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Monday, October 16, 2017

Oh, boy! Pictures!

Mostly from Saturday and monday...

There was just a deer in that crap... stayed just long enough to say hello...

A few days ago, it looked like any other shelf fungi.  Today- SLIME MOLD!

Did I tell you- part of the clean up from putting in the towers was to PAVE THE TRAIL!  They weren't quite done Saturday, but were by Monday.  Of course. now they'll have to take down those "Caution- 1.2 miles of unimproved trail ahead" signs...

And then there was this bozo- sitting pretty as you please on the bus parking even as the socceristas were arriving for another day.

A groundskeeper said, "Yeah, they like to go out on the soccer fields and poop."  Well, did you ever think to give him a key to the porta-pot?

People were racing into the complex, and I was worried he might get hit trying to flee the scene.  But not to worry...

...Scrappy, ever the diligent detective, learned he had slipped away through the drain tiles.

Later Saturday, we had a visit with Peanut and crew.  Of course, I forgot the camera and had to do these by phone...

Peanut, the "Boss Baby", and big sis Lilly

"Damn right, boss baby.  Watch this!"

Moving on to tonight...

Pretty colors along the river...

Our first trip down the Duck Pond in quite a while.  First we scared the doe, who splashed off through the pond.  Then we scared the buck.  On the other hand, I'm getting better at deer butts.

I think we broke up the date- and was he p.o.ed!

See?  Getting better...

Then she came out, wondering where her big, brave buck got off to...

Hmm... not that way...

So the majority of clean up from the trail tower-work is done.  All that really remains is the work-bridge at the south end, with accompanying warning sign and porta pot, and a wee bit of stone...

...well, actually, about a 15-foot high pile of stone left over.  Oops, Ollie overbought, I guess....


  1. Chris:
    ---Yeah, nothing says "nice walk" like SLIME
    ---They PAVED the trail? Isn't the whole POINT of a "trail" to maintain a modicum of "rustic...ness"???
    (It's much better than most ALL our alleys down here, too.)
    ---Great foxy photos!
    ---Boss Baby "action shots" (hence the blurriness) cool!
    ---Dear me...a deer butt.
    (definitely a WHITE TAIL)
    ---Now, if'n I had a friend w/ a pickup, I could put SOME of that stone to a much better use (to repave our driveway)...and for cheap!
    Never pass up a bargain, even if it does belong to "the city". After all, they OWE us big time.
    (leave it to

    Very good post & pics.

    Stay safe (and off the stone pile) up there, brother.

    1. Well, the trails are intended for a bike riding audience... and they've been promised progress since we've lived here, so it was definitely time.

  2. Yep, your deer butts are on point.

    I'm surprised the fox is so comfortable being out and about like that.

    That baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Too cute! But I guess they do that, don't they?