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Monday, March 17, 2014

Here there and anywhere

Lot of different things about today, including a pretty day for a walk...

Look!  Grass in the front yard!

Last attempt at this, the snow was 9 inches deep.  And Scrappy got stuck.

Robins may not exactly be a sign of spring (unless you think it's spring year-round), but they are a sign of life...

More on the walk later.  Next, I have to give the episode two review of Fox and Seth McFarlane's new "Cosmos" with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  First time out, I thought it was well-done and fair.  Well, that lasted one episode.  Over and over, he repeated the phrases "completely random" and "this is solid science" about evolution.

 But here's the thing- every example he gave showed how something in a specific species (say, a wolf) evolved through artificial or natural selection into something similar, but different (like a dog).  He quoted Darwin's statement about the evolution of the eyeball being too complex to evolve without a guiding hand (AKA God).  And then Said, "But, is it?" and tried to show how it could have happened randomly.  Yes, a light sensitive spot COULD have mutated by accident.  And over millennia it could have had a random mutation turn it first into a depression, then a pit, then a sphere.  Then I suppose purely random chance could have mad a lens appear right where it was needed (instead of, say, the anus).  Or his polar bear example, where just by random chance a bear living in a snowy wasteland developed WHITE fur, instead of say, blue or mauve.

Of course he then claimed that science learned by keeping an open mind, and the "tree of life" was a "spiritual experience" to him (just to soften things a bit).  But it sure seemed to me that these supposedly random chances were guided by environment, need, logical progression.  Even if you refuse to believe in a creator being, you have to see that if you are intellectually honest.  There is every bit as much evidence for a hypothesis of a creator being, and more, than purely random mutation (HIS words, not mine).  The only thing that keeps both theories from being "solid science" is that modern science refuses to accept the thought of a creator being- because they cannot explain Him with a formula or an experiment.  They refuse to look at the fact that nothing that they have done or will ever do can truly disprove His existence.  And That's solid science.

Still about 4-5 inches down the Landing trail.

I know I said I was going to save hockey comments for the NHFFL page until and unless a team made their league finals, BUT....

Lokomotiv, the eighth seed in the KHL Western conference, facing the top team and defending champs Dynamo Moscow, fell behind two games to none, won a pair to tie things up, lost game 5 in OT 1-0 and trailed three games to two... Lokomotiv, a team that scored five or more goals just 3 times in 59 games, topped Dynamo 6-0 and 5-1 in games 6 and 7 to knock the favorites, the defending champs, the New York Yankees of the KHL, OUT of the playoffs!  I couldn't be happier if the reds knocked the Cardinals out of the World Series!

Finally, I have three MWN stories.  First, the minor league Baseball team in Lehigh Valley is taking advantage of America's bacon mania.  The team, named the "Iron Pigs", have a whole line of bacon flavored merchandise...

...including not only caps and such, but also food items...

...the team will continue the theme at the ballpark this year, selling bacon-flavored cotton candy and offering free bacon crumbles on all concession items the team sells, from hot dogs to ice cream. The IronPigs are also in the process of developing a race that involves eating a large number of bacon strips at the halfway point. Bloody Mary cocktails, with pieces of bacon in them, of course, will await those who cross the finish line.

The team also says they have sold 1,500 scratch and sniff bacon t-shirts guaranteed to smell like bacon through ten washings.

Second, the "drug dealer son of a well-known Cornish criminal" has gotten into a spot of trouble... but didn't do a good job of talking his way out of it.  Here's the story of Jack Harvey, Jr.-

...police were alerted to the younger Harvey's movements on November 26 last year when he left a St Austell petrol station without paying.Staff at the station described Harvey's behaviour as bizarre and reported that he had been making strange noises.

Officers caught up with him on the A390 near Probus where they witnessed him driving dangerously by overtaking several vehicles. Mr Lee said a urine sample later revealed a "cocktail" of drugs including amphetamine, methadone, cocaine and heroin.

When he was arrested at his home, drugs were found in Harvey's house, car and taped to his testicles.
 In interview, Harvey said he had no recollection of any incident on the A390 and denied being intoxicated.

Mr Lee said: "He made allegations that police had planted the drugs in his car … of the drugs stuck to his testicles (he) denied any knowledge, commenting that some filthy woman must have put it there."

Uh.... Yeah.  So then comes story #3... and no lead in will suffice for this one...

A British woman attempted to sue her former lawyers for professional negligence, claiming that, alongside a number of other allegations, they failed to advise that finalising divorce proceedings would inevitably cause her marriage to end.

