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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Okay, those of you that have hung around long enough know I love lampooning stupidity.  Whether it be the guy that tried to rob a bank in a clown costume or the dude that thinks he's been sent back in time by the government and was at Gettysburg as a child (Both of these true stories I've featured before), I have had a fun time with idiots.  But you may have noticed that I've laid somewhat back on that train of fun lately.  It's not because there aren't as many stories out there, but the fun has went out of a lot of it because of the sheer

of the people I am sharing this planet with.  Not the kinda stupidity where you sit back and say, wow, that guy was kind of a dumbass.  But sheer, this is what I believe and I'm going to make everyone go along with it, liberal crap that makes me wish I could just crawl in a hole and divorce myself from society.  I'm about to rant about this topic, but there will be some other stuff at the end, if you wanna stick around.
EXAMPLE ONE: Going chronologically, how about we start with the Jason Collins story.  For those out of the loop, he is a pretty minor NBA basketball player who made news by coming out as gay- the first such player in major American sport.  Me, I don't care.  Half the world thinks he's just the bravest thing, and the other half think he did it to ensure he'll get an NBA paycheck next year, whether it be a paycheck or a discrimination settlement.  Whatever.  What gripes me is that former Collins coach Doc Rivers made a comment that sideways compared what he did to Jackie Robinson.
WHAT A LOAD.  Robinson and people like him fought hatred of a kind Collins has never imagined.  And guess what, there was no "closet" to hide in for them, no way to hide at all.  And it was everywhere they looked, no matter how they acted or attempted to fit in.  And for Robinson, IT WASN'T A LIFESTYLE CHOICE.  Rivers, a black man himself, should be ashamed of thinking of Robinson and Collins in the same thought.
EXAMPLE TWO: Lady Liberty continues to lift her lamp beside the golden door, and contemporary thought tells us we should give EVERY chance for immigrants to live the American Dream.  "Oh, no," you say, rolling your eyes at another let's build a fence story.  But that's not what I'm about this time.  Do you realize that even though at one point I was in a trailer that I lost because the park raised the lot rent past my paycheck, let alone the trailer payment, I would have been turned down for section 8 housing, welfare, food stamps, because "I made too much" (read, I didn't know how to scam the system).  However, the family of the Tsarnaev boys, who "didn't understand America" and "had no friends" and thus felt they should go on a multi-city bombing spree, got all that.  Food stamps, TAFD cash, welfare, Section 8- over $110,000 in various aid, not counting another almost $5,600 given to older brother and current corpse Tamerlan to attend college on the taxpayer dime.  Yes, this would be the same guy that we were warned about by two different nations, along with his mother (who has a warrant out on her), father (an anti-government activist), who flew under the radar despite all this PLUS trips to terrorist vacation havens like Daghestan PLUS friends at UM-Dartmouth who had a license plates that read TERRORISTA 1 (and what brain surgeon let THAT go through?).  Do we REALLY think our intelligence community is stupid enough to let this go by like they allegedly did Benghazi- or is there someone who, in his relentless quest to be PC, just-didn't-listen?
EXAMPLE THREE:  Now the morning-after pill, after the fact contraception, has been allowed for 15-year -old girls, without a prescription, without a parent's permission.  All involved tell us this is a great day for women (despite the fact that a 15 y-o isn't physically or mentally a woman).  But here's what grinds me is that some spokeswitch for the Center For Reproductive Rights (whose slogan is apparently "old enough to pee, old enough for me") said that they wanted all such "arbitrary restrictions" on "women" lifted.  Why yes, why not let six year old girls have legal sex?  Another CNN news "person" spoke about how many "women" are denied such protection "because they can't get to the pharmacy before they close, or a pharmacy is too far away".  We live in a nation where a 24-hour pharmacy is a 10-minute drive away, and you could probably pick out three regular ones from your roof and hit each with a rock; where the hell does she live?
EXAMPLE FOUR:  The Pentagon has bowed to pressure from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and banned proselytizing- thus theoretically they will court martial any chaplain bold enough to do his job.  “Someone needs to be punished for this,” Weinstein told Fox News. “Until the Air Force or Army or Navy or Marine Corps punishes a member of the military for unconstitutional religious proselytizing and oppression, we will never have the ability to stop this horrible, horrendous, dehumanizing behavior.”
Sharing the good news of how to attain Eternal life- horrible, horrendous, de-humanizing behavior.  And giving children birth control, allowing ambassadors to be murdered and innocent people to be bombed, and glorifying those who engage in behavior which, no matter what you think of the person, is against nature's intent, those things are A-OK.  Of course, as we learned from Doc Rivers, gays, and probably atheists, are horribly oppressed.  Thank God they have someone like the ACLU to prevent all those life-draining Christmas creches, crosses, and prayers.

