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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NHFFL week 11

The playoff spots were decided in an orgy of scoring this week. Who gets what spot, and who wins the divisions, is still up in the air, but all six playoff teams have been decided.

Going in order of highest scorer this week- and we have our 4th and 5th 70+ point games this week- we start with the T-Cubs, who blew out the Angels 75-35. The T-Cub wr corps totalled 51 of those points; 18 by Greg Jennings, 12 each for Robert Meachum and Dwayne Bowe, and a long 9 pointer by Mike Wallace. This really put the Clock BBQs behind the eight-ball, division title-wise. They must beat the T-Cubs by 14 points to replace them at the top in next week's regular season finale.

Darren Sproules' 57 yard reception but the Elks over the top in a 74-41 trouncing of the Buzz Lightyears. This oddly enough marked the return of injured RB Clinton Portis to the Elks lineup, and they win for the first time since he left, losing all 6 in the meantime. Even odder, Portis was one of the few players for the Elks that didn't score; Ben Rothlesburger tallied 15, Nick Folk and Fred Jackson 12 apiece.

The Beagles kept the pressure on the KCAs in the Purple Div., rolling up a 61-47 score on the collapsing Sunset Rangers. Rumours abound that Ranger coach Brad Childress will b... oops, wrong team. Marcus Colston and Thomas Jones each had 12 for the Beagles, who need a win and a KCAs loss to supplant them as division champ.

The Clock BBQs stay alive in the Gold div. race and clinch a playoff trip with their 61-25 rout of the Rhinos. Balanced scoring was the BBQs keyword, with 21 points by the RBs and 24 by the receivers. The Rhinos, like the Beagles need a win and a Buzz loss to overcome the BLs for the Scarlet title.

In the Meaningless game of the week, the Ducks spank the B2s 48-22.Aaron Rodgers' 12 led the Ducks, who capped their victory off with Brandon Lloyd's td last night.

And finally, the KCAs rack up 21 last night from the Phillip Rivers/Malcolm Floyd combo to top the SVA 37-26, ending the SVA playoff hopes.

I had the intermural matchup this week and go 1-0 and 12-15 for the season. Laurie was 2-1 (15-15); KC (15-16) and Shenan (17-12) were 1-2 this week.

Next week ends the regular season, and besides the T-Cub/Clock BBQ match, it's KCAs/Buzz, Rhinos/SVA in an intermural game, Beagles/Angels in another, While the others engage in non-playoff related hijinks.









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