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Friday, August 18, 2017

Time Machine Co-ordinates VIXVI44381871

Today we go to August 18, 1971, and today the British Army in Ireland killed a terrorist who pointed a gun at them.  Or, as the evidence showed, they killed deaf-and-dumb Eamon McDevitt, 24, who was just waving his arms at him- the only communications life afforded him.  "He finally brandished this weapon and was coming up to the aim position against one of my soldiers at short range," Colonel Roger Ephraums said.  Mrs Lily Tobin, a friend, said all he had in his hand was a spent rubber bullet which he was "playing about with".  The BBC says, "The army, which altered its first official statement on the shooting, later set up an inquiry into the incident. "  As of 2011, the family is STILL trying to clear his name.

Welcome to Time Machine, where this week we likely set another (unkept, just guessing) record by averaging a mere 1.9 candidates for the Panel pick per station- 56 stations, 29 candidates!  Also, do any of you remember what Stephen Stills, Billy Preston, Rita Coolidge, Booker T Jones, and newsman Ed Bradley have in common?  Plus, the all time greatest hit from Australia, and another big moment in M10 history!  Plus, the top ten of the biggest acts of Summer starts this week!  We are one week away from the M10's second anniversary- and it's time to go!


And we start off with the first of THREE M10 debuts- which will bring us to 239 songs that have hit the M10 in a week less than two years!  And this act has been here before- three times!  From the upcoming lp Antisocialize, here is... Alvvays!

In Undertow comes in at #10.


This week, we have a very special guest to help with some of the Panel list, and that is Miss Karen Carpenter!

Thanks for having me!

My honor, Karen.  I had a big crush on... well, on your voice, when I was little.  For some reason I always imagined you with long, blonde hair, though.

Well, I imagined you as thin, tall, and good looking...

I was thin, then...

So, why blonde?

Third grade crush had long blonde hair, so...

Ah.  That's okay, then.  Did she stay your sweetheart?

Never even knew.  Most of them didn't.  The rest weren't all that thrilled.  Maybe we better get to the list...

Okay, so how do we want to do this?

Whatever works for you.

Okay, let me do the female leads, and you do the guys?

Well, this will be a short guest shot... Okay, let's do it.

All right, so alphabetically... first song is I Hear Those Church Bells Ring, by a girl group called Dusk.  The lead singer was Peggy Santiglia, lead voice of the Angels when they did My Boyfriend's Back.  It was at #42 on this week's cashbox chart.

Then comes Jean Knight's Mr Big Stuff.  It was at #4.  Go, Jean!

Third- which you're pushing at me on a technicality- is Never Ending Song Of Love by Delaney and BONNIE and Friends.  It was at #9.

And finally, Aretha Franklin was at #14 with Spanish Harlem.  Well, I'm done!

And thank you for doing 14 % of the list!  And now, for the remaining 86%...

Chicago's Beginnings was at #11, while the flip side, Color My World, was at 92 starting out.

Tommy James was Draggin' The Line at #2.

The next alphabetical song, I'm going to hold off towards the end for a special reason.  Fear not, it got but one vote.

Donny Osmond held down the #23 spot on CB with Go Away Little Girl.

A station out of the island of Lorenzo Marquez voted for a tune by John Kongos called He's Gonna Step On You Again.  It was on the current UK chart and would peak at #4 there.

The Bee Gees were at the top of the CB chart this week with How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.

Rare Earth was at #21 with I Just Want To Celebrate.

On the way down, the Raiders were at #22 with Indian Reservation.

Rod Stewart had Maggie May climbing at #84, and the flip Reason To Believe at #86.

The Jackson Five was at #20 with Maybe Tomorrow.

Marvin Gaye was top ten at #5 with Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology).

And where would we be without one station that "missed the memo"?  Climax with Precious And Few, which peaked way back in February, got a vote.

The Doors were at #15 with Riders On The Storm.  After last week's lead in (I guess that was two weeks ago, vacation and all), maybe they shoulda called it Sleepers On The Porch...

The Five Man Electrical Band was at #12 with Signs.

Hey!  Here's the Undisputed Truth with Smiling Faces Sometimes, at #16 on CB.

The Stampeders were at #52 with Sweet City Woman.

CCR was at #6 with Sweet Hitchhiker.

John Denver held down the #3 slot with Take Me Home Country Roads.

Wings were at 38 in their second week on the hot 100 with Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.

The Dramatics were at #25 with Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get.

Tom Clay's What The World Needs Now Medley was at #7.

The Who were at #18 with Don't Get Fooled Again.
And at long last, You've Got A Friend by James Taylor was at #8.  Whew!

Not surprisingly, 17 of these got but one vote, and another 6 got two.  If I gave you the songs that made CB's top ten, you'd have 20 votes to play with.  Instead, I'll give you the top three vote getters, who managed 18 themselves.  Your choices for next week's POTM are- the Undisputed Truth, the Bee Gees, or McCartney and Wings- the #s 16, 1, and 38!


Here, take a break and listen to the new debut at #9.  It originally was released from his 2005 Revolution Of The Heart lp, but comes out again on his Best 1983-2017 live lp.  You might remember this old friend- Howard Jones:


Now that song I left off was from an Australian station, so you may not recognize the song Eagle Rock by the band Daddy Cool.  I'll bet Jo-Anne, does, as it is listed as the second biggest Australian song in history, topped only by another you should recognize- the Easybeats with Friday On My Mind.  They listed the top 30 on my source, and there were 6 that I knew, including Friday:

3- Midnight Oil's Beds Are Burning from 1987;
4- Men At Work's Down Under from '81;
7- Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over from '86;
9- AC/DC with It's A Long Way To The Top from 1976;
And Little River Band's Cool Change from  '79 (for whatever reason, after the top ten they were listed chronologically).


