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Monday, May 14, 2018

Weekend pictures

So actually we start a few days before the weekend- and FB peeps have seen a bit of this...

Things have really greened up- the Dutchmen have lost their britches, and the little guys are in their late prime...

The little maples are sprouting...

Last year, I had the three jacks I called "the Lennon sisters..."  This year, we have "the Four Seasons"!

We came in at the end of a game of bunny-hide-and-seek...

The one would hop into the tall grass... the other would stand up and look for him... then he'd come out, and they'd do it all again!

"No!  If Scrappy gets to play, I quit!"

Now, we move to Saturday...


Robin and bunny

The picture above, of a blue jay in the ravine, is when things went wonky.  My camera has a 45-sec auto shut off, and it shut off after 10.  I turned it back on, it turned back off.  Turned it on an=gain, and watched the screen...

Even though it would take pics, it came up with an alert- "Intended for use with compatable batteries only."  Um, excuse me, but you've been compatable for about three months and half of this walk.  What's going on?  So I did what any reasonably intelligent non-techie American would do- I took the battery out and banged it against a nearby tree.  That set it back to normal.  Then, when we were almost home-

Mr Bunny there was at the top of the hill, and as soon as I caught him, the error came back and down she went... Took the battery out and hit it against a tree again.  Not one problem since.

Which is a good thing, because the kids came over with cake to celebrate our Birthdays (Laurie Friday and me Wednesday), and Peanut decided to steal Grandma's chair...

Laughing his butt off, until I tried to take a picture...

"Peanut!  LAUGH!"  I shouted.



Scrappy leads us into Purple World...

And right about there, I saw our first Monarch of the year.

Scrappy got a good deal of off-leash time...

(I can't see the screen in the bright sun- he wasn't supposed to be lifting...)

I put him back on the leash when we stopped at the barn for a drink, and down to the woods.  Ran into the Indigo Bunting...

The squirrels in the warm and humidity were lazy- no farther up the trees than to have a good head start in case Scrappy acted like a dog...

Beautiful green day

Biggest Jack in the woods.  Yesterday Scrappy was mad at me for not letting him into his favorite drinking hole, so he peed on it.

And yet another ground hog he failed to see first...


  1. Chris:
    This is a fantastic weekend "travelogue".
    The bunny pics are those.
    ---And it surely HAS greened up a LOT there.
    ---That battery issue proves that the old "emergency repair procedure #1" STILL works - SMACK IT!
    ---Scrappy looks like he had his share of fun.
    Peanut's laugh picture is priceless! That needs to be in an 8x10 frame in your living room (and K.C.'s)!
    ---Those squirrels crack me up...buncha "tree-huggers"...LOL.
    And that Indigo Bunting...WOW!

    We had one at the feeders years ago. Never seen another since, but you gotta admit...they ARE VERY blue (make that very indigo).

    THIS is what a lot more of Fort Wayne should be about.

    Excelled pictures. Thanks for sharing them all.

    Stay safe (and photographically-adept) up there, brother.

  2. Lovely photos indeed, a smile to light up a room included