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Thursday, January 10, 2013

And if you don't want to sit up at 2:30 AM, or go to the woods...

...just take a nap at 5 PM, and look what comes out!

They came out of the briars in the right side of the woods.
They, look, there's people in the window!
Man, I smell those cherries from here!
Fine, eat that old, dry stuff.  I'm having dessert!


  1. Those are beautiful pictures! As you may know, my hubby is retired military so we live near some military bases and as a result they have quite a bit of land reserved for fly zones and such. We always get to see deer wandering through the back parts of the base at different times of the year, it's so cool!!

  2. CWM:
    SO, you were eating dessert, huh?
    Wonder if they would come CLOSER if you tossed 'em some "scraps"...(no, NOT Scrappy, Heaven forbid).
    And no coffee cake or pie, either!

    Ever think of hanging a SALT LICK nearby...just for the picture potential?
    (I'll NEVER get rid of them then...right?)

    Just a thought.
    (all we seem to get in the ghettohood are the nocturnal 2-legged hooded beer-bottle tossers...lucky US, hmm?)

    Happy photographing and stay safe up there.

    1. No, Bobby, not me... the deer in the foreground, looking at the other one, was on his way to the cherries...