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Monday, March 7, 2016

Two ships passing in the night

One passed away...

...and one retired on Sunday.

They were a couple who weren't synched up in time... or weren't they?  When Peyton Manning's father was born in 1949, Nancy Davis (still single) was just signing her first seven year acting deal with MGM.  As Peyton was entering the world in 1976, Nancy and her husband were entering the fury of their first Presidential race.  She finally succeeded in that quest in 1981, the year Peyton's brother Eli was born; and the year she left, 1989, was the year Peyton gave his life to Christ.

Peyton became a first grader about the time Nancy first said her immortal words on the war on drugs, "Just say no."  In 2000, Peyton and Archie released their book Manning: A Father, His Sons, and a Football Legacy. At the same time, then-President Bill Clinton signed the legislation awarding Nancy and her husband the Congressional Gold Medal- a medal Congress messed around for two years before giving it to her.  In that same year of 2002, Nancy received the Presidential Medal of freedom- and Peyton took his worst playoff beating, 41-0 at the hands of the Jets.

The next two years, Peyton won league MVPs- and the year of that second award, Nancy laid her beloved husband to rest.  And this year, Nancy hosted a GOP debate at the library named for her husband- and one of the debaters, Jeb Bush, had Peyton as a donor.

Her time is now done... and so his in football.  Let the legend making commence.


  1. Both events made me sad. But, also (perhaps) interestingly, I understood that it was time for both of them to leave.
    Nancy: RIP
    Peyton: Good luck

    1. Well of course we understand it being that time... we're so close TO it...

  2. Never heard of Peyton but have heard of Nancy and thought it was a little sad that she died yesterday.

    1. If you were in Indiana saying that about Payton you'd likely be hit by lightning, but I understand.

  3. Interesting reading with wonderful tie-ins. Thanks, CW Martin.

  4. Chris:
    That was a most interesting and sincere manner to cover this.
    No one else seed to make such a connection, nor have they done the justice you provided.
    Well said.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Thank you, good sir! I'm used to looking for linkages in things from my Sunday messages...