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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finally, a decent walk

The sun was shining bright, the air was cold and the breeze started out stiff.  Out went our two intrepid adventurers and their shiny brown walking stick.

The gleaming diamond walls of a faerie castle?

Nope, just what's left of one of the last snow piles.

Now at this point, I'm going to interrupt to bitch about Blogger.  Why?  Because I had half this post done when all of the sudden it went into it's "Let's move the picture everytime I try to add a caption" mode.  In trying to get the pictures back where I put them, I tried to remove one and it deleted all but the very top of the posts.  So, Google, the next time you spy on this blog (from Mountain View CA or Mountain View AR or wherever the hell you put Mountain View at next time)< please inform your people at Blogger that they are a bunch of brain-dead clowns that get 90% of their work right by fluke and accident.  Thank you for your time.
And now, to go on- typing it out since I can't trust the dashboard to obey simple commands...
The sun felt good, the wind, not so much.  We even ran into a dust devil!  Our hope was that we might get a break from the breeze inside the woods.

The hope was well founded- but the entrance was the muddy, mucky mess I was anticipating (thus wearing the old, junky shoes for the trip.)

However, it dried out as we went DOWN hill.  Gotta love that Purdue engineering!
Then, we saw a chipmunk- and the little fella actually posed!

I'm guessing these little mounds we ran into were from water trapped underground and then froze, making it stick out- much like my belly ay the bottom of the picture.
He was singing a fine tune with a distant buddy...

Stony Run looks pretty much like we left it...

But Scrappy caught scent of something by the bridge... and was almost willing to fall off to find it!
He led me along the creek bank after the mysterious whatzit...

But when he hit muck and water, I said, Turn around.

And when he wanted to climb the big hill, I said, Turn around.
Emerging from the Beagle detour, we came out at the ravine trail, to find the winter had been hard on that side of the woods.

I am beginning to think that the little ravine stream, once wet only in direst floods, is becoming a semi-permanent fixture.  Damn global warming!

Meanwhile, Scrappy insisted on checking EVERY hole...
And nothing says "Let's make a big muddy eroded eyesore" like cutting all the small trees along the bank near the new foot bridge down.  More Purdue engineering.  You know, Purdue- People Under Reasonable Doubt of receiving a Useful Education?

Yeah, all that "flying south for the winter" stuff is a buncha crap.  You stayed here all winter.  You know it, I know it.

And I really don't think Scrappy's staredown of them is so much, "Daddy, I want to get 'em", as much as it is, "WTH are those things?  Look familiar..."
Okay, time to post now.... assuming the fine folks at Blogger will let me...


  1. Moo moo moo Purdue... It's a school any fool can get through..where seldom is heard an intelligent word...and the golden girl's straight from the zoo. (To the fight song.)

    I have nothing against Purdue, we just use to sing that at football games.

    1. I love that! I'll try to remember the next time I see my friend who sang me the "Purdue" version of the IU fight song.

  2. Ah Spring, I love it. My favorite time of year...or maybe Autumn. It's a toss up. I haven't had that particular Blogger quirk yet. There have been plenty other Gremlin-induced issues, but not that one. It's enough to make a guy go Wordpress. But not Tumblr because that's just for porn.

    1. Yeah, tumblr.... they can have it.

  3. Chris:
    When it comes to BLOGGER (they suck so you don't HAVE to), I feel your angst...REALLY!

    Love the pictures...especiall "the 'munk".
    Loosk like most everything has thawed out quite well, and what IS up with taking away the trees near the banks?
    Isn't that to HOLD the bank where it's AT, rather than where it WILL be due to erosion (no roots there any longer)??? the PURDUE "expanation"...first time I heard it.

    An excellent travelogue.

    Stay safe warm & dry up there

    1. First of all, thank the 'munk, because-unlike most of his race- he posed! Second- of course you never heard the Purdue acronym! I made it up on the walk. A wonder what righteous indignation will do for one's imagination.

  4. Must say i dont miss the blogger glitches. Glad you managed to get the post up because that chipmunk is adorable.
    Love the first image too although I bet you are so glad to be seeing the end of the snow

    1. Actually, it snowed again yesterday as I went to the store. Just didn't stick too long. It was coming down when Laurie took the squirrel pic you'll all see tomorrow.