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Monday, March 12, 2012

Like a Monday in March....

And a prize at the end of the post if you knew the song I adapted that tile from!

First up, I have a story with two candidates for "Who's dumber".  It seems a Sri Lankan Guiness book applicant named Janaka Basnayake wanted to set a record for being buried alive.  10 feet deep, 6 1/2 hours.  Needless to say, I think he blew the application process by being pronounced dead at the hospital after being dug up.  Wait, you say, you said there were two "who's dumber"s here, where's the second?

Dr. D.G. Costa of the Kantale hospital said a post-mortem could not determine the cause of death and further medical investigations are being conducted.

Let's see... ten feet underground- dirt on top- six-and-a-half hours... I think perhaps if you LOOKED for signs of asphyxiation....


Lokomotiv had two games in St. Petersburg against HC VMF this weekend past, and split them.  The first was a penalty-marred affair in which the Sailors took a 3-1 lead, but then got whistled for three penalties in a 43-second span.  Zyuzyakin and Pavel Lukin both scored during the power play (assisted by game two star Vitaly Zotov both times) in  a 1:41 stretch to tie the game in the second stanza.  Daniil Apal'kov scored his second of the match with just over three minutes left, and we had a come-from-behind 4-3 win.

The second game was a similarly penalty-marred event, with HC VMF collecting 28 minutes of penalty time in the first two periods, half of that by Albert Konozov.  After spotting them an early goal by Alexandr Yukseev, we got power play tallies by Emil Galimov and Yegor Yakolev to take a 2-1 lead.  The third period, everything changed.  The Sailors, after spending less than half of the second period at even strength, eliminated the penalties in the final period and outshot the suddenly shaky kids from Yaroslavl 14-5.  This led to the tying goal by Phillip Toluzakov early in the period and we went to OT.  The OT opened much like the third, and Coach Vorobiev had to call a time out halfway through to settle things down.  But late in the extra time, a lazy clearing pass was intercepted by Anton Seleznev, who fed Stanislav Virolainen on the left of goalie Nikita Lozhkin, who fired it in for a 3-2 win and a series tied at 2-2.  The final of the best of five series is Wednesday at Yaroslavl, with Disel Penza, whose 26-15-11 was second in our conference, awaiting the winner.


  1. I am still shaking my head at your dumg and dumber!!!

  2. Maybe someone hit him with the shovel as they were digging him up??
    Perhaps the doctors should have checked for decapitation too

  3. CWM:
    You know, there WAS a time when the Guiness Book meant something....can't say as much today.

    Look at the "stuff" people compete for, JUST to get that footnote in history attributed to themselves...totally hedonistic (imho).
    (and in the case you mentioned...pretty damn FATAL...DUH!)
    And that "doc" sounds like he hasn't gotten his LICENSE yet...but still is using his "learner's permit", if you get my drift.
    (sounds like a candidate for politics to

    Stay safe up there.

  4. Face: thanks for reminding me I forgot the answer to that question! Actually it was a late seventies song by gene Cotton about the McCarthy red scare called Like A Sunday In Salem.