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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Well, I could...

...I could rant about all the stupid things everyone's ranting about, North Korea and Russia and Washington.  But who needs it?  Here's some pics from the last walk of the spring!

Parents:  Wanna know where the kids sneak off to to drink the beer they stole from the garage fridge?  Look in the hedge on the south side of Ground Hog Road..

Scrappy gets another chance to go leashless into the dens!  And he's off... the woods instead, again.

So those little spikey things blossomed into this- still no idea what they are, though...

Backlit woods- so pretty

Someone looted the remains of the Leaning Tree...

Remember calling these "doggie buttons" when we were kids.  Actual name:  fleabane.

Damn hot in the sunshine.  Tried to tell him to wait for overcast.

"Yeah, this crap's getting too high to go sniffin' through.  ACHOO!"

Checking in on the "Lennon Sisters"

Wonder what's gonna hatch out of this...

Hey, Scrappy?  Wanna go play in the creek?   ZOOOOM....

A frog jumped in to join him...

...but he was already on his way to new adventure.

Winding around rarely glimpsed territory on the far side of the big mound, he found his way out- right across from the ravine trail!

Wild raspberries in fruit.  The black ones were really good, I ate a mess of 'em!

First time in years I saw fish by the bridge.

And while we were in the creek, overcast came.  But only for a couple of minutes.

Oh, this is new- the barn lost two doors, got replaced by new aluminum ones!

"This door smells like ground hog..."


  1. Chris:
    --=-Backwoods beer parties??? Who'da thunk THAT?
    ---The woods are looking REALLY nice. Hope the temps while walking were to your liking.
    Scrappy looks refreshed in the c5reek.
    I have NO idea what could hatch from whatever that is.
    ---That looks like a BIG frog!
    ---I'll bet those red raspberries were tart as all get out.
    ---NEW barn doors? Makes the place look nice. Wonder if it'll keep looters out?
    ---Another scenic walkabout is on the Internet forever.
    Well done.

    Stay safe (and rested) up there, brother.

    1. I'm thinking that they tried to get the doors open the other day and they fell off. Looked to have a new rail and new hinges on the other two sets.

      The red ones weren't ready yet, the black ones were as you described. Much better than they have been. The wild strawberries, though, suck as usual.

  2. Why rant? Much more soothing to the soul to walk the dog!

    1. "Why rant?" Sometimes you got to hit back on the American version communists out there.

  3. 'way cool. Thanks for the nice walk!