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Thursday, March 10, 2011

more march manglings

Just a quick run through of thoughts I haven't gotten to with all that's going on around here.

1. Per Bob's wishes, there will be no funeral service. The plan right now is everybody's going to meet at the house Friday and see if there's a) anything anyone wants to keep; b) anything worth selling on e-bay and splitting the proceeds; c) anything that Bob hid well enough that it hasn't been found yet ( a real concern, as Bob was a gun aficionado on a Bob G. scale); and d)anything that really should be destroyed before the house gets bulldozed (apparently one back room has some truly spectacular mold formations). Beyond that, I don't know. Chuck is the executor, and thus will win the right to keep the urn and all the fun crap that goes with it.

2. Wisconsin's Governor Walker did what he should have done all along- pulled all

the stuff that required a quorum out of the union scaleback bill and let the loyal state reps pass it while the traitorous (i.e. Democrat) reps sat in their Illinois playpen and cried. Now come the howls of "a corruption of democracy" from the liberals. Which is hilarious because of how ingenuous it is- it's not a "corruption

of democracy" to hide out in another state on the taxpayer's dime, but it is to legally conduct the business of state without them. Nor was it crying foul to bus thousands of union out of staters into Madison to protest, or to have Obama's minions immediately organize a recall movement for the GOP legislators who stayed and DID WHAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO!!! Union members, democrat voters, do you want to know why the conservative mainstream can't stand you? Look at this situation. In Wisconsin, we see liberals/unions being:

-cowardly, running from the fight they knew they couldn't win fairly;
-two-faced, demanding "honor" from the GOP they have no intention of living by;
-disrespectful, breaking into and trashing the state house because they didn't get their way.
And the media, screaming about the "Ash Wednesday Ambush". And the cheating doctors, the union sheeple who WILL NOT EXCEPT THAT THEY HAVE TO SACRIFICE TOO!

3. In a sidelight to this, I had heard yesterday that Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is one of 5 "serious candidates" for the GOP nomination in 2012. Today, it was Walker, whose courage and ingenuity won him some speculative love. If Mitch wants some of that love, he ought to get on to doing the same thing; and woe to him that he didn't think of it first. And Winfield, Phil? How's that house search in the Land o' Lincoln coming?

4.Jim Tressel, OSU football boss, gets a 2-game suspension and a fine from the university for lying about what he knew in Tattoogate. I was just reading that the charges against him involve NCAA rule 10.1 (involving unethical conduct), a rule from which only one coach has ever escaped with his job. Of course the OSU president Gordon Gee (you remember, the guy that thought Minnesota and IU were "murderer's

row" and TCU and Boise St. were "the little sisters of the poor") tried to blow off the situation by implying that Tressel had the power to fire HIM. Fine, I'll go with that. Tressel, you can keep your job- if you fire Gordon Gee. I guess it's true that once a bureaucracy gets so big, even a half-wit can run it. As if Obama didn't prove that.

5. And I apologize for the Obama ending on the Happy Days video. I didn't proof it first as I was trying to save the answer to her dad's birthday song for a surprise. However, Laurie makes up for it with the follwing suggestions:
-Use a paint program to draw moustaches, horns, unibrows, etc. on Obama.
-Photoshop even bigger ears or yellow, rotting teeth on him.
-Paste a hat on him. Her choice was a pointy white one, for some reason.
Keep in mind these are not politically correct choices, and any one of which might lead you to being accused of being Evangelical, homophobic, or racist. Or worse yet, acting like a -OMG- liberal! So be careful.


  1. another wellwritten march manglings keep it up!

  2. CWM:
    When you go looking for Bob's "stuff"...think of places YOU would place them...and THEN (also) check places you wouldn't think of...

    I have seen a LOT of nooks and crannies in my day.
    (and I even have MY OWN around the house)

    My one former neighbor had his father's red rolling SNAP-ON tool crib (after his Dad passed)...I checked it out and under all the rubber mats in the drawers was over $1100 in CASH...!
    I said: " MIGHT want to hand onto THIS".
    He was astonished.
    Talk about a "stash".

    I'm just sayin'...

    Stay safe uip there.