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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good Lord, it’s Silver Convention!

Well, not really, but I was browsing through my stats page and saw that once again Silver Convention led this weeks list of searches that led one to my blog.  Mainly because of this pic from so long ago:

Why is is that people use my blog to look at this, rather than, say, this one, is beyond me:

but none the less it was searched and led to me NINE TIMES more than other contestants this week, such as:
“avalon high= will and allie at the ravine”  -which when you search on images, leads you to pics I took of the ravine in the IPFW woods;

“old junk in ghost towns south dakota” –which, if you add Tilting at Windmills, will take you to 2 pics of the old bottles I bought at Johnny Appleseed last summer, along with a photo of our first sponsored child, Oscar;

and “arian silver mill”, which eventually leads you to posts during fantasy football season that mention Arian Foster of the Houston Texans.

If you take the stats page out to all time, “Silver Convention” places second with 184 searches, which is why the Time Machine from November 19th, 2010, is my second all-time most popular post (the one that SC pic was in).  #1 though, is the post I did about our friends at, of which variations on the search words came in at #1, #6, and #7.  This is the group who rationalizes their way past Matt. 24:36 and tells us that judgment day is just 61 days away.  That post is 133 hits ahead of the famous SC Time Machine and 311 ahead of the What Government Is For post that had the knock down drag out comment battle over the “logic’ of atheism (which wasn’t really the subject matter in the first place).

One of the oddities of stats is that for some reason my very second post, which was a short intro with three pictures of our then-new family member ( the recently deceased dwarf hamster Cassie), has had a surge over the last couple months to pull into the top ten posts!  I have no idea why;  here, you figure it out.

One last observation:  I see that Germany (1,066) and Poland (1,053) have passed Denmark (816) as the most visiting foreign country.  Poland is on a real surge, possibly because of my pimping of their champion HK Sanok hockey team last week.  Canada, which used to run a decent third, has dropped behind 5th place Russia and 6th place UK.  Australia, France, and Brazil (!) round out the top ten, though if you shift through the available time periods, you get votes from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Slovenia, Vietnam, Finland, and the Netherlands.  I like stats!


  1. I was spending way too much time trying to future these stats i don't even look at them anymore.
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    I got here because i would like male perspectives to visit my blog and I read a comment you posted that was a different opinion from mine.

  2. My second(?) most popular post is in its ranking because I mentioned Victoria's Secret and there was apparently a HUGE run on VS searches one night.

  3. CWM:
    Truth be told, I think that ALL those links and hits can be easily explained away for your blog...

    (gotta be that)


    At this rate, you're gonna have MORE links than a chain

    Stay safe up there.