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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Scattered thoughts on jumping Paris

So now we are a terrible country and a terrible race, who have doomed the world to a fiery dystopia because we pulled out of the Paris accords.  Let's take some issue with that.

Everybody else is for it.  Well, what a surprise, since we are expected to cut emissions more than anyone, with all its catastrophic short- and-long term effects, AND pay for the little noodnik countries to do it too.  WE develop the tech.  WE pay for the tech.  WE give the tech to third worlders who are barely past picking lint out of their toes.  And, WE pay them to do it.  Why WOULDN'T the rest of the world be in favor?

"Corporate America", for example Exxon, are in favor of staying in.  Is it too obvious to mention that that which harms coal is good for Exxon?

Climate change is "settled science."  ANYone who uses the term "settled science" with a straight face is a horse's ass.  Any true great scientist would probably say, " 'settled science is dead science.  It is science that is unimaginative, incurious, uninspired, and stale.' "  If you have an honest bone, whether you believe in climate change or not, THAT much you should agree with.

The world's temperature is rising, and it's man's fault.  At the original Earth day in 1970, these same kind of doom and gloom, man's at fault "scientists" told us that by... uh... fifteen years ago, we'd be living on a frozen planet, and be out of the oil that both caused the problem and was our only hope of surviving.  I'm wearing shorts today, how about you?  What's the difference?  Logic tells us that, all things being equal, in 1970 the enemy was oil, and in 2017 the enemy is coal.

So why not alternative energy?  Well, how about because it doesn't work without MASSIVE government subsidies (ask Merkel to tell the truth on that one), and if we are paying for the new tech, and we are giving it for free to Bagswanistan, and we are subsidising Bagswanistan to USE the tech, and we are paying the high prices that closing down cheap energy causes, who the hell has any money left to subsidise that damn wind turbine that nobody wants in their back yard because it looks ugly and might chop the rare two-breasted purple cow eagle in two?

Corporate America, part two:  Bill Ford says,  "We believe climate change is real, and remain deeply committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our vehicles and our facilities."   Well, bully for you!  If your company had been doing that all along, perhaps we wouldn't be in half of whatever mess we're in, and India and China might not be gagging on exhaust from the cars you built back when you didn't give a crap.

California... tumbles into the sea...:  Governor Moonbeam Brown posted this "broadside:

 "...California will resist this misguided and insane course of action. Trump is AWOL but California is on the field, ready for battle."

Yeah, maybe you better worry about the collapsing infrastructure of your insane, misguided water policies, gov.  It isn't climate change that diverted all that water from its natural course of=ver the last century and a half.  And THAT's why YOUR climate is changing.  Enjoy your desert.

And of course, the BBC.  In an article about the five effects of the US pullout, there was this gem:

Despite President Trump's withdrawal from the accord, US carbon will continue to drop. The projections are that they will fall about half as much as had been planned by President Obama. That's because US energy production is now powered more by gas than by coal.
The fracking revolution has seen a huge jump in the production and a huge drop in the price of natural gas. Energy producers like gas because it is flexible and integrates better with renewable sources which are also growing rapidly.

So let's unpack this.  DESPITE Trump's actions, the emissions will CONTINUE to drop because the companies that SHOULD have been switching energy needs in the first place (like Ford) are going to change ON THEIR OWN- which is they way change SHOULD take place.  Not from some regulation that will give those in harm's way no time for adjustment.

And, now fracking is GOOD?  I thought only evil Satans liked fracking, because a few people want to try to get free water softeners out of the deal.  The hypocrisy is YUUUGE.

And a bit before that:  There's also a question of moral leadership, which the US will be giving up, which may have consequences for other diplomatic efforts.   I always thought leadership was NOT following the crowd when you know you are right.  Apparently the new morality is the morality of lemmings.


  1. Chris:
    He shoots...he SCORES!
    Whatta frigging "hat-trick" you got there, buddy. Bing, bang, boom.

    I just wish you kept it going for another few paragraphs. Man, I as getting really into all of it. Good call on ALL points.
    Maybe that's why folks like US prefer that good, old-fashioned MORALITY?
    (the one based in God...that WORKS)

    Yeah, I can live with THAT.

    Well said.

    Stay safe (and politically-incorrect) up there, brother.

  2. Hey I think you know more then I do because it is cold here and my brain is numb and thinking isn't happening this morning but at least I am awake

  3. The movement is all toward globalism. Climatology is the one world unifying religion. It's madness.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out