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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lotsa grouchy bits, vol. 1

ITEM:  Yes, I'm grouchy, I've had comments from ONE person (thanks, Bobby) since I put up comment moderation.  I guess I need to go back to my old "who cares if anyone's listening" mindset and accept that summertime's coming in the US of A and people just aren't going to be around as must.  But right now, my last post has 4 views and the spam-ridden Time Machine Week 27 from last August has 10 today.  Maybe I should just thank Al Gore for all the pageviews...

ITEM:  I'm also grouchy at those who claim to be my fellow conservative leaning people who know Obutthole was a mistake.  Let's see:  Benghazi?  We didn't know what was happening at the time...   IRS?  Oh, it was just a small group of low level employees... in the ONE site in the entire country that does tax-exempt applications?  But no harm was done... except when certain "low level" employees sent the mined info to a left wing journalist training ground called Pro Publica, who "accidently" published info knowing it was illegal to have it?  Oh, wait, we didn't know about the IRS...  AP gate?  Oh, that was a DEPUTY attorney general what did that... Fast and Furious?  Oh, that was a DEPUTY attorney general what did that.

Okay, enough defaming defining the character of the current administration.  My beef is with the RINO voters who ALLOWED this to happen because Romney wasn't candidate enough for them.  If you didn't go vote, then quit whining.  I voted, I'm allowed.

ITEM: One last political note:  Nixon used the IRS against his enemies, too- and he probably wasn't the only one.  But he's a monster, the "Bogey Man" of presidents.  Obutthole will skate, Democrats always do.  And liberals- even those I consider intelligent, and friends, will not say a word about it.  Just like they won't say anything about that soulless monster Kermit Gosnell, because if they had the courage to speak out against a man that cuts the spinal cords of newborns and calls it abortion, they'd have to step on the sacred cow of "a woman's right to choose".  That's why we need to get those morning-after pills to six-year-olds.  Liberals, if I have wronged you, use the comment section.  As long as you don't end your post with, "here is my website:"  I'll publish you.

ITEM:  On to the next thing that pisses me off:

This clown spent an hour eating bird seed and practicing acrobatics.   A dozen times, I said "Scrappy, he's back!"  and a dozen times he came back.  I yelled, "Get the H outta there!" and he came back.  Each time he'd hide behind the shed until we left, or at most ran up the nearby tree, until we went in.  Then back up he went, and the most Scrappy accomplished is making him almost fall.  Finally I threatened to go behind the shed with Scrappy and he bounded off like a bunny goosed by a deer to one of the pine trees.  About 15 minutes later I let Scrappy out for his after dinner poop, and there he was at the pine tree... watching.  "I see you," I told him, and he at last got the message.

ITEM:  Now to rant about sports.  First, I know that it's common to get hurt in Baseball, but (sorry Skippy)  here's Bryce Harper showing how much disengaging your brain can add to it:

One jammed shoulder, eleven stitches to the chin.  And it wasn't even as a result of a graceful catch.

ITEM:  Sports #2:  Quick look at Aussie hockey.  Saturday, Adelaide knocked off the Ice 6-4.  Britt Ouellette had 2 first period goals to put Ad (Adelaide or Adrenaline, either one's too long) up 2-1.  Melbourne's Joseph Hughes scored a shorthanded goal to put the Ice up 3-2, but the Ad's tied it after 2 at 4-4, and finished it off with a pair from Luc Blain and Josef Rezek.

Melbourne's Mustangs won, though.  They rolled out 55 shots on 2 Canberra goalies to win 5-1.  Jack McCoy (not the one played by Sam Waterston)  got 2 goals in a 4-goal 3rd for the 'Stangs.

And the Sydney Bears got a pair of 2nd-period goals and held on to top Newcastle 2-1.

