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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tony Packos and the rest, Trip # 3

Wednesday was the Grand Trip to Toledo- a city that, outside of zoos, Ft Wayne could learn a lot from.  We started with a stop at the Botanical gardens.

"No, we STARTED by abandoning ME for the day. HMPH!"

This was the first time thru the "turbine zone" that not a one of them were moving.  Not. A. One.  The trip back they were making a full rotation about every minute and a quarter.

Welcome to da Botanical Gawdens, just off of Elmuh Street.

I thought maybe Francis of Assisi from a distance.  Actually, "The Lady With The Birds."

They had a yuge Herb garden...

Love that inscription

This slab had a whole lot of rocks with words on them.  You were supposed to make art shaped sentences with them.  Kind of a cool kids thing.  In Ft Wayne, the stones would prolly all be through someone's window.

A 3D style metal scene at the end of Sycamore Allee`

They had a creek that wound its way around a small lake.

Dude taking a pic of a big fish

I just got wee little ones.

From there, it was off to the day's true goal...

There!  There it is!

My Hot dog and "add another for $1.99", Laurie got the Paprika Chicken.  And for a change we got to sit under the M*A*S*H cast picture

This was new, I believe
 And after acquiring shirts for the occasion, it was off to...

...the beach!

Laurie got a good shot of a whale.

A red-tail hawk patrols the area

Water was a lot worse this year- lots of floating algae

This was my buddy.  We sat and talked for quite a while.

Then Laurie decided to feed the seagulls some Tony Packos Carmel Corn.  Her entourage went from 2 to 2 dozen in about 15 seconds.

"Hey!  Ya missed me, girlie!"
Next a stop at the nature center, where we found not feasting deer but...

Mr Fatty here.

This was one long walk, but a beautiful day for it (compared to the 95+ degree day we visited last year).  In fact, instead of last years' spaghetti-superhighway induced orbit around Toledo's anus, we had no trouble finding anything- with the minor exception of a construction caused side trip through the U of Toledo campus, which was okay because it netted us a journey part-way around the famous Glass Bowl, home of the Rockets.  The combination of not listening to Google Maps the first time and buying a brand new Rand McNally that was much better than its 2009 predecessor worked like a charm.  And all crammed into one 10-hour trip!  I had plenty of time to throw in a power nap, open a cold one with my brand new Batarang bottle opener from the Hall Of Heroes, and even get Boofus his treats before writing this up.

Tomorrow- Who knows?  The major stuff is off the list, but close-in stuff is still available.


  1. Chris:
    ---Aw, poor Scrappy. (great picture of him, btw)
    ---Wind turbines NOT moving? what a frigging waste!
    ---That herb garden puts ours to shame!
    ---Nice sundial...and you never have to WIND them at all!
    ---You got that right w/ the stones.
    ---That botanical garden is pretty dang AWESOME!
    (love that cell door in the wall thing)
    ---Tony Packos... a very nice homage to M.A.SH.
    ---Yes...the beach. Nice to not see waves like the ocean. Must be a lot quieter.
    Algae blooms? Didn't seem hot enough for those.
    ---Seagulls...the pigeons of the shoreline.
    All you have to do is feed ONBE...just one, and in no've got a FLOCK.
    ---That nature center looked cool, too. That boardwalk makes getting around much easier, it would seem.
    ---Ten hour trip (total), a nap AND a batarang bottle opener for a cold one.
    Sometimes, life can't get much better...can it?
    A very enjoyable travelogue.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Stay safe (and content) up there, brother.

    1. Usually at least a few are moving. There are dozens, and none were moving on the way up, and you had to look close to see 'em move on the way back.

      I don't think the blooms have as much to do with the heat as pollution level. The water I did get into, though, was bathwater.

      I thought about getting you a bottle opener too, but with the shirt and my OTHER little surprise, you'll be well taken care of.

  2. That metal sculpture was awesome. We have a turbine "farm" by us and rarely are they moving when I drive by.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!