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Friday, June 9, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates VIVI4336962

Tread carefully today- we are at the beginning of my timeline- I am 24 days old today, June 9th, 1962!  And in today's news, South Korean boss-man Park Chung-Hee has told everyone they have to switch from the old SK Hwan to the NEW SK Won.  He froze everyone's bank accounts and exchanged them at a rate of ten Hwans per Won.  Later, with a little "persuasion" from the US, the rule was rescinded because nobody could tell their hwan from their won.

Which Hwan is which?

And today we have a densely packed Time Machine, with yet another runaway winner of the Panel; a song mentioned on the UK's greatest hits feature becomes an M10 debut; the Cashbox top ten gets ignored, and we look at what is happening to the songs born into the hot 100 the same time I was!  Come along, every Won's a winner!


We had 30 stations to give us 9 songs to put your money on, even if one of them got a little greedy with the votes.  The problem being that those nine songs only included 3 of the national Cashbox top ten!  A little more on who got ignored later, but now, let's intro the candidates, with our POTM Ricky Nelson...

Well, I don't know if I'm gonna be any good at this... my real talent is with the ladies..

Well, pretend you're just talking to Jo-Anne Meadows, she always looks at this post!

Sure.  Hey, sweetheart, I have some really fine tunes to dance with you to... and one of the best is the romantic classic, Al Di La by Emilio Pericoli, which sat at #17 on the Cashbox charts.

Then we could sit back and listen to the legendary Ray Charles groove us with Born To Lose, at #40.

Back to the slow dance floor, and I will sing in your ear along with Darrell McCall's Dear One, which was a sweet ballad despite not charting.  The song was charted though, by Larry Finnegan, who took it to #11 a couple of months ago.

And we can continue when Ray sings the flip side of his earlier song, I Can't Stop Loving You, which sits at #1.

A little lady named Lucky Starr sang one we can get down to- The original, Australian place-named version of I've Been Everywhere, which waited to chart here until Hank Snow had the writer do American place names.

Or, we could rock to Freddy Cannon's Palisades Park, which was at #3...

If you like a little ch-cha-cha, we could dance it with another Aussie by the name of Rob EG, or actually Robie Porter, and his song called Si Senor...

We could do a little more of a ballroom thing to Gene Pitney's The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, at #10...

...and we'll end the night climbing Wolverton Mountain with Claude King, who was at #47.  What do you say, Jo-Anne?

Well, Chris says please remember Jo-Anne is a married woman.  So I guess to give you all a better choice, let's limit the voting to the national top-tenners- Liberty Valence, Palisades Park, and I Can't Stop Loving You.  Which one was it that captured 70% of the vote?   Make your picks, and we...


....will move on to the first of our debuts.  If you were like me and checked out that list of UK top ten ever sellers- or better yet, you just heard the song back then- you caught the cover of the Troggs big hit Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet.  If you didn't, you get a chance now because this 1994 UK #1- amazingly only charting #41 here- is at #10 on this week's M10:


So what were the big hits that the Panel saw fit to ignore?

#9 was Dee Dee Clark's Mashed Potato Time;
#8 was Connie Francis' Second Hand Love;
#7 was Dion and the Belmonts with Lovers Who Wander;
#6 was the Shirelles and Soldier Boy;
#5 was Johnny Tillotson's It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin';
#4 was The One Who Really Loves You by Mary Wells;
and #2 was Mr. Acker Bilk's Stranger On The Shore.  How did you miss those?


The week I was born, 10 brand new songs had entered the hot 100.  How were they doing 24 days later?  Well some good, some not so much.

The debut at #94 was a sweet song by the Paris Sisters, well known for their big hit I Love How You Love Me.  This one, Let Me Be The One, went to #90 the next week, and was done.

Two songs came in at #100 that week.  One was Brook Benton (Rainy Night In Georgia) with Thanks To The Fool, which made it up to #86 after 3 weeks and fell off.

The other was the Champs (of Tequila fame) covering Limbo Rock, which died at #93 after three weeks.