Sunday, the wormed turned in a second match between the Ad's and the Ice.  Adelaide's New Zealander goalie Rick Parry gave up 4 goals on just 9 first period shots, and not surprisingly left trailing 4-0.  His replacement is "veteran" Peter King, who has logged 15 games in a seven-year career as the Ads backup.  Joseph Hughes scored twice, including another shorthanded score, and Jason Baclig and of course Matt Armstrong did likewise in the 9-3 rout.

Canberra found a new star in one Jordan Baird.  Fresh from 3 seasons in the Southern League in the US of A, where he won a championship in 2012 with the Columbus, GA, Cottonmouths, he got a natural hat (three goals in a row), and it was just enough to give Canberra a 4-3 win and Newcastle their second loss of the weekend.  And Matt Puntereri matched the 'Stangs' Pat O'Kane's two goals with two of his own- one into an empty net at the end- to give the Ice Dogs of Sydney a 4-2 win over Melbourne.

The Ice now have a one-point lead over the Ice Dogs, with Newcastle dropping 4 points back.  Maybe Newcastle should start calling themselves the Ice Stars instead of the North Stars...

ITEM:  Alex Ovechkin is complaining that the refs were against his Washington Capitals team as the NY Rangers knocked them out in the first round last night.  And there is something in what he says- ever since the NFL used replacement refs, every major sport has had poor refereeing.  Baseball is this week trying to live down three incidents of umpires screwing up badly in just two weeks, with at least five men in blue fined and one getting a two game suspension.  But before we call to hang the refs high here, let's just look at Ovechkin's playoff record in Washington, shall we?

2006- Missed playoffs.
2007- Missed playoffs.
2008- Lost in first round.
2009- Lost in 2nd round.
2010- Lost in first round.
2011- Lost in 2nd round.
2012- Lost in 2nd round.
2013- Lost in 1st round.

So, you see, there is as much evidence against the officials here as there is that Ovechkin is a crybaby who is just a little more upset than usual that his golf game is back.

Look on the bright side... we'd have kicked your butts next round anyway!


  1. I am about to stop filling my bird feeder. The squirrels are cleaning them out fast as I fill them. I am not fond of squirrels and chipmunks. Dr Gosnell will spend the rest of his life in prison. Those sweet innocent babies will still be dead. Should paper the walls of his cell with their photos. Makes my heart hurt to ever type this. Guess I am grouchy too. Cheer up or no Birthday Cake for you.

    1. I'm not really un-cheered... guess I just had some venting built up. Thanks for stopping by.

      BTW, three deer in the parking lot when I left for work this AM.

  2. For starters... I've been really busy. :( I haven't even had tome to post anything substantial, well until tonight, since my Mother's day video randomly came down from the web. Which is weird, since it's on several other sites. *sigh*

    Second... maybe you should stop talking to squirrels. Ah, who am I kidding... I talk to squirrels, seems they are the only ones listening to me around here. Except the squirrel that lived in the tree out front (the same one that is now in pieces on the lawn) I'm convinced THAT squirrel is off somewhere plotting his revenge.

    Third... I just don't think I have politics in me right now to discuss... I did vote in my local this weekend though... and *brace yourself* I voted for a republican. :)

    1. First, I understand. Like I told nk, I think I just had some pent-up venting due.

      Second, I talk to disobedient inanimate objects (just ask the trash can at my side- it has a big hole in the side from our last discussion). I flip the bird to things I drop on their way down. I think squirrels are the least of my problems.

      Third, my basic radio choices at work are three each of Led Zep, the Doors, Pink Floyd, and AC/DC in a six-hour period, or Rush Limbaugh. I plead insanity.

  3. CW-my on-line activity has been sparse these last few weeks...

    I have some Repub friends who blame me for Barry O-I wrote in Ron Paul (in 2008 and 2012)...the Repubs need to put someone up worth considering rather than counting on people voting the lesser of two evils.

    No more voting for someone I don't want to be president.

    1. I don't consider those who write in their conscience part of the problem. Just the RINO who stayed home. While I understand not wanting to vote for the lesser of 2 evils, in this case I think the evil was bad enough they should have got off their lazy asses and did something.

