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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Martin World Opinion

Yes, I am not happy tonight.  I am not happy with a lot of things, and it's time I told you about them.

The local SPCA adopted this sweet little furball to my son KC.  What they didn't tell him- or anyone else- was that this cat, DESPITE being in a general population room with a dozen other cats, was on antibiotics for an eye infection.  KC found this out when he had to take her to the vets FOR said infection- the vets office found it in her records, but KC had not known until the vet told him.  And it wasn't a simple infection.  After less than a month, the infection had ate its way through a slew of medicines, and Friday he was told that he would have to a) take her to Indianapolis for treatment which MIGHT save one eye; b) have them remove BOTH eyes, as the infection ran across her whole head; or c) say enough suffering is enough.  And so it was, just over three weeks after becoming a part of our family, the sweetest kitten you'll ever meet had to be put down.  I might add, three weeks and over $200 in vet bills later.  Now, I don't know that this is SOP for the SPCA.  But I can tell you one thing, KC is going out there sometime this week and let them know just why HE won't be returning.  And as you might well surmise, I don't blame him.

Next up:

A 35-year-old Indian man killed 14 members of his own family, including seven children and his parents, before killing himself, police say.
Reports suggest Hasnin Warekar laced his family's food with sedatives before slitting their throats.
Neighbours from the home in Thane, near Mumbai, were alerted to the attack by the screaming of the man's sister, who survived the attack.
Police say it is still unclear why Warekar carried out the attack.
Authorities are yet to question Warekar's sister, Thane police spokesman Gajanan Laxman Kabdule told AFP, as she was "in deep trauma" at a city hospital.
"He used a big knife. He killed his parents, his sisters and his sisters' children. He slit their throats" Mr Kabdule said.
The Press Trust of India news agency reported that the youngest victim was his three-month-old daughter, and the oldest his 55-year-old father.
He also killed six of his sisters' children, the report said. (BBC News)

India.  The same country with a growing rep for gang rape and beating Muslims to death for the mere rumour of selling (gasp) meat; the same nation where last week, a caste- a privileged caste, protesting that they weren't getting the same help from the Government that the poor castes were, sabotaged the water supply for 10 MILLION people in Delhi.  I said to Laurie last night to the effect of, India is a big swirl of foul, infected crap swirling down a plugged-up toilet."

Not all Indians are like this.  There was, the last time I owned a phone book, about a page and a half of "Dr. Patel"s just in our area.  I have learned under several Indian professors, went out drinking with at least one.  But those that haven't gained a foothold in academia and escaped, those people have been divided into predators and victims.  And the predators are gaining.

But are we any better?  Somewhere near Anaheim this weekend, the KKK scheduled a rally.  Word got out- thanks to the local police- and protesters arrived first.  Then an SUV with 4 Klansmen in black shirts and armed with #whitelivesmatter signs got out.  They were immediately set upon by the crowd, a Klansman pulled a knife in self defense, and elderly Klansman was near trampled to death by the "anti-hate" mob.  And in the ultimate irony, a JEWISH activist who came to observe had to step in and save their lives.  According to him, the local police- who CLAIM they were there and in control- were nowhere to be seen until the crowd got its licks in.  Four Klansmen and three "protesters" were arrested, with another one being sought out for his roll.  I looked at Laurie and asked, "So, which one's the hate group?"

And tonight, I watched- and I have been trying not to come out against him by name, but enough's enough- Ted Cruz come up with the claim that Donald Trump is hiding his tax returns because "they could show his ties to the Mafia."

First it was, "Ben Carson's dropping out" in Iowa, followed by, "So sorry, CNN didn't send us the update."  That netted him his only victory so far.  Then it was "Marco Rubio dissed the Bible," followed by "My PR guy did that, I fired him, dreadfully sorry, ese."  Now you can comb through a tax return to find evidence of Mafia involvement (Line 57: List all salary wages tips etc. paid by Francisco Guarraci), and we're pretty sure The Donald is hiding his returns for just that reason.    Now maybe Trump IS involved with the mob.  Maybe he just likes Danny DeVito.  But you base it on his tax returns?  Really?  Check this out:

For 2011 to 2014, Cruz’s campaign released two pages of tax returns for each year. The documents, like those released earlier Saturday by fellow GOP contender Sen. Marco Rubio — don’t reveal many details like which tax breaks he claimed or how much he gave to charity. (Politico)

So what are Cruz and Rubio hiding?  And, more importantly, WHY is this even an issue?  It was a non-issue in the Obama-Romney campaign, and it's a non-issue now- except to media types that are trying to stir up something, anything to tear any candidate up.  No matter what Trump might be proven to be, it can't be as bad as the sleazy politician Cruz has proven HIMSELF to be.

And yet, who beat Rubio in the after debate polls?  Trump and Cruz.  Both of whom he made look like idiots most of the night.  A nation gets the government it deserves, and if our top three presidential choices are Trump, Cruz, and Hillary, God help us.

And since I mentioned the Klan earlier, I'll put this out there:  David Duke?  Really, people?  Nothing Duke has said has been relevant to anything since Daisy Duke- Catherine Bach, not Jessica Simpson.

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  1. Chris:
    ---You already know how I feel about little Knicki.

    ---As to India...yes, they, the Burmese, Sudanese, Syrians, and many other nations ARE a LOT more violent than oven the refuse of OUR society no longer surprises me.
    ---The political gig is wearing REAL thin with me.
    I have my feelings as to who I think shluld be our next President (from the current crop), and it's NOT Clinton Or Trump.
    But that's just my opinion on everyone else's.
    ---ALl I would say about how the media handles THIS election cycle - DO NOT take ANYTHING at face value.
    Remember Reagan.
    Trust...BUT VERIFY
    That last word is a lot more important than the other two.

    Stay safe, warm, & dry up there, brother