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Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Saturday walk

Believe me, this calm pre-walk snap is an ILLUSION.


We have neighbors who decorate for any and all holidays...

Like a good boy, waiting on traffic to clear.
ZOOOOM! Take 2.

"Who was that doofy dog?"

Neighbors and holidays, take 2.

Main signs of spring- the birds.  Robins, Redwings, Woodys, and something in the woods that sounds like a grade school swingset in use.

Scrappy's said hi to this dog a couple of times now.

"No one's hanging out at the swamp..."

Bet I know why.

Robins are getting fat- lots of earthworms coming out.  Seconds later, Scrappy stepped on him.

Not much sign of spring in the woods...

Except for one wild raspberry sprouting a leaf!

Oh, and this colorful guy.


  1. Hi, Chris!

    Maybe you should rename Scrappy "The Flash." I love to go along on your walks in the woods. Mrs. Shady and I recently took a car trip across Florida and, believe it or nuts, saw "fall" leaves for the first time this season. Seems the temperature in Central FLA stayed cool enough long enough (w/o freezing) to make the leaves turn red and yellow for the first time this winter. It was beautiful!

    Have a Scrappy weekend, good buddy!

    1. I would really be messed up in Florida in the winter...

  2. Chris:
    Oh, I can just SEE Scrappy chomping at the bit...LOL.
    You get some of the BEST bird pictures this side of the Audubon kidding!
    I'm surprised that hawk didn't take it on the wing with you around.
    ANd the decorations - goes to show that the human race isn;t totally "gone".
    Love that kitty in the window pic, too...very cute!

    Good walkabout.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. No surprise on the hawk- he was a LOT higher up than it looked!

  3. I loved "taking" this walk with you, Chris. Spring is almost sprung and I'm so excited. It's almost beach weather again. Yay! We have several neighbors who decorate for every holiday too. The easter eggs are hanging from the tree already.

    1. I saw a lawn down the road a piece virtually covered in little pale purple flowers. Now I'm jealous!