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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Usual Crap

Okay, let's start out with the photo bin and see what me and Mr. Boy ran into lately...

After the Saturday walk, we sat outside for an hour, and then it was naptime.  No more had we hit the bedroom than...

Needless to say, naptime hit a ten minute delay.
Sunday, Scrappy caught a scent..


But it wasn't the chipmunk...

And I don't think it was the deer.  But I never did catch up to whatever dog walked the path before us.

If you look close at the top pic, you'll see the wingtip of a little bird the Red-Wing was chasing.
And a rather big fungus candidate.
Next up, an important announcement.  I will be posting over the next three Thursdays a series I call Communism and Obama for "Dummies".  In this I start out with the musical question, Is Obama a communist, or a socialist?  Rather than a knee-jerk, Facebook answer, I look at what communism and Socialism is, why it fell apart around the world, and if the Euro-Socialism of today is a match for Obama's antics.  If you've ever wondered what the hubbub over Communism is, and whether Obama has hammer-and-sickle underwear, tune in the next three Thursdays.
Finally, the AIHL finally got box scores up in time to do an update on Monday!  Saturday, We open with Sydney's Ice Dogs, blanking the Perth Thunder 3-0.  Simon Barg, a Canuck who's spent the last three years bouncing around Germany's minors, tallied 2 goals and an assist, while Anthony Kimlin collected the goose egg.
Nick Orford-Quirk, in his first year in the bigs after spending time in the Aussie East Coast Super League, scored twice as Newcastle built a 3-0 lead and hung on for a 4-2 win over Melbourne's Mustangs.
And wrapping up Saturday, Michael Schlemp scored his 67th, 68th, and 69th goals of his 8-year AIHL career while Renarz Kazanovs handled 37 of a whopping 38 shots as Sydney's Bears walloped the Canberra Knights 6-1.
Sunday, Newcastle racked up their second win of the weekend, Oliver Martin getting the shutout in a 2-0 win over Melbourne's Ice.  Jeff Martens notched an assist to go with an unassisted goal.
And Perth had their second Sunday wake-up with a 4-3 win over the Bears.  The Thunder outshot the Bears 41-25, meaning that Kazanovs had to handle 79 shots in two games, one win and one loss.  Michael Forney, who has played in the AHL and signed with my team in the Austrian League VSV Villacher for next season, had 2 goals (one empty net) and an assist to lead Perth.
So the standings now show Newcastle with a percentage-point lead on the Ice Dogs, with the Ice 2 points back.  Adelaide, by trick of the schedule, have STILL only played 4 games.  Next week, though, they have a chance to make hay with games against Newcastle and the Bears.
That's it for tonight!  Remember- Thursday...


  1. That red wing is beautiful. :) I saw a snake on my walk Saturday night all curled up on the side of the road. It was still IN the road though, so I thought it was dead.


    Thankfully, I had kept my distance.

    1. The poor little bird being chased didn't appreciate his beauty. Much like you and your snake.

  2. Look forward to your new Thursday posts.

    1. It was a learning experience for me- I hope it does the same for others.

  3. I'll definitely be reading your Obama series. (I hope you're not going to say anything negative about my messiah, B.O.)

    Very few Americans know the first thing about Communism and Socialism, and what the differences are.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Actually I don't get to the messiah till the third installment, and I try to keep the usual snark down. It's not exactly scholarly, but I thought it not bad.

  4. CWM:
    Those deer are stalking YOU now, it would seem...LOL.
    (until you and Scrappy go out and they run away...)

    ANd the pictures of "da 'Munk" are cool!
    Oh, I am SO looking forward to your Communist-Obummer series...
    That would seem to be SO good it will have to be fattening (and probably banned by Mayor Nanny

    Carry on.
    And stay safe up there.

    1. So THAT'S how I added those pounds... I'm de-scheduling those posts right now!

  5. That chipmunk is sooooo cute.

    As for the hockey, glad our guys got their act together for you this week

    1. Now if Adelaide would just pull a sweep this week...