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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I don't get

I know, I know, "what a wide open category," you're saying. but see if you can explain these to me.

--- I don't get Muslims, period. I mean, look at it from the outside just once. These people are expected to give complete obeisance to a god whose main desire is for his servants to kill everyone who doesn't believe. I know some of you will say, "look at Christianity", but again I say, whose intent is being served? When the Church in its misguided zeal launched things like the crusades and the inquisition, were they obeying a command from God? Jesus said, "I give you a new command- to love one another," and "blessed are the peacemakers". Those who murder in the name of Islam can show the rewards they are promised for doing so- nothing misguided there. It is a religion of hate, for other faiths and for each other as they battle over who really follows the real successor to Mohammed, which was so important to the prophet that it slipped his mind, and Allah's apparently, to name one. They are much like the IRA used to be- killing as a profession and reasons behind the killing secondary. They hate infidels, they hate each other, they hate their women- mere property that are "so precious" that they must be hidden behind a closet full of coverings. "No, I don't mind that I don't get to look at her. We've been married since we were six and have had sex whenever I demand it since she was 9 or 10." And they resent us because we aren't enlightened enough to induct Shiera law into our courts. In the midst of this rant is what I don't get- how can you allow yourself to be/expect others to be so slavishly loyal to such a deranged god that his main command to you is "Hate!"

---- I don't get idiots like the one we heard about on the way home tonight, who kills his ex-girlfriend and sets their baby daughter on fire alive. You're upset, okay. We all get upset. You feel the woman has screwed you over, I suppose, and maybe she has. Even if, in the longest stretch of your imagination, she deserved it, WHAT DID THE CHILD DO TO YOU? Why do we constantly have these murder suicides that involve killing innocent children? One of the many reasons that God will never see fit to make me king of the world is that this chump would, upon arrest, would be taken to the nearest tree grinder and ran through it. No trial, no lawyer, no excuses.

---- A Cleveland father took his 8-yr-old son to the game with the Jets. They were Jets fans. (No, this isn't about their poor choice of teams; it's a free world there.) A drunken Cleveland Browns "fan" decided that this wasn't proper and TACKLED the eight year old- knocking him down and leaving him crying while he escaped. It reminded me of the day several years ago when Sam Wyche was coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. One snowy day in Cincy, the fans began to try to hit the officials with snow and ice balls after a badly blown call. Wyche got on the PA, chewing the so-called fans out for doing this, adding those fateful words, "You don't live in CLEVELAND!" Sam had to apologize for that later in the week. My question, then and now, is why? Fans in Cleveland and her sister city of Philadelphia constantly pull this kind of crap. One CBSSports columnist suggested that perhaps with fans like these, Cleveland deserves to never get a championship. All these years I've considered Art Modell an a-hole for moving the original Browns to Baltimore. Today, at least, I see his point.

--- In a NYC suburb, a couple of enterprising boys were running a cupcake stand. Their dream was to one day save enough dough to open their own restaurant. Then a police officer came along and said SOMEBODY had turned them in for not having a permit, and he would have to shut them down. Here's more:

The newspaper got on the case, filed a Freedom of Information Act request, and learned the tipster was Michael Wolfensohn, a Democratic councilman.
Wolfensohn told the newspaper: "All vendors selling on town property have to have a licence, whether it's boys selling baked goods or a hot dog vendor."
Asked whether he could have told the boys to obtain a licence instead of going to the police, Wolfensohn said: "In hindsight, maybe I should have done that." He added: "The police are trained to deal with these sorts of issues."
Getting a permit requires a $1 million certificate insurance, plus a $150 to $350 fee per two hours

Obviously Democrats, fearful of the looming extension of the Bush tax cuts, are getting withdrawl shakes and are desperately looking for other income sources. I wonder how much of the per-hour fee was supposed to end up in Wolfensohn's pocket. The sad thing is this is about the fourth time a story like this has surfaced just this year. Isn't it about time that Federal, state, and local governments look themselves in the mirror and say, "this kind of law enforcement is NOT HONORABLE."? Or, to paraphrase Pink Floyd: "HEY, LEECHES, LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE!!!"

Okay, done ranting now. If you haven't been mentioned so far in this post, have a nice evening. If you have been spotlighted...

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