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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Vacation Sunday-Tuesday

So after the amazing pool series, the mystery woman in the fruity dress, and a round of "Chris' philosophy on music:drunk edition", we made it to Sunday.  And the main feature their was a cookout at the Peanut Factory.

We have the world's most astounding weed in front of our apartment...

Big boy!

My kids KC...

...and Shenan playing cornhole

Aaron, mighty scorekeeper

Monday's lone event was the semi-annual Ft Wayne Time Lords meeting at the Fortress, home of Bobby G and the lovely Mrs G...

Bob explaining the economic value of large-leaved plants

FB people have already seen this- my lovely glass of Pepsi in a flashing Hello Kitty glass...

Which brings us to the first excursion day on our VACAY...

"Hmm... appears to be Shipshewana..."

I loved this concept- yardzee- yahtzee with big dice for outside play

Shirts for the Peanut

I may live in this one

"Cheer up, Laurie!  It's very pretty!"

The line getting into the flea market as we were getting out

Then came the best part- tucked away in a remote corner of rural Elkhart- the Hall Of Heroes

This museum has comics from every era, memorabilia you wouldn't believe, and is run by a dude who ran Hall Of Heroes comics back in the 90s, where  Ethan van Sciver got his start!  Here, let me show you around...

This blurry mess is the actual clay model of the "three-story" Sandman from the Spider Man movie.

A genuine Chris Evans-used Captain America shield

An Adam West-used Batman suit

Lots of first issues.  Place is insured for $4 mil...

A cool set of Kingdom Come figures

A William Katt Greatest American Hero costume.  He was there to present it.  Many shows have been there including American Pickers, Stan Lee's Super Fans (the Man hisself was there!), and others.

In fact, there he is- in figurine form

"Don't push it, Tin Man..."

Superman pogo stick, lol


Even the $6 Million Dollar Man

And Ultraforce!

That's Allen Stewart, the guy who runs the place, under the wing of Stan the Man

One of Sheldon's GL shirts from BBT

THE car that RDJR landed on in Iron Man

And Ghost Riders bike!


  1. Chris:
    I'll try to keep it short and sweet (and not drool into the keyboard!).
    ---The Peanut-fest looked very cool,. The best thing is all the neat clothes the little ones get...much better than what WE had...tiny everything!
    ---We posted the same it! "The economic value of large leaf plants"...ROFL!
    ---The flea market looks very nice! Haven't been to one of those in a VERY long time.
    ---Love your shirt, and the one Laurie has is fantastic - Lighthouses are VERY cool!
    ---Yardzee? Now THAT would be fun to play.
    (how big is the cup to SHAKE those large dice in, I wonder?)
    ---Ahh...the Hall of Heroes...
    Does the word YOWZAH ring any bells?
    ---Is there anything Mr. Stewart does NOT have?
    Geez, and hear I thought I had a few cool things (very few compared to the HoH).
    ---The full size SPIDEY is SO DAMN COOL.
    ---The actual Greatest American Hero costume...amazing.
    ---And the signed Batman cowl (by Adam West)...what can you say?
    He's got every single hero I could imagine (and a few I had forgotten - Mighty Mightor).
    There's no explaining the "WOW" factor at work there.
    ---I remember those superhero Slurpee cups...I should have KEPT mine (sighs)...
    ---And the full size IRON MAN...FREAKING AWESOME!
    ---Laurie with Rocket Raccoon..."flarcking FANTASTIC"!
    ---And ALL the comics...geez.
    Now THAT is what I call a HOBBY...(and then some)
    Thanks for the tour...I'm in utter awe.
    (and at my age, that ain't easy, Buster!)

    Excellent post.

    Stay safe (and hero-filled) up there, brother.

    1. First, the Yardzee stuff came with a small (3/4 size) bucket.

      Second- I pretty much had your reaction pegged. Stewart's eyes lit up a bit when I told him about your place, too!

    2. MET Allan????
      THAT in itself is UBER-COOL!
      His place is a superhero mansion...mine is merely a linen closet...LOL.

    3. Yeah, he runs the place- greets you, gives you the whole story. Cool guy.

  2. Hey, you found my 'Grumpy Old Man' shirt!

    1. Dude said it had just came out and he was darn near sold out. He was transferring on the spot, so I got it hot off the press.

  3. Peanut is so adorable but I think you know that, I like the grumpy shirt it would good on the grumpy old man I am married to

    1. There are a lot of us out there apparently...