The curious case - made against two solicitor firms - had already been rejected by the court, but was revealed in the transcript of a later appeal by the claimant against the dismissal of other aspects of her case.
Jane Mulcahy had argued that the lawyers should have made it clear that a divorce would cause her marriage to be terminated - something which she apparently wanted to avoid.

When you finish shaking your head, have a nice evening...


  1. So... it's a bacon FLAVORED hat? That's just weird.

    1. I don't know that the hat is flavored... but if the t-shirt is scratch and sniff, what about the briefs?

  2. The divorce story... it's just too stupid to even dignify with a comment.

    The evidence of (or proof of) evolution... it's just too stupid to even dignify with a comment.

    I like this one:

    Years ago, the person asked someone to offer just one piece of evidence that PROVES evolution to be a fact. That person still hasn't received that evidence. (And, by the way, the "friend" that Anti-Microchip quotes in one of his comments is Yours Truly. It comes from a F-FFF Comment Section discussion of a couple years ago.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Iread partly through your link, and said to myself, "Now if someone wanted facts behind my post "You argue like a liberal", that would nail it. Right down my steps like a stepladder. It is amazing how these devil-conned (if I may modify a term) sheeple are both so predictable and so oblivious! And isn't it amazing how everything in science is based on observation-hypothesis-test- theory- more test- proof UNTIL you get to spiritual (evolution/creation) or political (global warming) or other such pc issues. Then it's "We're right, we proved it, you're stupid." I truly hope they have "This Is Your Life" in hell.

  3. Going backwards:
    Crazy woman didn't know that the divorce would end her marriage?! Wow.
    He didn't know about . . . ok, I just can't even type that with a straight face.
    Might be too much bacon for me.
    Nice walk pictures. Looks like your beagle is happy.
    And thanks for your review of Cosmos . . . doesn't sound like they're actually open-minded after all.
    Great post!

    1. I was really hoping for better from Cosmos based on the first episode.... but I guess that would be too much to expect from McFarlane.

  4. To be fair to Mr. Harvey (is it presumptuous to call him The Honorable Harvey?) the drugs were probably taped more to his taint, but the person writing the report didn't know the clinical term for the gouch. Either way, ripping the tape away had to hurt for both the Honorable Mr. Harvey and the arresting officer.

  5. Its nice to have grass. Under your feet.

  6. Glad to see that the snow is melting. Scrappy actually appears to be enjoying his walk!

    Haven't watched Cosmos, so I really can't comment. As a Christian, I think that there is a place for science. A logical person can see that the two can co-exist. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

    The lady who didn't realize her divorce would result in her marriage ending... no words for that one.

    1. Apparently the whole deal was along the lines of thinking that the case would be fed through the Catholic Church and she'd end up with an official annulment or something. Why she thought that a civil court would "walk it over" to the ecclesiastical court is beyond me.

  7. I love bacon! That bacon hat is too funny.
    Congrats on having sunshine and less snow to track through on your walks.

    1. Thank you, Ma'am. Those pictures were in 24 degrees and solid footing. Today is 50 and mud. I'm so ready for the June drought!

  8. Chris:
    I had a feeling you'd be a wee bit "bothered" by the path that the new COSMOS show was treading upon.
    I saw Ep2, and was saying "really?" a

    So Darwin knows it ALL?
    (hardly solid science to me...more tunnel-visioned)

    I really hope this show doesn't keep deviating from ALL "possibilities" in the universe, because with THAT much "infinite" all over the cosmos, there HAS to be MORE, right?

    I mean, one has to consider ALL possibilities in order to make a more comprehensive hypothesis and conclusion, hmm?
    That's what we were taught when it come to the scientific theory.

    At least w/ the old SAGAN verison, there was always this aspect of "THE INFINITE", regarding the universe, and I always took that to mean...well, God!

    BTW, you're thawing NICELY up there, and I sure that you, Scrappy, and the (sometimes) bedroom-slippered Laurie can appreciate it.
    Good photos.

    Staty safe up there.

    1. It just astonishes me that they can spend 50 minutes proving one thing and 5 minutes saying they proved the opposite.

  9. "Robins are a sign of life." I love that statement, CW. They are my favorite bird too. =)

    The bacon products are brilliant and the fools you've quoted are not. It's unbelievable how stupid some people are.

    Be well.

    1. On the bright side, they keep my blog in business.

  10. Well, the anus has probably worked for some people. After all, more than a few in the federal government have their heads up their ass.

    1. No room for a lens with all those brains up in there.

  11. Happy last day of winter! Love the pictures and the stories.

    I want to know who got to pull off the tape.

    1. Someone with cold hands, hopefully.

  12. Yay the snow is going and you have grass. Happy dance

    1. Now if we could get it warm enough for the grass to GROW...