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Friday, January 12, 2018

Time Machine co-ordinates VIXXXVI46911270

Yes, it isn't safe to be in the Musical Tardis with me this week, as the bubonic plague is kicking my butt, and we are about to spread it to the environs of January 1970!  Specifically January 12th, which in addition to being my sister's 18th birthday, saw the fall of Biafra (look it up kiddies, knowledge is good for you) and celebrations in Kansas City over the Chiefs winning the 4th Super Bowl.  In other words, nothing big breaking today.  Which means we can get right on to POTM Marvin Gaye introducing our non-semi-finalists in the 2018 Beauty Contest!  Marvin, how about you give us the first three...

No problem, man, and may I say these ladies all are winners in my book!  Anyway, let's start off with a returning contestant with three M10 #1s under her lovely belt!  I give you...

...Melody Prochet!  Next, we have another returning contestant... an' I don't really know how she didn't make the finals...

...Marilyn Monroe!  Next up, and last for this group, a lady who hit the M10 with a great song called No Coffee and a weird video with a guy in an eagle suit...

...Amber Coffman!  And back to you, CW!

Uhhh... yeah, thanks, man.  Think I'm getting ready for an ibuprofen break here soon, but let's see if I can't knock out your Panel picks for this week.

First we have Mel and Tim's Backfield In Motion, which had already fallen off the Cashbox charts after peaking the middle of last month.

Then comes the #1 from South Africa this week- the Tremeloes (sounding nothing like their hit Silence Is Golden) with Call Me Number One.

Next is John Lennon and whatever iteration of "Plastic", "Ono", and "Band" he was currently using, with Cold Turkey at #43.

The #9 song on CB was Elvis and Don't Cry Daddy.

Just above him at #8 was Neil Diamond and Holly Holy.

The Jackson Five were at #4 with I Want You Back.

Tommy Roe's Jam Up- Jelly Tight was at # 5.

The Archies were at #11 with Jingle Jangle.

Bobby Sherman's La La La (basically what I do whenever I hear a Bobby Sherman song, with hands on ears) was at #12.

Peter Paul and Mary (seriously, when you first try to start Peter with a "Pa" and then change it to "PP"...) are at #3 with Leaving On A Jet Plane.

All I could find out about these guys were that they were a 1-hit wonder in Holland- the Cats and Marian.  (Or Marran, my notes are a tad sloppy.)

Roy Orbison's Penny Arcade, an Australia only release, is next.

The CB #1, BJ Thomas and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, next.

The Supremes 1.0's swan song, Someday We'll Be Together, is at #6.

Somebody got an advance copy of The Jaggerz doing The Rapper- it doesn't debut nationally until next week, and then at #122!

Shocking Blue with  Venus was at #7 and streaking up.

And finally the CB #2, Led Zep and Whole Lotta Love.

And this was most definitely a two-horse race, so your choice:  Shocking Blue or BJ Thomas?


Marvin?  Your next grouping?

Yes, sir, I can't wait to get it on with the list!  The last three non finalists include yet another Amber...

...Amber Bain, The Japanese House, that is!  Next, the girl we saw in that oh-so-sexy video for their hit Zombies...

...Elizabeth Ellison of Radiation City!  And the last one on the non-finalist list, from the cool jazz of Escondido...

...Jessica Maros!  Back over to our moanin' host with the most- germs, that is...


Yeah, thanks for that.  So the 6D has a question for you- who remembers Messy Marvin?

He made messes with everything but the Hershey's chocolate syrup he was advertising way back when.  He grew up to be Peter Billingsley, who at the age of 12 was in the movie A Christmas Story in 1983.  That show was basically taken from the memoirs and was narrated by one Jean Shepard- a guy whose girl-like name led Shel Silverstein to write A Boy Named Sue.  And according to Johnny Cash that song debuted at his house at a sing-a-long in which Shel performed it, Joni Mitchel first did Both Sides Now, Graham Nash did an early version of Marrakesh Express, Kris Kristofferson debuted Me And My Bobby McGee- and Bob Dylan played Lay Lady Lay for the first time.

