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Thursday, December 28, 2017

The M10 and a few other things I drug along

With the musical Tardis taking a well-deserved week's vacation, I bring you this week an M10 update plus a few other things I have in my "in-box".

FIRST of all, I would like to announce that since Mo Kenney's Unglued hung in there for a tenth week, slipping a notch to #4, it passes the tied twosome of Quiet Corners And Empty Spaces and Strange Boy to become the all time biggest hit in M10 history!  Plus, being that high still, Mo will prolly claim another honor next week- 11 weeks on the countdown, another all-time record.

SECOND, I hit a trio of headlines this week that really left me in amusement over the irony.  Headline #1:

Russia warns U.S. against meddling in upcoming election

Not only is this one funny vis-a-vis the recent election and the continuing investigation (which reminds me of nothing so much as Scrappy sniffing his butt), but it was inspired by the State Department comment over Russia's high court banning Putin's only opponent, Alexei Navalny, because he had been convicted of fraud- a charge that Navalny claims was a convenient way of getting him banned from the election in the first place.  In other words, you have to HAVE a contested election before you can meddle in it.

Well, I might be wrong there.  I thought you had to have something to investigate before you have an investigation as well, but apparently I was misled there.

Another M10 announcement concerns the fact that we will have a new #1, as POWERS falls to #2 after 2 weeks at the top with Beat Of My Drum.  And it won't be last week's #9 (Brian Fallon's Forget Me Not), or #8 (Shilpa Ray's tune Shilpa Ray's Got A Heartful Of Dirt), as they both maintain those positions.

The second ironic headline comes from Voice Of America:

Libya Puts 142 Migrants on Plane Back to Guinea

Which is ironic in that for a change Libya isn't in the news for sending migrants to Italy in leaky boats.  Apparently they had a backlog of contestants for the swim to Sicily sweepstakes (perchance because they ran out of boats capable of getting out to sea before sinking), and had to send them back where they came from.  Fortunately for the hard luck migrants, Libya has better planes than boats.

More Mo?  More Mo!

Unglued slips that notch because Mo Kenney's next hit, On The Roof, climbs three spots to #3, thus you get 2 Mo in a row.  Its partner in debuting last week, the Shacks and Audrey, moves 2 to #5.  And since Bobby wasn't a big fan of the "breathy" nature of that song's live performance, here is the studio version:

And that third headline isn't so much ironic as just plain stupid.  So you know it involves California, right?

Farmers' markets a racially biased cause of 'environmental gentrification,' professors say

Yes, Farmer's Markets are a bad thing, because- according to eminent intellectuals Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J. Bosco (who earn their living make their money as geography (yes geography) professors at San Diego State)- they are a "white space" where white people do white people things (like apparently buying produce).  And why is buying produce such a white-only activity?

The professors, as reported by Campus Reform, say farmers’ markets are “exclusionary” because locals cannot “afford the food and/or feel excluded from these new spaces.”

The SDSU professors, who teach classes like “Geography of Food” and “Food Justice,” argue that “farmers’ markets are often white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized.”

And I mean that in triplicate:  1- HOW MUCH do they charge at California Farmer's Markets that non-whites can't afford to buy?  2- "Food Justice?"  Has you tomato been wronged?  3- So it's a bad thing for whites to eat normally?

I decided to find out a little more about these profs and stumbled into, and I will share a little more about them after the lone M10 debut this week.  Last time they were here, they got a one-week cuppa with their redo of Neil Young's Harvest Moon.  This one is a bit livelier, so without further ado, here is Sunflower Bean ( and 12th Beauty Contestant Julia Cumming):

A video that reminds us all to shave before you go to the prom.

Anyway, back to comments by students about Pascale Joassart-Marcelli:

"Instructor is easily offended and in some ways it seems like she wants to be part of a minority. Like many university professors she is more interested in pushing her very left wing views than teaching the class. She doesnt understand that the only race that matters is the human race. I paid to learn geography not your politics"

"This professor is a joke, no textbooks, only shows slides, and only for a few seconds, giving you no opportunity to takes note, etdc., worst still, she tests on specifics of slides, but then gets very offended when you point all of this out. "

"I found it quite ironic that Prof Joassart-Marcelli would preach about the evils of racist, white farmers markets (seriously) while she enjoys hobbies that are 99% white like skiing, camping and hiking. I can think of no habit that normalizes white behavior more than paying $120 for a lift ticket while surrounded by other, wealthy white people"

And my favorite? 

"Her trumpet like flatulence was the most intelligent form of language she could muster. I believe her favorite class film/lecture topic was Planet of the Apes."

Her partner, Professor Bosco, was much better rated...

"Good teacher, friendly & helpful. Lectures are kinda boring but he tries to make them good, gives study guides and the tests are pretty easy. 5 map quizes that are easy if you put in a small effort. Doesn't take attendance so you can read notes on BB & still do well. Overall a very friendly and understanding prof, interesting subject & pretty easy."

"Funny and a very helpful professor, tries to make lecture fun, pay attention to his exmaples and you'll do good in class."

Of course, some students paid attention to more than his "EXMAPLES"...

"he is super nice, and really hot..."

Yes, this is really him...

Best of the rest:  The rest of the M10 includes the former #1 Rhyl Love by Plume Of Feathers dropping from 4 to 7, Strawberry Runners' Garden Hose from 5 to 6... and the new #1...

...Shilpa Ray and Manhattanoid Creepazoids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tune in from here on for the M10 2017 top 50- which, as always, will diverge a bit from the straight-point system... but not a lot!


  1. Chris:
    ---Mo Kenney - who KNEW, right?
    ---The "Swim to Sicily" sweepstakes...ROFL!
    ---Two "MO" in a row?
    What MO could we ask for?
    ---The Shacks - Audrey...I like this one better than the last one.
    ---Those SD State "intellectuals" sound more like they should be CONfessors rather than PROfessors. (just a thought)
    ---Sunflower Bean - like the tune a lot.
    (does that one brunette know what an underarm depilatory is?...and do I hear a twinge of a young Deborah Harry in Julia's voice?
    ---Nice to see those profs got such DESERVED "reviews"...LOL.
    The state of higher educating is getting VERY scary.
    ---Figured that Shilpa Ray would top the list...hadda happen.
    (destiny, no doubt).

    Have yourselves a good weekend, a Happy New Year, and be sure to keep warm and stay safe up there, brother.

  2. Ok I laughed, I thought what the hell and I don't get it and then I laughed a bit more, wet my knickers because I was laughing which made me cough which made me wet myself, so now I need to go change my clothes and such and it's your fault, just saying