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Monday, May 23, 2011

The birthday game 2011

Sunday was the annual trip to a ballgame for my birthday #3.  this year was Reds vs Tribe in Cleveland, and I took some amazingly poor photos of the fun but not particularly enjoyable trip.

Random shot of McClure, Ohio. 

Shortly after this, we passed three billboards touting Saturday's end of the world event.  Probably would have been a good thing for the Reds.
 What would a trip to Cleveland be without the windmills in Bowling Green?

And here we are in the city by the lake.
And Progressive Field, home of the Indians.
Got yer ticket? Yep.
KC and Ashley on the mean streets of Cleveland.  Thank God the homeless presence, unlike in Cincy, was minimal.
Here's Drew Stubbs about to be thrown out stealing in the first.  And had he just waited...

Jay Bruce's HR seconds later would have made it 2-0 instead of 1-0.

At this point, half the stadium was dark and forboding...

...and half was bright and sunny.  Sunny (and HOT) soon won that battle.
This, I believe, was the first of Asdrubal Cabrera's 2 HRs for the home team.

After an agonizing three inning stint in which Reds pitcher Edison Volquez not only sucked, but sucked VERRRRRRRY SLOWLY, Dusty finally takes him out of my misery.
In the fourth inning, all the clouds were gone.  Of course, by now it was 7-1.

I think this is Joey Votto scoring on his HR that made it 7-2.  Game would end up 12-4.

Afterer dinner at Fridays ( and an accidental tour of what I believe was Cleveland's north side, trying to get back to the turn off we missed), we started for home.  About that time  (@7 pm) Laurie called to let us know that we would be heading home into a line of nastiness.

When it came up, around 9:30, it came up FAST...

...but the bark was much worse than the bite, thank God.


  1. Stopping by from the party on Mynx's blog. Love the picture of your pooch on a previous post. My husband watched the baseball game yesterday and the only part I caught was the series of errors that led to the 7-2 score.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie. You guys were lucky- multiply the errors by a pitcher that took 45 seconds minimum between pitches, 90 degree temps, an Indians fan that found excuses to stand up just about as often as possible, and steps that led me to tell my son , "I need a rope and a goat!" and you get my experience.

  3. Oh, and Scrappy says thanks for the compliment.

  4. CWM:
    That sounded like a good time for all.
    And that storm at least LOOKED menacing enough.
    "a rope and a goat"...LMAO!

    Glad you made it back OK.

    Stay safe up there.