Now the rest were still climbing after 24 days... some faster than others.  The first Hispanic duo to crack the hot 100, Rene and Ray, had climbed 11 spots to #84 with Queen Of My Heart, a song that deserved a little better IMHO.  A woman known as the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson, was at 71, up 14, with a ballad called If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me.  Fats Domino had climbed 18 spots to 59 with My Real Name.  Another woman with a royal title, this time the Queen of the Blues, Dinah Washington, and her song Where Are You had climbed 40 spots to #56.  A side note on DW- her 7th hubby, football great Dick "Night Train" Lane- woke up to her body one morning after she'd sleeping pilled herself to death.

Jimmy Smith had moved Walk On The Wild Side (nothing close to the Lou Reed version, thank God) 38 notches to #33;  Bobby Vee had moved 63 spots to #34 with Sharing You; but the biggest mover, zooming up 83 notches to #17 by this time...

...Emilio Pericoli and Al Di La!  You could have that dance with him, Jo-Anne...


Our other debut was the runner up in a three sided race last week that saw Kidsmoke get the final spot.  This time, it won the two-off battle and comes in at #9.  The solo project of one Greta Morgan, who goes by the moniker of Springtime Carnivore...


All right, a quick hit of the "stat pack":

The #62 in '62 was Connie Stevens with Why'd You Want To Make Me Cry.  For a lady I constantly mix up with the more famous Connie Francis, she only had two big hits (we mentioned Kookie Lend Me Your Comb a few weeks back in '59) and this wasn't one of them, dudding out at #52.

I knew 19 of the songs well this time... kinda disappointed in myself.

The UK #1 was Elvis (what a surprise!) with Good Luck Charm.  The highest charter there that charted this week here was a lady who's been on TM before- Ketty Lester, with Love Letters, 11 there and 75 here.  The highest here that charted there was Stranger On The Shore, 2 here and 12 there.

And who sat in the #101 slot?  Why Dee Dee Sharp and her follow up to her current #9- Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)!


And that brings us at long last to the remainder of the M10:

The Orwells pause after a 5-spot drop at #8 on their way out, with the two-time top dog They Put A Body In The Bayou.

POWER got just a little Closer to the top, moving up one spot to #7.

Nothing But Thieves drops a spot to #6 with Amsterdam.

Brushing rudely past them to #5, a four-spot climb for Northern Faces and Messin' With Me.

Flogging Molly sticks at #4 with The Days We've Yet To Meet.

And blowing past the rest of the field, Kidsmoke zooms from 10 to 3 with And Mine Alone.

And at the top two spots- again-

Beach House at #2 with Chariot; and at #1 again...

PVRIS and Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And which song grabbed all those votes this week?  Well, that would be...

.... Ray Charles and I Can'T Stop Loving You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Next time, we hit 1963!  Be there!


  1. I love the song I've been everywhere and I can't stop loving you is another great song and not only did I like the song The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence,as well as the movie by the same name and yeah I am always dropping by for a visit

  2. Chris:
    Back in THOSE days, I was closing in on my TENTH birthday (where did all THAT time go?).
    ---The currency thing -goes to show if it's not HWAN thing, it's another.
    ---Ray Charles Born To Lose...great song (but not my personal "anthem").
    I Can't Stop Loving You...another classic.
    ---Palisades Park - always a summertime fave back in Philly.
    ---The panel IGNORED those songs? (shame in
    ---Love Is All Around - thought it was a cover (of the standard), but I really LIKE this song.
    ---Dad had an album of Wanda Jackson (great voice), and not hard on the eyes.
    ---Dinah THAT girl could sell the blues! Knew some people who had 78s of her songs.
    ---I remember the Connie Francis, Al Martino and Sergio Franchi covers for Al Di La.
    ---Midnight Room - that's TWO in a row that I find very good. Nice call.
    ---Flogging Molly still hanging tough.
    Ahh...had a feeling that RAY would be there, and good to see Pvris at the top as well.

    Very enjoyable ride this week (glad the A/C was on).

    Keep those hits comin' up there, brother.

    1. Currency: Ba dum DUM! Thanks for playing!

      Shame on them indeed!

      I'll go along with you on Wanda and Dinah- Ketty Lester fell in those same categories IMHO.

      I love the movie clip of Enrico doing Al Di La. A great song AND a young Suzanne Pleshette!

      Yeah, the Troggs original on LIAA is one of my all timers- and the WWW version really moved me.