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Friday, May 17, 2013

A few walks

First we start with, what do you see when you walk in 85 degree (that would be "thank God for the breeze" in Celsius) weather?

A dog that doesn't mind taking a break for a change...

Most of the birds sitting quietly in the trees to catch more breeze...

...and believe it or not, NOW they're playing lacrosse!

Next day, a little later, a little cooler...

...and deer in the back field!

I knew one was a buck, he snorted at us.

See his little horn nubs coming in?

What we didn't see- till we got home- was the FOUR of them!

All right, we're outta here!
But, Chris?  What do you see on a nice cool morning when you get a day off?

No better church than nature.  Everything is a preacher; everywhere is a pulpit.

First time in the river since the surgery.

The front lines...

One deer today, a little guy that Scrappy missed because he was intent on sniffing where it was ten minutes ago.

And the latest "Unusual fungi of 2013" contestant.


  1. That is one weird mushroom. :)

    I went for my run really early this morning... 3 miles of walking, 3.5 of running. SO glad I did. It hit 80. With the breeze (and later napping on the couch) it was good, but once you got up to do anything the sweat fest started. (sorry, TMI?)

  2. No worries, we sweat here, too. Just not so much from running. Google earth says our typical walk is 2.5 to 2.75 miles.

    1. That's a great daily walk. Just enough! :)

  3. At first glance I thought that deer was a silly me........

  4. That shot with the four deer is really pretty.

  5. Average summer temp for Adelaide 29 deg C = 85F and I love days like that. It usually can get a lot hotter too.

    I saw some footage on the news the other night of a deer crashing through the windscreen of a bus. Made me realise those gorgeous creatures can be pretty dangerous on your roads

    1. You ain't kidding! We've already lost one car to the little darlings.

  6. CWM:
    That's some GREAT pictures you took out there (aside from the lacrosse
    Those geese DID line up well.

    And I think that comparison with Church and nature was BRILLIANT!
    (and so very true)
    Very well done.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. Yeah well, I didn't want to wait for an action shot lest some parent think I was a perv...