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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

After the "flood"...

So yeah, wasn't around last night.  The "under construction" sign on my head took a bit of a beating the last two days, as I begin to pay the price for not disciplining my spiritual life ere now.  Yesterday was a "fuse waiting for a light" kinda day that I mostly managed to keep under wraps, followed today by a "feel sorry for me" day today.  But things were better once home, as we present for your brief viewing pleasure, "What a 68 degree day in February looks like".


"You think?"

"Could be a bit warmer... but feels good..."

"Hmmm... which lake do we go?"


  1. Chris:
    ---Nice ponds you found.
    ---_Scrappy's look says it
    ---I notice some feathered friends found the flooding comfortable enough.
    And Scrappy gets to wash his paws off.
    ---Wow...that's more water on the land areas then I care to see.
    All that "construction" having some adverse effect? Wouldn't think one would need galoshes to take a bloody walk.
    (this isn't the moors of west England, after all.)

    Stay safe and (less damp) up there, brother.

    1. I don't think it is the construction as much as the lay of the land. Before the old canal, this was all swamp, and everythings heading for the river.

  2. I was far too busy yesterday going out for lunch and writing letters although I still have a lot of them left to do but managed to write four letters so four down eight to go

    1. Well, a picture post can't slow you down too much...