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Monday, March 28, 2016

more walk pictures

Nice day for a boat trip Saturday
 Here we had just caught a glimpse of Mrs. Fox on the far side of the Duck Pond.

Chop out 20 trees from a formerly shady trail and then lay stone down.   Way to improve things, IPFW!

First turtle of the spring- and he was a big'un!

These little guys are called "Harbingers-of-Spring"

Fooled me, thought he was a cardinal from a distance.  Just a local parish robin.

"Anybody in there?"

These red jobbies are called Scarlet Elf Cups.

That night the kids and I went out.  I won three straight games of pool (and then promptly sank two 8-balls).  KC lost 2 games taking just three shots- a scratch off the break and an 8-ball of his own shortly thereafter.

Spring Beautys

Scrappy being a duck

"Very nice.  I want a print for the family album."

Scrappy's first ground hog of the year- so stunned he waited until I said, "Get 'im!" to even move.

"Yup.  A clean getaway!"

There.  That's a Cardinal.

That reminds me.  I think it was last Monday we were serenaded by a cardinal, just a singing away- until he stopped dead in mid-song when Mrs. Cardinal showed up and perched beside him.  2 secs later, he split.  Trouble in paradise?


  1. This morning I only got to the end of the street before I turned home as it was raining and I don't like to walk in the rain, well some days I don't like it other days I do enjoy walking in the rain but today wasn't one of those days.

  2. Happy Spring. I love your walks with Scrappy. He's so inquisitive. Jax is like that too.

  3. Chris:
    ---My God, you can almost RIDE that turtle!!!
    ---Man, that ONE pic looks like wild Cannabis growing...LOL.
    (Nah,not here in Fort Wayne)
    --Scrappy and the groundhog - make for a good CHILDREN'S book.
    (get to work on the art)
    ---You sank TWO 8-balls?
    What were you THINKING?
    I didn't know the avian church permitted CARDINALS to "get hitched"...
    Parish robins...HA.

    Great pictures as always.

    Enjoy the day & stay safe up there, brother.