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Thursday, August 10, 2017

And now, the M10 post, AKA co-ordinates VIXV442M10

As this is "Tony Packos recovery Day", I have time to figure out and get the M10  done.  And, I decided- at least this week- to do a "bubbling under" chart.  This list, complete with fake numbering starting at #101, includes  the tunes in the shuffle that have not made the 10 yet, but would like to.  This way, if you get curious about what might be coming, what didn't make it, or just plain are scrolling by this to get to the good stuff, you know what might be coming up or what to look for.

I actually did "109", but to not necessarily overburden the gig, I will share the top "105" with you:

105- Telefono- Phoenix.  The first thing I've actually liked off their Ti Amo lp, and I've heard a good deal of it.

104- Just Look At You Now- Howard Jones.  The 80's rocker has a new Best 1983-2017 lp, and this is a live cut from it.

103- Sweet And Soft- Narcoleptic Dancers.  This duo is actually the first band for Melody Prochet of Melody's Echo Chamber, from I think 2009.

102- In Undertow-Alvvays.  They also have a new lp that I have had a hard time liking as much as the last, but this one is the best so far.

101- Heart In A Suitcase-Pom Poms.  They finally got an lp together around last summer's Betty and 1-2-3.  This was the best of the other tunes, and it's beginning to grow on me from a slow start.


That out of the way, here is this week's top ten.

Our first debut is from 2006.  It actually already hit the charts back then, cracking the top 40 in the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Austria, and top ten in Canada.  It was off, of all things, the soundtrack to the Curious George movie, and it's by Jack Johnson:

The second debut you already saw last week- Wayne Newton with The Letter at #9.

"YES!!! I made it!!!!"

Amber Bain AKA The Japanese House moves up a notch to #8 with Somebody You Found.

Next up, two songs with 7 weeks on the countdown on the way down.  First is Public Access TV with Monaco, down 3 to #7;  next is the 3-time #1 by courtship., Sunroof, sliding back to #6.

Who says the M10 isn't influential?  Last week, The Killers were sliding down the Billboard Hot Rock Tracks from a peak of #11 down to 34 with The Man.  Then I debuted it, and this week it goes back up 17 spots to #14!  Also at #7 Alternative, they go from 10 to #5 on the M10.

Northern Faces climb from #7 to 4th this week with Cops Come.

And last week's top three is this week's top three- Quiet Hollers and Funny Ways at #3, Cotton Mather's Girl With A Blue Guitar at #2, and for a third week, Foster The People and Sit Next To Me at the top!

That sets up FTP for being the first song to get four straight at #1 since Tangerine's You'll Always Be Lonely over a year ago!  Can they do it?  To stop them, Quiet Hollers would have to become just the third song to make #1 in its 7th week on the chart- and the 5th song to spend week seven or later at the top overall!  But Cotton Mather lurks at #2, and 4 and 5 took big jumps this week!  To find out, tune in 8 days from now when Karen Carpenter guests (as guests go on this show) for a trip through 1971!

1 comment:

  1. Chris:
    ---You needed a RECOVERY day from Tony Packos?
    Methinks it was all the "sun and sand"
    ---Okay, the "top 105"...never heard ANY of 'em.
    ---The Jack Johnson tune - definitely a margarita at seaside kinda number (to me).
    ---Foster The People still at the top?
    (we working on a new record here?)
    ---Looking forward to the trip through 1971 (the first year out of high school and facing reality in the REAL world for me).
    Good post.

    Keep reaching for the stars up there, brother.