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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ye olde stat page 2017

Wow, I didn't realize what a messed up battle this year was on my blog- but as the song says, "There's reason to believe that this coming year will be better than the last."

Far too many posts were spent fighting koolaid-sipping liberals, not because of my great love and devotion for Trump (which doesn't exist except in their tiny imaginations), but because they cannot accept reality or history.  I believe I fought my last battle with my last remaining koolaid-sipping friend a few weeks back, when I found that explaining for the umpteenth time that equating ANYBODY in current US politics with Hitler or Stalin is showing a total disregard for both reality and history,  was "invalidating" that person, while his making the point that he is "well-regarded by intellectuals" (AKA How dare you disagree with me, peon)  was not a similar invalidation of myself.  Difference being, I can take being called stupid, because it still leaves me with more common sense, but they could not accept that someone could reject their re-write on history.  Truth though, is that the whole fight was leading me to want to say something I knew better than- and I said goodbye.

ANYway, that unfortunate year long battle with utter stupidity reflects heavily in my stats- and while I'm not going to quit fighting the good fight, I have my doubts that my opponents will be stopping by anymore.  That said, let's look at the stats.

SimilarWeb says I am now ranked 7,394,364th in the world in blogs- 179,717 spots worse than last year.  BUT, nationally I went up 1,881,499 spots to 1,392,734th.  I have a feeling that that might be more because of a 40% drop in active blogs than anything I did, but that's just conjecture.

Not counting this one, I have posted 219 times so far this year.  I have received/made 1,319 comments, roughly 6 per post.  I have had 14,195 views, or roughly 65 a post.  That includes a few heavily skewed posts- not near as bad as last year- that probably are the result of bored Russian spammers, one of which has been telling me all the ins and outs of the HVAC business on a 2012 post for the better part of a year.

I had thought to do another attempt at best comments- even started squirreling some away- but the battle between the "anybody I disagree with is a Nazi and coming for you" crowd and I broke my spirit on that fairly early.  Just let it be known that unless you have been given the "stay on topic or I'll bounce you" warning, your comments are valued more than you realize.  But I did make the annual top ten of most views/most comments, even if it's a mite early (because this is my one good chance to do so).  So without further to-do:


30- Coming Back Into The Sunshine, from Feb. 28th.  This was one of those aforementioned battles, and one where the "stay on topic, Dale" rule was initiated.

21- Getting To Know You/30 Odd Questions Blogfest, from May 24th.  This was my first real foray into a bloghop, started by a friend of Debbie the Dog-Lady.  It was a lot of fun, and I met a lot of different people through it.

18- Life Approaches Normal 2017, Jan. 3rd.  This was a New Year's roundup, including my grandson Isaiah (Peanut)'s 2- month birthday picture.

17- So The Battle Continues... from Jan. 24th.  This is where a FB friend unfriended me because I called a crass "joke" a crass "joke".  We have since made peace, but stay away from politics.

16- The Next Blog Button Revisited, from Valentine's Day.  This is a sorta-annual thing I've done where I go to a friend's Blogger blog, hit the next blog button, and see what comes up.  It can be great fun!

16- And This Is Why The Next Election Will Be A Landslide- And Why I'm Ignoring You, from Jan 16th.  This one was a war over ACA and how soon we could pitch it in the dumpster.  And perhaps the only one of the "battle" posts that had anything constructive come out of it.

16- Dumbasses And Hitler, from April 12th.  Surprisingly, this one was not a "battle" post, but me raking former PressSec Sean Spicer over the coals for being no more literate on history than the "Trump's a Nazi" crowd.

14- Ye Olde Stats Page, from Jan. 2nd- last year's version of this post.

14-  Blanket Statements, from June 12th- another battle post, wherein I joust with those who think saying, "you guys suck" is actually making a point.

And 14- And More Pictures... from Aug. 23, which was the picture post where Scrappy earned the title "Slayer Of Mushrooms."

"Yeah, I killed 'em- killed 'em dead!"


294- Coming Back Into The Sunshine (a double winner, unfortunately).

280- And Now, Enough Pictures To Post, from June 27th.  A picture post featuring, deer, foxes, and Scooter the Squirrel chewing us out for no real reason.

"I had my reasons..."

169- Fourth Of July In Pictures, from when else, July 4th.  Due to only having a handful of pics that day, I threw in some (duly noted) from previous years.

159- The Lipitor Post, from Feb. 25th, where I discover the stuff I have to give up (yeah, right) since the Doc thinks my triglycerides needed shaved.

156- Let's Get To The Point, from Oct. 3rd.  The Tom Petty Eulogy.

154- Hurricane Harvey And The Flood Of A-Holes, from Aug. 28th.  The storm brings out the best- and worst- in the internet.

154- Peanut's Birthday Party, from Nov. 13th- pretty self explanatory here, folks.

"Yeah, me + cake + presents..."

129- So The Battle Continues...

120- My New Plan, Feb. 6th.  My response to the "battle" bunch, my malfunctioning machine at work, and bad days in general.

And 112- Getting To Know You/30 Odd Questions blogfest.

And there you have it!  My hope is that next year you will see more Peanut, more Scrappy, and more MWN on these lists.


  1. Chris:
    ---I had to figure out what you meant by "stats" (was thinking fantasy football or something similar).
    ---Thankfully, I don't bother much with social media "fights"...and I appreciate your personal dealings with those who ignore reality AND history (tedious, isn't it?).
    ---SimilarWeb has me WAY below you, so don't fret.
    I'm (globally) at 9,612,333
    Nationally - 1,796,115
    Category (people & society) - 603,104
    You're topping me there as well by 200K.
    Didn't even realize my blog HAD a "category" (now I do).
    ---New category for next year: HEAD SHAKERS!
    ---Loved the "Slayer of Mushrooms" post.
    ---The Lipitor post was also good (hope you haven't given up THAT much along the way).
    ---Peanut and chocolate cake...LOL!
    ( I can so relate)
    ---I always enjoy your travelogues to other places (like that ship in Toledo and the superhero museum). Those are always interesting to see what you and Laurie saw.
    --Those "questions" posts are also a lot of fun.
    ---Yes, next year will be better (cause it really can't GET too much worse)...I live by that...LMAO!

    Very good post.

    Stay safe (with the mushroom slayer) up there, brother.

    1. So what if it is fantasy football? You will read, I COMMAND it!