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Friday, May 20, 2011

More walk pictures

 As you can see, in a matter of a couple weeks the woods has gone from see-through and full of flowers to green and flower-less.
 Nature's bird bath?  Maybe for a very small bird.
 Here's some flowers!

 If you try REALLY hard, there's a turtle on that log in the center.  In fact, there were turtles all over the swamp.
 Here you can actually see his fuzzy butt, about dead center.
Here, a Mexican daddy showing the geese to his little girl.  She was such a doll!!  She clapped at Scrappy and tried to follow us when we left.

There was the sounds of another goose war along Stony Run.  Upon investigation, it proved to be two or three sets of parents trying to keep their dozen or so goslings in line.  Apparently shouting is how you do it in Gooseland too.

 Scrappy on the edge!
 Scrappy loves dashing through the tall grass.  And why does he love it?
 Because every smelly, mucky puddle of water belongs to him...
And its the only way to get him clean enough to go home!


  1. That is just lovely thanks for sharing!

  2. CWM:
    Love those nature walks...and that tree has got some SERIOUS fungus growing on it.

    Reminds me of Penny Pack Creek (and park) back in Philly.

    Does Scrappy have to get "hosed" down to get all the "smutch" off of him?

    (Don't think he'd mind a bit)

    Stay safe up there.