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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


That was brought to you by the fact that inventory has given me the next day-and-a-half off, and next to sleeping in tomorrow, the best part is me and Scrappy get in a morning walk!

There are squirrels- and squirrel nests- all over the north end of the woods.

"Yep, someone spent last night here, too..."

Saying hello to the Big Guy.

Leftovers from the latest tree to fall near the trail.
C'mahn, get the picture!  I ain't got all day!

When the sun got out from under all those wispy clouds, it warmed up 10 degrees and the wind died.  Wouldn't think it would make so much a difference.

Hmm... need a shave...

Woody was yelling at us as we headed towards the creek.  Wouldn't hold still so I could get a GOOD shot of him, though.

Action shot...GO!

But wait, I smell something down here...

He loves the old south trail.  Walkers almost never use it, so he gets bunches of sniffs.

This was that old tree that I leaned against last summer when KC tried to show me how good a fisherman he was.

Not sure who built this (prolly a 'skrat), but he ducked underwater as we came up.

HEY!  After tearing out the railroad-tie bridge they used to bring construction stuff across last year, they put in a new, real bridge!

I never noticed the silver plaques on the poles before.  Among other things, it said the pole was 96 feet tall and weighed just under 4 1/2 tons.


  1. Chris:
    ---Glad you two managed a walkabout...I was getting worried that Scrappy was getting "cabin fever"
    ---Nice pictures too. Bet it's REAL serene at that time of day.
    Sure LOOKS peaceful.
    (Caution: God-At-Work)
    ---A real bridge, hmm?
    Well, it's better than NO bridge.
    ---Wonder why they put plaques on the poles?
    Do we REALLY need to know the height and weight? And why leave out the circumference?
    Isn't that bit biased?

    Looks like a good time was had by you both.

    Stay safe (and well hiked) up there, brother.

    1. I didn't see circumference on it, but it did have the vendor's logo...