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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Boofus Day

Today we celebrated Boofus Day- Scrappy's alleged birthday.  Since we don't know when it really is, I picked early March last year, and we picked today for this year since Laurie was off.  She gave him a nice walk around lunchtime, and when I got home, we took another one, because there are three things Scrappy can't get enough of- Baby Bels, tomato juice, and walks.

As you might can tell, I had to sit in the middle of the trail to get a decent pose of the birthday beagle...

But we had fun going off the beaten trail- though he seems to prefer beating the trail anyway...

Bound and determined something worthwhile was under the Big Fallen Tree.

Quick visit to the bridge
We spotted this- no idea what it was...

Through the puddle, of course

Then he met Davis the dog.  When I mentioned it was an unusual name, the lady said, "Well, we had a cat named Sammy and my husband thought it would be funny..."  Moments later, the little guy in the orange at far right came over and gave Scrappy a kiss.

Next he got his present and a birthday doggie cupcake!
Scrappy couldn't bear to watch as I was suddenly shot in the head by a white laser

If you have super speed vision, you can see this.  If not, it's Scrappy getting another cupcake.

And after a McDonald's dinner, we played with the new toy, wrestled, and tore up the bathroom rug (well, he did, he always does, no idea why.)

The bathroom rug in its usual condition.

Thank you for a great birthday!  Now, howsabout another cupcake!


  1. This last picture with arm on the armrest is adorable!!! Happy Birthday sweet Scrappy. Looks like you partied in the best Scrappy fashion with walks and cupcakes. Doesn't get better than that!

    1. Well, he was miffed that I thought three cupcakes should preclude doggie treats at the usual time...

  2. Chris:
    Boofus Day - love it.
    Nothing like a good pre-celebration walk (and the post ones aren't bad either).
    That "thing" reminds me of a GOAL (sans netting), but WHY it's in the woods eludes me.

    He's such a good boy!
    (and spoiled out the WAZOO!)
    Looks like you ALL had a great day.
    Happy Birthday, Scrappy.
    (we'll have something for 'ya whenever Daddy comes down here to get HIS and Laurie's stuff.)

    Stay safe up there folks!

    1. Well, I'm off for a Friday or two but not Laurie. I think she has a Saturday coming up, I'll let you know.

  3. Glad to see Scrappy had a great fake birthday. One of ours has a fake birthday, too... it comes with a nice walk in the woods and a McDonald's cheeseburger, so he doesn't seem to mind. He's more of a burger guy than a cupcake guy... kinda like his dad.

  4. Hi, Chris!

    Looks like your beloved beagle had a very Scrappy birthday! It's a good thing you have woodlands close by so that you can take him on frequent walks. It's good for him and for you. Thanks for showing us highlights of Scrappy's b-day celebration!

    1. Depending on how bad the limping gets later...

  5. Nice photos, hope he had the best day, I couldn't tell you when any of the dogs we had were born but my daughter Kathy (the wise one) could don't know how she remember these things but she does.

  6. I like his priorities - he just wants another cupcake. Happy Birthday, Scrappy!

    1. Thankfully we helped him finish them off before he got diabetes too!

  7. Happy birthday Scrappy!! In the last photo, it looks like he should have a top hat and a tie.