EXAMPLE FIVE:  A family in (I bet you'll be surprised) Kentucky gave a five year old boy a .22 rifle for a present on his birthday.  Today, he shoots his two-year old sister dead.  Now, you tell me who is the idiot here- the parent or the gun?  You don't need a gun ban, you need a simple intelligence test before you give people access to dangerous things like guns and ballot boxes.  I imagine the bereft family is trying to sell the two year old's supply of morning after pills on eBay.

Yeah, maybe the world wasn't so great when I was a kid.  Maybe we don't need all these sticky moral rules.  Maybe it wasn't so innocent, or so easy, or so kind as I like to remember.  But at least it wasn't this fricking

Okay, rant done.  Scrappy went in today for a simple tooth cleaning, and now he's recovering from having 7 teeth pulled!  Waiting for a call to go pick the poor little guy up.
Finally after about 48 hours, the AIHL website posted the box on Sunday's Perth/Melbourne Ice matchup that the Ice won 9-3.  It was native Aussie Joe Hughes who got a hat trick and added an assist to lead Melbourne, and it continues to look like a long year for Thunder goalie Michael Smart.  Right now, I bet he'd change the team's slogan from "the West against the rest" to "you and  me against the world."
And on the subject of said website, I decided to write them:
I am an American doing a blog that frequently features world hockey.  I have been trying to do a good job on your league, but your site’s ability to get box scores posted does no one any favors.  For example, the Sunday Perth/Ice matchup is still not posted 36 hours later!  However, there’s little I can do as your country’s newspapers have no idea you even have a hockey league.  Public recognition is the first step in league development.  I am trying to help, but am dependant upon you not to shoot yourselves in your own foot.  Sincerely, CW Martin
And I actually got a response- hoo boy!
CW, thank you for your interest in the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL). We will add you to our media distribution list so you receive the box scores, summaries, and access to photos each Monday.
To keep up with all the action and participate in our communities, please join us on Facebook and Twitter.
Kind regards,
Robert Bannerman
Australian Ice Hockey League 
How about that?  Now I'm a semi-official media person for the Australian Hockey League!  Tell you what, dudes, you get the boxes to me, I'll do ya proud!


  1. There are stupid people all over the world but sometimes we hear things on the news and think "only in America" which is wrong since there are just as many stupid people all over the world..............

    Poor scappy have teeth pulled hope he is doing ok now.......

  2. We recently suspended mail delivery to a PO box because the owner bounced the check he used to pay for his lock change. The HOA, wanting to rectify the situation quickly and not bother the PO, decided they should notify him of this issue so he cold rectify it and resume getting his mail.

    So they mailed him a letter.

    Sadly, these people make a LOT more money than me.

    1. See, now that's stupidity I can actually enjoy!

  3. Stupidity is rife all over the world.
    It is actually pretty sad.

    Hope Scrappy is feeling better soon and I shall look forward to reading the Aussie Hockey results right here (I wont understand them anymore than the other results but at least the team names will be familiar)

    1. It is sad, and it was really dragging me down, as you can tell...

      Scrappy is real close to normal right now, about 85%.

      Hopefully the player might get familiar, too. I was happy to finally see a native Aussie star in the Perth game, after all the Yanks and Canucks.

  4. I am pro gun and a member of the NRA. I grew up around guns, and used to carry one daily. I agree it is the dumba$$ people not the weapon. Well put.
    Poor lil Scrappy. Hope he is all better now. As for you, first you beat me in Words With Friends and now you fail to show for my flash mob. Its all good though.

    1. Thank you. I know some will say it is the gun culture, but giving a gun to a five year old is stupid at any and every level you can come up with.
      Hey, I haven't had a lawn mower in three years! You want I should hurt myself?

  5. CWM:
    Wow...and I thought I could roll out a diatribe or two)...!
    LOVE IT!!!

    #1 - NO way in Heaven or hell anyone could, should or would compare JACKIE ROBINSON to Collins...AT ALL!!!

    #2 - Too many people are guilty on THIS one...let's see which of them rises to the top FIRST, hmm?

    #3 - And who's to say an 18-yr old girl isn't going to buy some for her TWELVE year old SISTER, right?

    #4 - I'm STILL shaking my head at this one...I'd say take the chance, preach the gospel (as a CHAPLIN) and make the biggest STINK if the higher brass shoot their mouths off.

    #5 - That was just a story of needing to CHECK any weapon you have that you leave out in the OPEN...just in case.
    (in rural areas like that, only "pa" should have the loaded weapon, preferably over the fireplace)

    I hope Scrappy is back to his old self soon enough, too.
    Gonna have to "gum the goodies".

    Great post.
    I feel a bit better already.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. Bobby, the thing with #5 was it BELONGED to the five-year-old... they GAVE it to him. Frankly, I don't see how "pa" should've had a weapon either.