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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cobbler's Spawn

Once upon a time
I went in search of a friend
a fellow traveller, but they
are so hard to find...
And the world spins a different way
then when I was a child
we weren't expected to
all have the same mind

How wonderful to be a friend through HD screens
you see so well, you see so well, you see
nothing at all

Knights in armor never stop
to think about the cobbler's spawn
Dragons to slay, and don't have time
to look down...
I'm not a good disciple
and I never sought a sage
but I see that people hear differently,
when I look around

How easy to care for someone through HD screens
but at last I'm tired of being seen
through others' eyes

The search led to a point
and that point dropped off the edge
and everything fell out
even the songs...
But they'll be other songs
and even harder paths to fall off
and ants will climb mountains, as they
have all along.

The screens help you see, but not to understand
We see so well, we see so well, we see
nothing at all.


  1. Outstanding and very thought -provoking!
    Cobbler's Spawn, though.
    Sounds like a porno.
    Then again, the fact that I think like that might be the reason why I may be going to Hell (my response to Bouncin' Barb notwithstanding).
    Like how I tied in another blog? I'm kooky that way.

    1. Sure sure Al...bring me into the mix! LOL

    2. Al, it says "spawn", not "sperm"...

  2. Oh this was bloody spot on I liked it