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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A couple of walks

Where does Minnie Mouse hang?  At the woods!

A quick breath at Big Tree

Green stuff starting to sprout...

Hi, guys!  What's up?

Dumbass defined - as well as confined...

The creek has done a bit of bank shifting. More to come...

I think when the ravine stream finally connects in the back, I'll call what's left "Omega Island".

Tis the season to check all den holes...

Ready for day two?  Here we go...

Where's my hat?  HOME!  Too windy to keep it on without a chin strap!

"I'm a bird..."

Trying out my new pedometer.  Results- not good on belt or in pocket.  ON pocket showing promise..

This guy buds little green balls...

Blew the bark right off somebody...

Other than that, not a LOT of damage...
Mr Mountain Goat

THAT coulda hurt...

"I think something was in here..."

"Hey, how do I get out?"

As Usual, nothing really there...

Suddenly, our hero smells something important!  We dash through the woods (such as old bumpy guys do...)

... a puddle at the base of a tree.  whoopie.

Time to check out the creek...

Hey Woody!

And now we know who the a-holes at IPFW call when they want to destroy nature... Integrity Tree Service.

We did run into a small band of deer a couple of times... Wasn't crossing the Badlands into No Man's Land to follow.

"Boofus... be careful, you'll fall in.


  1. Hi, Chris!

    Thanks for taking me along with you and Scrappy to explore the woods, streams and critter den holes near your home. On our walks, my Toto was always so enthusiastic and snoopy that, every few seconds, she got her leash tangled up and wrapped around something. Every couple of steps she needed to stop and sniff the ground, stretching our walks into hours long ordeals. Even so, I miss her a lot every day. That fungus on the fallen tree trunk reminds me of the type of pictures my dad used to take. He loved to get closeup shots of fungus, bark, colored leaves, wild mushrooms and the like.

    Thanks, Chris!

    1. I'm thinking this year is going to be the "photographic record of all the wild flowers" year. Nothing yet... but a lot of green shoots have poked out, so maybe soon... Fungus, too, since they do have some delightfully odd forms.

  2. Chris:
    Those are some really good photos!
    Okay, then.
    You had "squirrel-sign"
    Next time, ask them if they're related to Patches, Bashful or Zippy.
    (if they stare at you like you're a nut, take that as a YES)
    Omega Island. I like that, but kinda small for a log cabin, 2-car garage & target range.
    Talk about some IRONY.
    (leave it to IPFW..or the city for that matter)
    I will say the place looks SO much different when it's not all green and leafy.

    Again, well done.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. I'm just sad about the parts that WON'T be green this year...

  3. I love your walks. :) I just posted pictures of our most recent bike ride... although it's harder to get photos when you're riding... with a cranky 14 year old. The one photo I wished I had stopped for? The crocuses have popped up.

    I am SO ready for spring.

    1. Still waiting for OUR first flowers...

  4. Still beautiful without the green. Love your walks and seeing your wildlife

    1. Yes it is. Wish we were seeing more of the wildlife these days...

  5. I can't wait for the warmer weather. We had a preview this week and then the temps took a tumble today. Tease! I'm curious how far you two walk? Must be several miles a day. I love when you share your travels with us. Such fun! Thank you.

    1. Well, the old boys aren't as young as they used to be, and a 3+ mile walk pretty much finishes Scrappy's next day. I'd guess off that the usual walk is between 1 /14 and 2 miles.

  6. Hi, Chris! Today on SDMM I nominated you for the Music and Words Award. I know you already received this award from somebody else and already published a post about it. You are under no obligation to accept the award again, but I simply couldn't let this opportunity pass w/o acknowledging you. You are a great friend, I respect you, and you deserve more recognition for your many contributions to discussions of music past and present.

    Congratulations, good buddy!

    1. Y'know, I have gotten these awards before and felt I was just the "unducking target." But both of these nominations- the one I filled out and the one I said, "No, I'm not doing it again!" mean something because I recognize the actual thought that went into it. Thank you, my friend, I appreciate the recognition , but I'm still not doing it again, lol!

  7. INTEGRITY tree service?? Are they for real??

    1. Lots of different definitions at play here, I'm sure...