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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NHFFL week 10

On first look, you'd say that the playoffs are settled except for the question of whether the Beagles can hold off SVA. Perhaps; but the only thing settled is the T-Cubs have clinched the first playoff spot. The Beagles rode 17 points from Tom Brady and 2 tds from Maurice Jones-Drew to rout the KCAs 48-23, or to put it another way, 2 points less than they needed to get the tie breaker. SVA kept pace with a 49-42 shootout with the Rangers, who drop to 3-7 and pretty much DOA. Shenan's three active WRs (Antonio Gates was on the bye) totalled 4 tds, holding off the Rangers who were led by Mark Sanchez's 12. The T-Cubs clinch a playoff spot with a 43-37 win over the Elks, which was achieved with 2 Mike Wallace Sunday night tds. The Elks drop their 6th in a row, and the patient is barely breathing on the respirator at 4-6. The Clock BBQs keep their division title hope alive with a 43-34 win over the B2s, snapping their 4 game winning streak. Recent acquisition Joe Nedney and the Indy D piled up 25 points for the BBQs, who lost to the T-Cubs 34-21 a while back and thus need to beat them by 14 when they meet to close the season in two weeks. Buzz, who already hold the tiebreaker with the Rhinos, drop into a tie with them after the Angels blast them 49-29. Once again, the kicker and defense total 25 for the winning team, this time David Akers and Denver. The Rhinos achieve the tie with a 41-34 win over the Ducks that finishes them off at 3-7.
Justin Forsett surprisingly joins fellow RBs Frank Gore and Arian Foster in scoring, and K Dan Carpenter and the Philly D each tally 11 points, holding off a 2-td performance by the Ducks' Brandon Lloyd.

My teams returned to form this week, going 0-3 to put me at 11-15 in the owner's race. Shenan (3-0) still leads at 16-10; KC is at .500, 14-14, and Laurie is 13-14.

The only games with 2 teams with serious playoff aspirations next week is the KCAs/SVA tilt and the Clock BBQs/Rhinos battle. However, the results will probably decide most of the playoffs.









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