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Monday, May 2, 2011



Like every brain-functional American, I celebrate the just desserts that we at long last dealt out to the world's largest mass-murdering mouse turd.  First and foremost, thank you and congratulations to the Navy Seals who pulled off an effort worthy of a TV miniseries.  You boys are the BEST!!!

I'd also like to congratulate President Obama.  If you think about the last months of attacking Qaddaffyduck and now nailing the Human Hemorrhoid, he's pretty much eliminated all case for those who claim he's a muslim-symp; Combine that with the birth certificate thing, and he's had a pretty good week.

On the other side of the equation, I think we ought to pull out of Pakistan lock, stock, and barrel.  Asif Ali Zardari Has gotten a hemorrhoid of his own sitting the fence on whether he's a western ally or a fundamentalist hand holder, but he shows his true colors here by allowing a compound 8 times the size of anything else in the neighborhood, 35 miles from his capital, with retired military all over the neighborhood.  I say it's time to see how long he and his buddies will last without "the great Satan" standing behind him.

(A dog, huh?  I would've guessed a rat, or a skunk...)
Anyway, next we salute the way his body was disposed of.  No marker, no grave, no place for indigent, illiterate terrorist troublemakers to hang out.  Islamic leaders say he should have found a place to bury him.  We said, no body wants him.  Of course, that was not quite correct, but regulations against export of fertilizer to Hugo Chavez, Qaddaffyduck, and Iamanutjob (Venezyela, Libya, and Iran) prevented it.  Oh well, he'll be more valuable at the bottom of the Arabian Sea than he ever was on Terra Firma...

And finally, let's hear it for the American People.  We waited, we worried.  We never, NEVER gave up.  Let this be a warning to all you rag-topped nutbags out there lining up to take the dearly departed's place.  Your number will be pulled next.  Or, as the mighty Thor once noted; the mills of justice grind slow... but exceedingly fine.


1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    Sounds like a pretty decent WIN for our side.
    (yeah, I'm smilin')

    But I don't think THIS alone confirms that Obama deserves re-election.

    We STILL have all this nasty ECONOMY stuff and rampant government spending to contend with.

    But I will take ANY win that gets those camel-jockeys off our backs for a while.

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.