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Monday, May 7, 2018

It's summer, and the pictures are easy...

Saturday, and my first couple of Woodys

Later, Aaron had a darn good day- a walk that saw him make it to third, a great pop-up catch at short, and a man thrown out at the plate- if not for a butterfingered catcher...

Two Sunday walks- one with Old Man Boofus in the morning, one solo that night.

Morning walk netted our first Jack of the Spring

Then came the afternoon interlude...

Followed by the late walk...

Yes, Scrappy would like to have switched walks...

Bet you didn't know that you grow geese in a field like any other crop...

Then I ran into the deers at the pond...


  1. Chris:
    ---That's a great crop of pictures.
    Love those red wing blackbirds.
    ---Scrappy sitting there reminds me...of ME...LOL.
    (I like his "style").
    Goose heads periscoping about...LOL.
    A beaver in the water?
    And some deer, also.
    Man, I'll take YOUR wildlife to ours ANY day.

    (and good for Aaron. Nice to see him active in wholesome sports - as long as the parents stay outta the mix and don't get to fussin').

    Very good walkabouts.

    Stay safe (camera at the ready) up there, brother.

    1. Well, I don't know about the parents, but the coach told an umpire (not this game) that he was a moron...

  2. HI Chris! You have summer already? We're just getting into Spring here after a recent ice storm. Your photos are giving me Spring fever! Lots of interesting wildlife you have. Not something we see that much of here in Suburbia. Cheers!

    1. One might say we bounce from summer to winter to spring, to unnamed and unknowable seasons here in Indiana. Or, you might say we skip spring and go winter-summer- "It's a sauna out there..."