  4. I sincerely hope that something comes of this Benghazi thing, and it isn't all swept under the rug. Although these days it's hard to tell what will become of the truth in political situations. :/

    1. Boy, you ain't kidding. Consider Bob Dole running against Clinton 2. Quiet campaign, hardly heard from him. Excuse: Ran out of $$$. Romney, same thing without the $$$ excuse. Makes you wonder why the GOP doesn't want to put forth an electable candidate.

  5. Obutthole. I like that. lol

  6. So sorry I have been a bit slack in catching up with you. It isnt moderation or anything. I have just been a bit cranky too and tend to hibernate in this cold weather.
    Took me a moment to figure you had abbreviated "Adelaide" but that's ok. Just happy you are getting some hockey news

    Hope you are feeling a bit happier. Sending hugs and smiles xxx

    1. I saw that originally they had been called the A's, and thought about doing that, but since I'm an A's fan in baseball, I thought the broccoli gods might think I just made it up.


    >>... Obutthole will skate, Democrats always do.

    Very true, and by design, my friend - by design. Republicans make a lot of noise but never really fight hard. Why? Because Republicans are not genuine conservatives, but rather pseudo-conservatives. The Republican party exists for one reason and one reason only: to give conservative-minded voters the illusion that they have a choice in the elections.

    The ONLY authentic opposition to Democrats are "Constitutionalists", and you'll find few if any of them in the Republican party. Not one Republican talking head that anyone can name is a "constitutionalist"; not Rush, not Hanitty, not O'Reilly, not Coulter, not Beck, not... ONE.

    >>... And liberals- even those I consider intelligent, and friends, will not say a word about it.

    Well, CW, you are a lot more generous than I am, because I don't believe there is such a thing as an "intelligent" liberal. "Intelligence" and "liberal" are mutually exclusive words, Bro.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. No, I do know one. Intelligent, just occasionally misguided.

    And I believe you're right about the by design- see my reply to Kelley's comment above. And stay tuned for an announcement about a three-post series on Obama and Communism upcoming.


    >>... Consider Bob Dole running against Clinton 2. Quiet campaign, hardly heard from him. Excuse: Ran out of $$$.

    Yeah, your suspicion is more than justified.
    In my recent blog bit comment exchanges with Bryan of the 'A Beer For The Shower' blog, I told him about an old friend of mine whose nickname was "Torch".

    Torch was the son of a famous California Congressman, and because of that, Torch was actually traveling across the country in 1996 with Bob Dole during his presidential campaign.

    I remember Torch later telling me in conversation how baffled he was by Dole's demeanor in private as opposed to his demeanor on the national stage. Torch said that on the plane, while flying from state to state, Dole was outgoing, quick-witted, funny, and extremely erudite. But as soon as the cameras were rolling, Dole turned into this boring old man.

    At the time, I was still a political neophyte, having only just learned about the Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations two years earlier. So, like Torch, I figured that Dole was just camera shy, maybe uncomfortable in the national spotlight. And that's why his real personality just disappeared when the cameras started filming.

    Now, all these years later, I know EXACTLY what was happening, and my earlier thoughts were merely the naive speculations of a political neophyte.

    When McCain ran against Obama, the REAL goal of "The Wizards Behind The Curtain" was for Obama to win. And that's why McCain deliberately said things that ensured Obama's victory. (McCain told the war-tired Americonned People that he could envision the U.S. Military being in the Middle East for 100 years; he told the Americonned People who were disgusted by the Economic Recession that our economy was essentially sound. Only someone who secretly MEANT to lose the election would have said those things!)

    Why did Bob Dole's brilliant personality disappear when he stepped off the airplanes? Because he knew his job was to LOSE the election to Bill Clinton - The Wizards' choice for president.

    The same crap gets replayed time after time. And on those occasions when the Republican DOES accidentally win the election, he immediately begins acting like a liberal, big-government Demoncrat (think: George W. Bush).

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'