And that song was to have been the theme for the movie Midnight Cowboy, but he didn't get it done in time, so it went to Nilsson's Everybody's Talkin'.  And the main scored them- by Ferrante and Teicher- was at #10 this week with no panel love.


All right, un-messy Marvin!  Give us the first three of the final six!

I'll let that one go because you're sick.  Anyway, the final contestants are...

...Krista Ru from POWERS (and she does have powers!)...

...Mod Squadder Peggy Lipton... man that Link had it going ON!  And...

...Justine Brown, who had the hit Nobody Like You with her band Easy Love! Whoa!

  The barely-breathing stat-pack:

Brenda and the Tabulations, an act we seem to hit far in excess of its chart success, were at #101 with The Touch Of You, which would peak at 50 later on.  B&T would be one of the 40 musical acts mentioned in Reunion's Like Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me).

The #70 in '70 were the Intrigues with I'm Gonna Love You.  They were basically a one-hit-wonder who scored with In A Moment, and this song got no higher.

And I had to laugh when I saw the title of the song at #1 in the UK- Rolf Harris (convicted of child molesting in 2013) with Two Little Boys.  In truth, though, this was an old song about war- originally written as a Civil War song, about two little boys playing soldier, one who shares his horse when his friend's horse breaks, and later pulls him off the battlefield in the war.  It was written in 1902 by Edward Madden, who also claims to his credit By The Light Of The Silvery Moon and On Moonlight Bay.

Marvin, the last of the group?


You bet!  Next up, the hot Russian chick from Alkonost...

...Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya!!!!!!  I don't think she's takin' no crap- Scrappy better be  careful!  Next, a new member of the old band Squeeze...

...Yolanda Charles!  Ooh mama!  And finally, the singer from Sunflower Bean..

...Julia Cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a lineup!  I'm glad I'm not the dog...


You and me both!  And now, let me get in this week's M10:

Shilpa Ray's Got A Heartful Of Dirt down from 7 to 10.

Beat Of My Drum down from 6 to 9.

Yet another record breaking week- her 12th- for Mo Kenny and Unglued, down from 5 to 8.

Dent May's Take Me To Heaven up from 10 to 7.

And our one new debut- her name is Sarah Tudzin, she calls her band "a rotating cast of BFFs" called illuminati hotties, and describes her LA music as "Post-Neptune burrito-core".  Here is illuminati hotties at #6...

Sunflower Bean moves up 3 to #5 with I Was A Fool.

Manhattanoid Creepazoids drops from 3 to 4.

Strawberry Runners doing their patented late-climb thing, up a spot to 3 with Garden Hose in week #7.

Mo hangs at #2 for a second week with On The Roof.

Which means the returning number one-

...The Shacks and Audrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And for those of you who played along at home, the winner of the POTM with a 19-13 margin...

...former contestant Mariska Veres and Shocking Blue with Venus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And now it's time!  The dog is ready...

The ballots are ready...

The treats are ready...

Are you ready to make your pick, Scrappy?

Okay!  Then let me line up your choices...

...and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the winner is...

....Justine Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice job, Boofus!  Tune in next time for 1971!


  1. Chris:
    ---Bubonic Plague?
    What were you doing in the 14th century anyway?
    ---BTW, that 4th Super Bowl was my 2nd win against my dad (thanks, Len Dawson - he kept my "streak" alive).
    ---That was a pretty good 6D...I do remember Messy Marvin.
    Didn't know that about the Midnight Cowboy theme, though.
    ---Well, I have ONE ladies in the finals.
    ---Illuminati Hotties (catchy name)...reminds me of the Go-Gos...(yeah, I'm smiling...I like it).
    ---Darn...had a 50-50 chance at the POTM...and I picked the runner up!
    (shoulda went with the lady)
    ---Aw...missed the winner of the beauty contest too...was hoping for Krista Ru, but Scrappy got his treat(s), so I can work with that.

    Excellent ride this week.
    (glad I took my coricidin)

    Keep those hits comin' up there, brother.