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Friday, March 23, 2012

How Scrappy re-injured my back

But first a few notes:

#1- it must be spring!

#2, Thanks again to Hazel from Pablo's Angel for the post card from Ireland via the Great Post Card Campaign !  It was a lovely view of four lighthouses and reminds one that Ireland isn't all potatoes and leprechauns.

#3- The boys from Yaroslavl won game three against Diesel 2-0 yesterday on goals from Alex Shubin and Vladislav Kartaev.  However, this morning's game four wasn't so good.  Two quick second period goals- one by our Alexi Kruchinin and one by professional pain in the rump Petr Khokhryakov had us in a 1-1 tie until late in the game.  But with less than three minutes before OT, Diesel's Alexi Potemina scored the winner as Diesel tied the series with a 2-1 victory.  The series goes back to Penza on Monday for all the marbles.  The winner gets conference champ Dombas, who mowed down Nefteyanik 4-0, 6-0, and 3-1 to reach the conference finals.

And, now, how did Scrappy re-injure the back I twisted in a fall at work Tuesday?

Step one: see the squirrel.

Step two: See squirrel run.

Step three: Nuff said.


  1. Hey, it is Spring, not Fall. Now, spring into action and break that fall before it breaks your leg.

  2. Spring forward, fall back, oh wait, that is daylight savings time,not what you do on a walk. Tell Scrappy to take it easy on you.

  3. Just to be clear, you two jokesters, work was the fall. Scrappy was just a jerk, so to speak.

  4. Blame the dog and not yourself for not just sitting down on the lead so he couldn't chase the squirrel, yeah I know that is easy for me to say sitting here in a different country in my pj's watching Dog the Bounty

  5. Aww I'm glad you liked the postcard :)

  6. "Sitting down on the lead..." I hate tyo think of the new set of issues THAT would have left me with!

  7. CWM:
    Oy...managing to STILL take pictures when Scrappy is sqwuirrel-chasing and you twist the back...astounding.

    Had an old friend that used to always remind me that LIFE is like an ELEVATOR:
    "It's not the UPS and DOWNS that will bother's the JERKS."

    Yep...still works for me too.

    Stay safe (and pain-free) up there.