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Monday, August 29, 2016

Holli's unusual questions, Chris and Scrappy's unusual answers part two

So last week Holli at Holli's Hoots and Hollers did part one of a list of "unusual questions" in which Scrappy and I played along.  Later in the week, she released the above-linked part two, and today (actually Saturday;  you can do that with a Tardis) we will see how we do on part two:

Sure, why not?

 Favorite Makeup Brands:
 Me:  Please.  I have a natural beauty.
Scrappy: If it can't be taken care of with a tongue, who needs it?

How many times a week do you shower?
Me:  Why, do I offend?  Every night almost without fail.
Scrappy:  Hmm, per week?  Around 0.19...

Favorite TV show:
Me:  This is a wide ranging topic, but to contain it in the here and now, Doctor Who, NCIS, Deadliest Catch.
Scrappy: Scrappy TV, IOW looking out the bedroom window....

  Shoe size:
Me:  Here's the first one I kinda matched Holli on- 7 1/2 or 8, just in mens.
Scrappy:  I don't have shoes, but I am told that scientists think my pads smell like Fritos...

How tall are you?
Me: 5-5 and a smidge
Scrappy: 13 inches at the shoulder, 17 at top of the head.

  Sandals or sneakers?
Me: I don't believe I've wore sandals since the onset of puberty, somewhere in the last century...
Scrappy: I don't suppose I can do the Fritos story again, right?

   Do you go to the gym?
Me: I prefer to lurch towards my coronary with work and short walks.
Scrappy: Sure, at the YDCA, lol!

 Describe your dream date:
Me; Sorry, too old to be romantic- drinks, maybe a burger, at the local sports pub.
Scrappy:  Sniffing butts at the Bark Park

 How much money do you have in your wallet at this moment?
Me: Why, are you behind me with a knife?  $9 American.
Scrappy: Sorry.  No pants, no wallet.

 What color socks are you wearing?
Me:  Invisible at the moment
Scrappy: Well, my foot fur is all-four white...

 How many pillows do you sleep with?
Me: Three to some extent or another
Scrappy: Dad's butt or chair arm.

  Do you have a job? What do you do?
Me: I machine-cut fabric for boat covers
Scrappy: I make sure those around me appreciate life.

How many friends do you have?
Me:  Depends on the definition and who I've pissed off lately
Scrappy:  What?  Aren't we ALL friends?

 Whats the worst thing you have ever done?
Me: Drove home the night I heard Pearl Jam do Last Kiss the first time (#NoMoreDrunkDriving)
Scrappy: Being a dog, I imagine pooping the floor rises towards the top, but once I had a #1 accident in Dad's bed...

Whats your favorite candle scent?
Me: Prolly patchouli
Scrappy:  Do they come in dog butt?

 3 favorite boy names:
Me: Stephen, Randy, and my own, I suppose...
Scrappy:  Well, since dogs know each other by sniffing...

3 favorite girl names:
Me: Sarah, Rachel, Shenandoah
Scrappy:  Ahem...

Favorite actor
Me:  In as much as I have a favorite, John Wayne
Scrappy: Brian (Family Guy)

  Favorite actress
Me: Prolly Sandra Bullock
Scrappy:  Lassie

  Favorite movie
Me:  A Time To Kill or Pulp Fiction, or American Graffitti... or...
Scrappy:  You wouldn't know it... it won an award at Canine Film Festival...


  1. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.
    Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.

    Hi, Chris! Hi, Scrappy!

    Scrappy should be able to relate because I'm in the DOGHOUSE. Mrs. Shady has been HOUNDING me to take her on a sea cruise. I booked us on Deadliest Catch!


    In an effort to do damage control I bought her a dog butt scented candle.


    I like Scrappy as a boy's name.

    Yay for Brian on Family Guy. He's my favorite actor, too, Scrappy! My three favorite girl names are Lois, Lois and Lois.

    On the question "What's the worst thing you have ever done?" I thought Scrappy would name the time he head butted his daddy into oblivion.

    I hate to embarrass you, Chris, but I think I spotted an error. Wasn't "Sniffing butts at the Bark Park" supposed to be YOUR answer instead of Scrappy's?


    Thanks for the factoids and entertaining answers, good buddy. (You too, Chris :)

    Have a Scrappy week!

    1. I can easily see why you're in the dog house, sir... lol!

      Yeah, I think Scrappy was remiss in forgetting the concussion he gave me. Didn't faze him then, doesn't faze him now, I guess.

  2. Chris:
    ROFL...good lord, those answers are a real hoot!!!
    (from BOTH of you).
    --Make up? Seriously? (anything with a TROWEL?)
    --I shower often enough...period.
    --Fave shows? DW, Blacklist, Legends of Tomorrow, Star Wars Rebels - never miss any of those. Also Flash and Arrow.
    (see a [pattern?)
    --Size 8 or 8.5 (depends)
    --5'6" (depending on the type of shoe/boot)
    --sneakers (save the toes)
    --sorry, barely passed gym in school.
    --dream date - they still HAVE those?
    --where we live, enough to get
    --white sweat socks.
    --pillows? Plenty.
    --let's say I'm close to being "socially-secure". used to do damn near everything.
    --Not as many as I used to, but enough GOOD ones to still give a damn.
    --Got my share of bad things - dunno which one would be "worse".
    --vanilla, pine scents.
    --boy names - mine.
    Girl names: Kathryn (mom's name), Janet, and Donna (gotta say THAT one...heh)
    --actor: Too hard to choose
    --Actress? Ditto.
    --movie: Got lots that are favorites.
    (blogger profile has the short list.)

    Good (informative AND funny) post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. I think the dream date is more of a girl thing. They have the dream, you figure it out. At OUR age, we're done guessing and just break out the chips.

  3. What is it with men and patchouli scented things

    I've always liked Shenandoah as a girl's name and everyone says I'm weird. :/

    1. I saw the word on a semi- remembered my Mom singing the old song- and my Daughter had a name.

  4. Great answers!! Jax and Lila have Fritos feet too. They're all about butt sniffing too! I like the canine film festival.
    I take it you don't like pearl jam? I love them!!

    1. No, the problem with that night was the condition I was in. Not only was I not fit to drive, I didn't even get to listen to the whole song, as "the dam was about to burst", as they say.

  5. Another lot of great Q & A's, I don't have a favourite actor or actress or for that matter movie at different stages in life I have liked different ones.

    1. That would have been one of the hardest questions to answer were it not for the Duke.