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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Holli's unusual questions part three

Holli has struck again on Monday, so here we go again with the great unusual question game!

WHAT does she want to know TODAY???

 Who is your celebrity crush?

Me:  Man I have had so many through the years!  I don't have a current one, but my first was prolly Ginger on Gilligan's Island (I remember having a really weird dream about her back in the day) or, amazingly, Diana Ross (for whom I had an even weirder dream), and the latest was Martha Jones on Doctor Who.

Scrappy:  Hard to have a crush on someone when you haven't sniffed their... well, you know.

Do you read a lot? Whats your favorite book?

Me: I am somewhere between constant and voracious in reading!  Although of late my genre choices have mainly dwindled to histories, of which Susan Wise Bauer does the best.  If you have a young teen interested in getting more detail on the subject, her "History Of" series is absolutely unbeatable.  Novel wise, I think I have gotten as much enjoyment from Leon Uris- particularly Trinity- as anyone.

Scrappy: I like to lay in the middle of what Daddy's reading.  Because I'm more important.

Money or brains?

Me: What, do I have or do I want?  Assuming the want side, money can make stupidity affordable, but it won't keep you from playing with your toes as an old man.  Since I play with my toes anyway, I'm a bit torn these days.

Scrappy:  Brains can be fried or stewed.  Money is like a really nasty arugula salad.  I'll go brains.

 Do you have a nickname? If so what is it?

Me:  My niece used to call me Popper.  I always liked that, but no one ever uses it.

Scrappy:  Do you have an hour?  Boofus, Poofus, Moofus, Doofus, Booogle, Beadle (KC used to call me that), "old bumpy guy"...

How many times have you been to the hospital?

Me:  Birth, appendix, all four wisdom teeth at once, I think pneumonia, the first kidney stone, and most recently when my right calf decided it wanted to become a big blood filled balloon.

Scrappy:  Well, I had my "berries picked"...

Top 10 favorite songs:

Me: Just ten?  A top three of ELO's Strange Magic, the Four Seasons' Sherry, and the Guess Who with No Time; followed loosely by Manilow's Mandy, England Dan and JF Coley's Nights Are Forever, Percy Faith's A Summer Place Theme; then a grab bag of things like Muriat's Love Is Blue, Vinton's Blue Velvet and Blue On Blue, and America's Sister Golden Hair.

Scrappy:  I like soft songs daddy sings in my ear.

Do you take medications daily?

Me: Yes.  Enough that I use a two-week day planner.

Scrappy: I get a "Boofus pill" (Cosequin) with dinner.

  What is your biggest fear?

Me: Being alone.  And, ironically, crowds.

Scrappy: When the TV screen does that "pop" thing.  I run upstairs.

 what is your skin type ( oily, dry, combo, etc)

Me: I think the natural state is oily...

Scrappy:  Furry.

  whats your go to hair style?

Me:  Comb-over.  It's either that or a tonsure.

Scrappy:  Licked-down.

 What type of house do you live in (big , small, condo,etc)?

Both:  They call it a Townhouse, which is a fancy way of saying, "a two-floor, two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartment."

  Who is your role model?

Me: A man who went to join his wife with the Lord several years ago.  His name was Frank, and it's in his honor I wear the Hawaiian shirts.  He taught me more in a shorter time than anyone.

Scrappy:  Daddy, of course.

Holli ended her post by announcing she got a speeding ticket today.  I'll end mine by announcing that won't happen if you keep up with the guy speeding in front of you.


  1. Hi, Scrappy! Hi, Chris!

    You had a crush on Ginger, Chris. I had a crush on Mary Ann. (I had weird dreams about The Skipper.)


    Two of Scrappy's answers reminded me of my dog Toto. Always hungry for attention, Toto used to plop in the middle of whatever I was reading. It became a major problem when I was trying to peruse the latest issue of Big 'Uns.


    Toto also took Cosequin every day for her bad joints.

    It was clever of you to remember to count the day your were born as one of the times you were in the hospital. Nobody else seems to remember that. I vividly recall the day I was born. I must have been a trouble maker from the start because, right off the bat, I received a good spanking.


    << What is your biggest fear? >>

    Swallowing my own saliva.


    Now that I looked at your list of 10 favorite songs I can fully understand why our tastes don't sync up on your Time Machine posts. I'm sorry for all the times I have stepped on your toes bashing soft rock and ballads.

    Have a Scrappy day, you guys!

    1. No apologies needed. Many of the softer songs were ones that I liked when really young, turned on when I became a "teen of the world", then recognized what an idiot I was. If we all liked the same stuff, we'd all listen to WMEE.

  2. "Being alone. And, ironically, crowds." <--- Hilarious because it's true for a lot of us....

  3. Me? I'm a Mary Ann guy, myself. Who I think is the only one from Gilligan's Island who's still alive.
    So, she brings THAT to the table.

  4. Replies
    1. Well, there was just something about that leopard skin one-piece... And Ginger is also above room temperature still, though prolly not as much above as back then.

  5. Love these answers!! No Time was one of my favorite songs that we had on a jukebox where i was a waitress in college. i played it over and over and it would piss off the other waitresses. LOL
    I dont think remember your calf being a balloon incident. Did we know about that? Oh my!!!
    I am always speeding so i knew that i deserved it. Right where he got me is when i start slowing down but i was too late. Oh well!

    1. Actually, I started the blog as I was recovering from surgery. Apparently I had a blood vessel that sprung a leak, but it didn't break the outer coating. They call it a pseudoaneurysm and it kept me off my feet for about 3 months or so. Started walking again Christmas Day, and started the blog January 1st.

  6. Chris:
    Late to the party (I know) but here goes...
    Cripes, I'm crying laughing at Scrappy's answers...!

    ---I was a Mary-Ann kinda guy.
    Jenna Coleman isn't too shabby.
    ---reading...somewhere between often and LARGE PRINT...heh.
    Favorite books...all that we own (that's why we have 'em)
    ---BRAINS - that can get you money most times, but you can't BUY brains (not the ones you can put to USE anyway).
    ---nicknames - BOZ and SPIDEY (the latter has it's own story)
    ---hospital trips? WAY too many (mostly as a youngster).
    ---top 10 songs? Wow, I lean to classical and original soundtracks. Need a rain-check for now.
    ---daily medication? Does whiskey in my coffee count?
    ---I like Chris's fears...oh, add drowning in a large body of water. Can't deal with being buried, but that WILL happen one day whether I like it or not. Least I won't be alive to notice.
    ---skin - little bit of everything.
    ---hairstyle? Please, it's not the 80s any longer. (Time-lord chic...there)
    ---home? single family cape cod (corner property) w/basement and 2-car garage and a lawn that keeps growing.
    ---role model - Dad (first and foremost). Had some bosses and others along the way.
    Now, since you know too much about me...I'll have to get Rocco the Pipe come by and "talk" with 'ya.

    Good post and comments.

    Stay safe & dry up there, brother.

    1. Yeah, Scrappy's a real card!

      I almost mentioned Jenna... there is something about her. I wouldn't call it attraction, but more of "I don't want her to go till I figure it out."

  7. I have not had a celebrity crush in a long time when I as younger it changed all the time depending of what tv show I was into at the time. The only real fear I have is falling to my death, hence the reason I am scared of open height.

    1. I remember my crush in school depended on which girl sat next to me.