy put it in the part where the BOM pulls up the marker to cut as 37661.  Thus, everything comes out right at my end EXCEPT for the thing I would cut.  And as busy as I was- and distracted with machine problems- I would have sailed right on without noticing- EXCEPT for the fact that the first thing the machine draws on a 37661 is this:

That's right- it shouted NO! NO! at me!  (it seems that that particular customer belonged to one of our other plants where sewers aren't so bright and need written instructions on their canvas.)  THAT made me look at the mini, after which I hit the pause and started singing, "One of these things is not like the other..."

Next up, our apartment was randomly selected (groan) to get radon tested.  They give you a set of instructions a page long that include not leaving ANY windows open, not running any "whole house" fans, not leaving your doors open for any longer than the necessary for in-out travel, don't jack your air conditioner around, seal up any window A/C units, blah blah blah.  They mounted it over another like page of instructions (which you now cannot read as you're not supposed to disturb it) on the wall an arm's reach from where I am sitting.  I have two comments on this.  First, they are fortunate indeed that the temps here have soared into the "damn, it's hot" range or my response to their requirements woulda been "not bloody likely".  Two, those of you who were fans of Saturday Night Live in the old days (AKA when it was still funny) will know why I am so tempted to put another sign above the darn thing reading, "DO NOT TAUNT HAPPY FUN BALL."

And now, some pictures!

Monday, we discovered that someone had finally cut the Leaning tree down and chopped it up.

Wednesday, another tree fell across the trail, lol!

Later, we run into this ground hog...

"You can't see me..."

Thursday it was down by the river...

Faster than a speeding swallow...

The rest of the week was so hot that we took walks at night, and I dispensed with the camera for them.


  1. Chris:
    ---Wow, those work-related issues are akin to working in a horse stable - the "work" JUST keeps piling UP, does it not?
    ---Probably the only reason YOUR apartment was "selected" is that you're white, work for a living, and have NO government subsidies (to peak of) other words "Let's inconvenience the NORMAL folks".
    Am I getting close? LOL.
    As for the pics...the heat sure makes all the ducks love the river.
    That groundhog is funny. Bet he only came out of the ground to see HOW hot it was.
    Nice job with the tree cutting. All that's needed is a "free firewood" sign...heh.
    A good catch-up post.

    Stay safe, stay cool (and radon-free) up there, brother

    1. Nah, they just did a random draw. What gets me, one of the things in the letter (which we ALL got last week) was that the close ups, not using the fans, etc, were WHETHER YOU WERE SELECTED OR NOT. I'd love to see the enforcement on THAT one...

    2. And those apartments have been up for HOW long, and NOW (all of a sudden) they decide to conduct "random" checks?
      That weirds me out.

    3. I just figure its a new requirement their insurance added. That or they're wondering about my secret lab...

  2. Yikes, is the radon testing being done when Scrappy is on an adventure or is it a long process?

    1. Just a little dingus that hangs on the wall for a couple of days. Nothing invasive.

  3. What bloody great photos here it is cold and wet here and I clothes on the line getting wet but they will stay there and hopefully it will stop raining and fine up.

    Also what the hell is a radon test

    1. Apparently someone discovered that radon gas can seep from the soil in some areas and collect in closed areas- like homes. It's a radioactive element, so they ask homeowners to test for it- and apparently force landlords to.