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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The M10 Birthday Party!

So I thought up a way to celebrate the M10's first half year of existence- but quickly convinced myself it's too big to do on the Time Machine!  So here on this mini-TM, I bring you the best songs NOT to squeeze into the M10!

Now, a little ground ruling:  They had to be in the "top ten list" rotation;  can't include the ones that couldn't squeeze in, BUT got a spot in the M50 ending 2015 (aka Pure Bathing Culture's The Tower, the Clique's Sugar On Sunday, Ozark Mountain Daredevil's You Know Like I Know, and 8th Day's Brandy (Doesn't Live Here Anymore), and aren't CURRENTLY in the top ten rotation (aka they can still squeeze in).  So without further ado, here are the ones that DIDN'T quite make the M10....

10- Can't Find The Words, the Buckinghams, 1968.  This was an lp cut I found just prior to founding the M10, and spent a couple of weeks at "virtual number eleven" (aka last man out) early on.

9- PPP, Beach House.  Yet another cut from Depression Cherry... had a chance, didn't quite make it.  Matter of fact, it just lost its spot to another DC cut that you may or may not hear in the weeks to come.

8- Handsome, Drug Cabin.  Best I can tell you about them is they are from Los Angeles, and some members used to be in something called Ambulance LTD.  But let the song speak for itself.  It was "virtual number eleven just last week.

7- Velvet Ditch, the Arcs.  They had a M10 with Flower In Your Pocket back in September, but this track- which really was better- never quite made a spot for itself.

6- 100 Million, Charlie Hilton. Charlie (a pretty lady, not a guy) formerly led a Portland, OR outfit called Blouse.  This was her first solo.

5- Absolutely, Ra Ra Riot.  A Syracuse, NY quintet who spent a couple of turns at that "VNE" post a while back.

4- Bad Moon Rising, 16 Horsepower.  This was the tune that Mich introed me too that ended with black Soul Choir making the M10.  Yes, a CCR cover.

3- NOBO, Tijuana Panthers.  I posted this tune clear back here, when it was the VNE for about three weeks.

2- Adventure Of A Lifetime, Coldplay.  By now most of you know this tune.  CP for me is a dude that when he's good, he's really good, but more often is a bit whiney for my tastes.  Definitely not whiny on this one.

And the best of the "didn't quites?"

1- Possibilities, Darius Rucker.  The father of then 12 year old leukemia patient Brennan Simkins- in and out of the hospital half his life- was encouraged by a friend (who was a producer) to write a song to raise the morale of his son during a particular rough patch.  The song then found it's way to former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman Rucker, who recorded it to raise money for St Jude's in Brennan's name.

And there you go!  Happy birthday to the M10, which turns 26 (weeks) Friday!


  1. Hi, Chris!

    Holy smoke! I never heard that Buckinghams side before! It's great! By 1968 the band was obviously experimenting with new sounds. This one has a sunshine pop/psych feel and reminds me of the Amboy Dukes' hit "Journey to the Center of the Mind."

    Me also likey the indie rock styling of Drug Cabin, quite possibly the greatest band name ever.

    Me also likey the spacey sound of Charlie Hilton. (I would like to get into Charlie's Blouse at some point. :)

    Me likey 16 HP's version of "Bad Moon Rising" better than Fogerty's original!

    How can you not like Rucker's performance of that song for a sick boy? It's very touching.

    Thanks, Chris, and happy birthday to M10!

    1. And on the one side...

      Glad you liked everybody! The Buckinghams, Drug Cabin (which is an excellent name) and Hootie, along with the Tijuana Panthers, were the hardest choices in the six months. As for Charlie, it is hard to keep you on point, ain't it? (Not disagreeing, mind you).

      Hope you got enough cake!

  2. Chris:
    Okay, real fast here...Like the Buckinghams tune (oldies but goodies), and I REALLY like anything from Darius Rucker.
    (great voice that can sell a song).

    Everything, can take it or leave it (sorry).
    There 'ya go, lad.

    Keep the hits comin' up there, brother.

    1. ...and from the other side...

      I really wanted to get Drug Cabin or Charlie Hilton in (or both), but they were such peaceful, relaxing tunes that it wasn't hard for someone else to constantly stand up and take notice.

      On the bright side, it shows positives for my judgement, eh?