So this week's 6D victim would be the Isley Brothers' rendition of the Stephen Stills tune Love The One You're With, which was bereft of votes at #10 on this week's Cashbox survey.  Now there were a lot of figures involved in this song, besides the Isleys and SS.  For example, it was titled after a phrase Billy Preston used frequently, and Stills asked permission to write a song around it.  His partners in CSN sang background on Stills' version, and so did Rita Coolidge.  Another name on that background list I didn't know was one Priscilla Jones.  She was the sister of Rita, and at the time married to Booker T Jones of the MGs.  She later married CBS newsguy Ed Bradley, and still later a loser by the name of Michael Siebert.  He was a pie-in-the-sky con man according to Rita, and Pris was about to leave him when he shot her and then himself.

Ironically, his family wanted nothing to do with him, either, so it fell on Rita to arrange his, er, disposal.  She had him cremated- and they delivered the ashes to her.  She took them out into the desert, just looking for a place to dump them.  She saw a sign that read "Trespassers will be shot", and said, "Perfect."


Stat Pack:

The #71 in '71 is Tommy Roe's take on Stagger Lee, a tune that first charted by Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians in 1924 (as Stack O' Lee's Blues) and hit #1 by Lloyd Price in 1958.

At #101 is Brenda and the Tabulations with A Part Of You.  This act seems to get quite a few mentions on TM despite a record that includes 13 singles, only three of which


Sorry about this, but I was down in the M10 and remembered I still owed you 10 to 6 on the greatest acts of Summer!  Here we go!  At #10...

The Beach Boys!  At #9...

Three Dog Night!!! At # 8...

Old timer Perez Prado and his Orchestra!  At #7...

...Stevie Wonder!!! and at #6.... favorite POTMs, the Everly Brothers!  Next week, who will be number one?  You know we haven't hit Elvis, the Beatles, or the Stones yet, but will they be there- and-where- and who'll be with them?  Alright, back to the M10 for me, and back to your scheduled feature for you!

 cracked the top 50.  This one ended at #94.

The UK #1 was Diana Ross with I'm Still Waiting, a tune that only made it to #63 here, and dealt a glancing blow to the top 40 R&B.  The highest UK charter  that charted here was Won't Get Fooled Again which was 9 there but 18 here; the flip of that was Sweet Hitchhiker, which was 6 here and #33 there.

And this was a big week for "same song, different act" on the UK list.  Never Ending Song Of Love was in their top ten at #3, but by the New Seekers instead of D&B&F.  And also in their top ten  was Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep by Middle Of The Road, while Mac and Katie Kissoon had it at #53 here.


And now, let's kick off the M10 with another debut, by another act that has been here twice before.  The Pom Poms, who had the two big hits last summer with Betty and 1-2-3, come in at #8 with another song from the finally-finished lp Turn You Out:

Heart In A Suitcase debuts at #8.  And the rest?

Wayne Newton moves up a pair to 7 with The Letter; so does The Japanese House to #6 with Somebody You Found.


I just remembered I haven't done this week's section of the biggest acts of summer yet!  Let me run back in time and stick them in, and I'll be right back...

Alrighty, that's taken care of, and our next two are stuck in place- The Killers with The Man at #5 (BTW, up 4 to #10 MSR and up one to #6 Alt this week on BB...), and Northern Faces with Cops Come at #4.

A flip flop next, as Cotton Mather ends a 2-week run at #2 with Girl With A Blue Guitar, and Quiet Hollers keeps their hopes alive for becoming the longest to take to get their first week at #1 with Funny Ways.

And the number one- becoming the fourth member of the 4-weeks-at-#1 club...

...Foster The People with Sit Next To Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the winner of this week's Panel by an 8-5-5 margin...

...the Bee Gees and How Do You Mend A Broken Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's a wrap!  See you next week for 1972 and the five biggest acts of Summer- and in two weeks for the M10 Songs Of Summer 2017!


  1. Such great music in 71 I was 9 and remember bugga all from the year I was too young to be concerned with remembering things

    1. Some people are like that. I, however, collected things to remember early and thus don't remember crap now.

  2. Ah, the Bee Gees!
    Stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
    Huh. That didn't work out so well.
    Poor taste, I know.

    1. Right? Kinda like using dead celebs to do fake interviews... wait...

  3. Chris:
    ---England had a LOT of incidents that went unanswered during the problem period of that era in Ireland.
    Didn't know about THIS one, though.
    ---Got NO idea what they all have in common (singing We Are The World?)
    ---Alvvays - Good song to roust one from bed.
    ---A pretty long list and 17 ONLY got ONE stinking vote? That's hard to figure.
    But there are some REAL classics in the mix.
    ---The #1 song HAS to be at the top (logic and like numbers?)
    ---Howard Jones - nice and smooth w/ some touches of "retro" in there...not bad.
    ---Aussie songs - don't know the 1st one, definitely heard the 2nd one.
    ---Have to say that was a MUCH crazier 6D related to those people than having them croon along with Michael Jackson...nice work.
    ---I will say that Prado is in some pretty good company for the summer acts. Can't wait to see who makes "the final five".
    ---Poms Poms...another good song. Got a feeling that singer "could" do a BOND theme in the future.
    Just has a certain flare for it (imho).
    ---Foster The People makes it to the top.
    And with the Bee Gees no less (now that was a easy pick for
    Excellent ride this week.

    Keep those hits coming up there, brother.

    1. So next week it's between a song looking for a record 5 weeks at #1 on the M10 vs a song that would set a record by spending its first week at #1 in its 8th week on the chart....